Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Malacoda from Malebolge.

And then to us: 'You can't continue farther
down this ridge, for the sixth arch
lies broken into pieces at the bottom.

"If you desire to continue on,
then make your way along this rocky ledge.
Nearby's another crag that yields a passage.

"Yesterday, at a time five hours from now,
it was a thousand two hundred sixty-six years
since the road down here was broken.

"I'm sending some men of mine along that way
to see if anyone is out to take the air.
Go with them -- they won't hurt you."
(Inferno, Canto XXI, 106-117.)

Malacoda is a character in Alighieri Inferno, part of the Divine Comedy. He is the leader of the Malebranche, the nine demons who guard Bolgia Five of Malebolge, the eighth circle of Hell. The name Malacoda is roughly equivalent to "bad tail" or "evil tail" in Italian. Unlike other characters such as Geryon, which are based on mythical characters, Malacoda was invented by Dante and is not a mythological reference.

And it was also the name George Annandale used for his blog.

Apparently he has passed away.

For many people his caustic, sarcastic comments were just too much, and they compared it with bile….

I will miss him, for I believe he was truly an honest blogger, and told it as we should hear it, warts and all.

And he did not like the ANC.

God bless.

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FreeThinker said...

You know you are more than welcome here as one of the distinguished contributors, but even more so as a friend!