Monday, June 27, 2011

Divided We Stand, Divided We Fall

A little expose' for the truth of it. It's what Exzanian does. I'd rather have the truth vaulted up and break a few hearts than give the nod to a lie and let a heart dream on. As hard as it is, we need to deal with the reality of the NSA (New South Africa) built as it is on compromise, racial disparity, fear of the future and more than anything else, the lie of a United "Rainbow Nation."

Sorry, it hurts a lot of people I know, and many will be angry at my ex-patriot vitriol, but someone else said in another context, "Here I stand, I can do no else...."

It was Desmond Tutu I think who coined the phrase "Rainbow Nation" but as anyone can see, that is a misnomer, it is more true to talk of the "Zebra Nation"

I've recovered a dated and somewhat forgotten poll in SA history. Forgotten that is by those it most inconvenienced, the media mongrels who dreamt up such a stupid idea in the first place: Ask the people they said and let's see who has bought this idea that we've been peddling: The Rainbow Nation....

A popular poll and TV programme in 2004 captured this reality in a snapshot. SABC 3 ran a poll named "100 Great South Africans" which was open to the general public to make submissions and nominate their particular favourite. The results were surprising, even appalling, yet as you will see, entirely credible and truthful.

As predicted, Nelson Mandela was voted number 1 favourite South African, with Doctor Christiaan Barnard in 2nd place and former president De Klerk in 3rd. Winnie Mandela and Thabo Mbeki came in at 6th and 7th respectively. This is as one would have expected, but the surprise was in position 19 (Hendrik Verwoerd) and position 25 (Eugene Terreblanche)

The final poll results were pulled and the program scrapped 2 days before final release. The reality of course that nobody could deal with (and this is what still be-devils SA even today) is that it revealed the fact that there is no racial harmony and consensus between the races. Whites have their heroes, and blacks have their's.

One to 25 from the original list of "100 Greatest South Africans", with positions 2 to 10 still to be confirmed by public vote, before the show was taken off the air:

1. Nelson Mandela, first president of post-Apartheid South Africa and joint Nobel Peace Prize winner (1918 - )
2. Christiaan Barnard, pioneering heart transplant surgeon (1922–2001)
3. F. W. de Klerk, former president and joint Nobel Peace Prize winner (1936 - )
4. Mahatma Gandhi, political activist (1869–1948)
5. Nkosi Johnson, child who died of AIDS (1989–2001)
6. Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, politician and 2nd wife of Nelson Mandela (1936 - )
7. Thabo Mbeki, second president of post-Apartheid South Africa (1942 - )
8. Gary Player, golfer (1936 - )
9. Jan Smuts, statesman (1870–1950)
10. Desmond Tutu, cleric and Nobel Peace Prize winner (1931 - )
11. Hansie Cronje, cricketer (1969–2002)
12. Charlize Theron, actress and Academy Award winner (1975 - )
13. Steve Biko, nonviolent political activist (1946–1977)
14. Shaka, founder of the Zulu nation (1787–1828)
15. Mangosuthu Buthelezi, politician and a Zulu prince (1928 - )
16. Tony Leon, politician (1956 - )
17. Brenda Fassie, singer (1964–2004)
18. Mark Shuttleworth, Web entrepreneur, founder of Thawte, distributor of Ubuntu Linux and second fee paying space tourist (1973 - )
19. Hendrik Verwoerd, former prime minister and primary architect of Apartheid (1901–1966)
20. Chris Hani, political activist who was Secretary General of the SACP when he was assassinated (1942–1993)
21. Bonginkosi Dlamini, also known as "Zola", poet, actor and musician (1977 - )
22. Patricia de Lille, politician (1951 - )
23. Johnny Clegg, also known as "The White Zulu", musician (1953 - )
24. Helen Suzman, stateswoman (1917–2009)
25. Eugène Terre'Blanche founder of the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (1941–2010)

2 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

I will give position 1 2 and 3 with a glad heart if you (Mr black) will give me and my folk position 19...If we can have started there, it would have some possibilities. Just mutual respect, not hatred in reverse.

That is what I would have thought that poll would have tried to acheive if it was not retracted because it upset the apple cart. Just because I'm white you have to deny that Verwoerd even existed...

Exzanian said...

Anon 2 July 2011 19:21
It was retracted! That's the point!
You have no voice, no tongue in ZA! Like it or lump it, embrace trans4mayshun!