Friday, June 10, 2011

‘Only a life lived for others…’

Only a life lived for others is worth living.  So proclaimed one of the greatest minds of our time.  In my opinion it is quite significant that a man with such enormous mental capacity should use simple, common words to describe the value of life.  Or rather its contribution to this world.  And yet, captured in that simplicity, lies a truth so great that it is more often than not too great to see.  Maybe we have “progressed” so far that we value life differently now.  Maybe we have a different view of what adds value, what contributes to the greater good of man.  Or maybe we have become so trapped in chasing what is best for us, that we don’t stop to think of what might be good for others.

One person who understands the value of life, is Lita Fourie.  She runs the Tabita charity in South Africa.  She helps victims of farm attacks to cope with the trauma of vicious assaults, torture and attempted murder.  Apart from raising awareness of the horrible crimes committed against farmers and others living in rural areas, Lita raises funds for those in need of expensive medical treatment following such attacks.  Many years ago Lita’s own parents were brutally murdered after being tortured on their farm.

Recently she organised the planting of additional white crosses at the White Cross monument, also known as Plaasmoorde (farm murders) monument.  These crosses represent the latest farm murder victims.  Below are some photos of the event:









Thanks Lita, for caring about others.

Thanks for helping those in need.

But most of all, thank you for reminding us all about life lived for others.

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