Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mail & Guardian suspends intern for hate speech

This is the problem with megalomaniac humungous turds like Julius Malema running around singing “Kill the Boer”, whilst supported by the racist communist scum which is ANCYL and the ANC.  It sets a perfect example for impressionable half-wit little turds to follow suit, saying “no wonder Hitler killed all the Jews”…

MatshaFrom Bulawayo24 News:

Johannesburg - The Mail & Guardian has suspended an intern for posting an anti-Semitic comment on social networking site Facebook, the weekly reported on its website.

Ngoako Matsha, who had been a trainee since February 2011, called "all Jews" racists, adding, "no wonder Hitler killed all the Jews", reported the Mail & Guardian Online on Thursday.

This was in response to a posting by Facebook user Benji Shulman, who asked people to suggest a "basic decent history of apartheid".

Matsha replied: "Petty apartheid is building tall walls to separate Israel from Palestines (sic)."

To which Shulman said: "Thanks for that piece of pseudo-politics but I need something that will stand up to logical argument."

Matsha then responded: "You racists! No wonder Hitler killed all the Jews, because you’re all a bunch of racists."

Mail & Guardian editor Nic Dawes was informed of the comment by a Twitter user.  He investigated and was informed that Matsha had confirmed that he made the statement.

Dawes said in an email to staff: "The remarks made on Facebook... are fundamentally at odds with the most fundamental values of the Mail & Guardian, the Constitution, and basic human decency.

"Justifying the Holocaust in this fashion is hate speech and is completely unacceptable in any forum."

The Mail & Guardian Online reported that Matsha was suspended pending the outcome of a disciplinary hearing.

Source: SAPA

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Anonymous said...

Blacks love to play the race card don't they? Amazing when it backfires!

Bet you this snotnose never saw it coming. He associated Jew with white and discovered (to his obvious dismay) that he'd overplayed his hand and his own race card was not going to save his ass.

How rare (and delicious) to see a black person summarily suspended on an equal playing field! Lekker ne'?

eduard said...

Fact of the matter is that he uttered the truth. Joos control M&G and the rest of the MSM. And there was no hlolocaust, only a Holosau$t. The holocaust is a pack of lies. In Churchill's extensive writing on WWII, not one one word is said about the holocaust or the extermination of the scum of the earth.

FreeThinker said...

@ Eduard: He surely didn't argue the number of people killed in concentration camps.

So even if the argument is about the number of people killed, it has nothing to do with his statement here.

His statement was that the people killed, deserved to be killed. No person in their right mind proclaims that a whole group of people deserves to be killed.

Anonymous said...

Well done Ngoako Matsha. He correctly identified the problem. Juice are responsible for communism and revolutions everywhere. If you can't see that after reading just a little history then you really are a moron. Eduard: well said.

BTW I don't like Idi Amin, but he also correctly identified that it was the Juice wrecking his economy and chucked them out. Their revenge was to demonise him and make him into a genocidal raving lunatic - that's all you can find in the MSM about Idi Amin. But do a little research, there's more to it than meets the eye.

Juice have been chucked out of 100 countries worldwide in the last couple of centuries. Gee, I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

Call for the ICC to take action against Julius Malema. If you believe that Julius Malema must be stopped, and that he is guilty of incitement to genocide, hatespeech, and an orchestrator of racial hatred and violence, then sign this petition, and help us to make the world see! signature goal: 1,000,000