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Where Have All the Bloggers Gone?

This post is dedicated to all the bloggers who have moved on, either because of time constraints, they got "gatvol" (fed up) or just ran out of steam..."Ons mis julle!"

Disclaimer: This article was posted about three years ago on the 2nd incarnation of SAS. It does not represent the views of ILUVSA or any of its contributors. I saved it at the time because it is a fantastic piece of prose, lush with "Serfrican" inflections that struck a chord deep within me. There is no link to it, sadly it has been deleted, along with a wealth of other fantastic, gut-busting articles. This one on ILSA will be the only surviving copy, as far as I know. I don't intend resurrecting anything from SAS other than this article, so the trigger-happy lib-tards can ease off on the abuse button. Relax arseholes.

The author is Dark Raven, who (ironically) is also no longer online as a blogger. Therefore I have been unable to obtain consent to reproduce it here, but I love it so much, I'm taking the liberty. If anyone knows where I can email DR for belated permission, please supply me with an email addy.

So much has changed in the last three years. Many bloggers have moved on for their own personal reasons. The problems in ZA remain though, and as you will see, the same shit you are facing today is the same shit as three years ago, only worse. And, as always, the same choice still faces you: To stay or to leave?

...nog 'n dag, nog 'n Pond...every day I get home from work, and I log in, check my mail, check the blog and check out all the post about what the smelly korrelkoppe are up to, and then read all the comments...but ag jirre *sigh*.. swaer...what can I say?
You know it all...we've said it all.

The show goes on in the Unlucky Cuntry and I find myself fuming and seething mostly, and I want to post up a hate filled post to really scream it from the rooftops...but where do I start...and most of all... WTF for?

I really just want to chill with a cold frosty one and read my book, it's really good, but I know yeall are hanging for a post...ja, ja I saw the bitchin comments...

Where are all the bloggers warra warra..."
Put a sock in it ou, some of us have money making and self indulgence as our first priority in life...

But anyway...I do sort of have things on my mind that I may as well just say...I was going to email Doodler or UG and bitch at them a bit, but I may as well bitch at all of here goes..

No matter how bad the situation is for all back in Arsezania, and as much as we wail and cry that whities must either leave (which has always been my advice), or stick together, move to the Cape and defend it, an old friend of ours said to me once, "the FACT remains there are still a majority of liberal dumbshits and fuckwits that still laud the miracle of the 'democratic' NEW SA even as the sound of the country flushing down the shitter gurgles around their ears".

Unfortunately these fookers have the destiny of the country in their hands alongside every second random filthy stinky boon with a gun in his paw. So I dunno so much about getting excited about a solution and how to get rid of the invasion of the Cape in the first place, and then still worrying that liberal whites (and lets face it there are more liberal dimshit whites in SA than right minded people) and they are all on a positive vibe and want to hug it out with Sipho and Precious, so why give a shit if they get iced by the tsotsies or marry into black tribes and breed out a new rainbow race of goffels. I really don't care much for all that, and that's why I left.

It's a terrible murder of Riaana Henning, really shit, much like all the others reported on the different news sites, but I have read and posted on this blog of many such cases, it is nothing new, and I always wonder myself why are these people still there, building a beautiful 'Christian' retreat when they could be starting new lives elsewhere.

Eight years ago, when everything, from politics, to social problems, money, economy, tourism, not to forget the escalation of crime and corruption..when it all started getting out of hand I decided to cut my losses and piss off out of the place. Since then things have got drastically worse. Surely if I could see what was cooking 8 years ago, others could too? Now look at what you will get for your Rand...hells bells bruthus...and I was worried I never sold my spot in Glencairn Heights for enough...jussus...looking back, I made a deal of a lifetime, and had a lucky escape, and took a fat container full of goodies with!

I know people with just a matric who made a plan...real cunning plans, just short of floating over on a lilo or marrying for a passport. But even my own brother has no intention of leaving, he is determined to stay, and people who believe leaving is the best bet for YT have to get over it and accept that there are many white Saffas that do not want to leave. So don't worry about them, or try and make them see the light...they make their bed..klaar. Help and encourage those who do want to go.

I was there over a year ago, and just seeing how different it is, very changed, I knew it was no longer a place I want to be...just squatter camps and low cost housing all over the place. Security villages and security estates..all very fancy yes...all very high walled. Gawd awful Joburg was a sight, urban sprawl all the way to Pretoria, and black heads like an ant invasion...and the traffic...too dreadful.

Go into Edgars, Woolies, Pick n Pay..just AA staff, salespeople and cashiers...hawkers at traffic lights and car gaurds everywhere. Just about the only whites you see in the large stores are the customers. I noticed even restaurants had less young white students then there were in the past. It all looked and felt very different...and it was so dry and dusty..! For regular readers of this blog, who I know share pretty much the same views and have the same memories as I have, especially the expats who have been away for a while, all I can say is, it's not a lekker plek anymore....and there is no reverse gear, because as time marches on, everything keeps changing. I would much rather crawl under a pine tree in the Swartwoud than share my space and time on this earth living in kak with kak...

As for crying a river for poor whitey's still stuck in the gat end of the incontinant of Africa...why should I..? No one would ever thank me for it. I realise that just maybe, for some people it isn't worth the time and effort to leave, and they will rather just sit it out and grow old in their comfort zone with a high wall and electric fencing, and suffer there come what may. But I can't change anything for them, only they or their kids can. Then there are young people who are all starry eyed and bushy tailed about the multi culti society. They have welcomed their fellow black countrymen into their lives and party with them, date them...whatever...these people are the future of the country. These voters like Luke Puke whatshisface detest anything reminiscent of the 'old order' of things, so where is the white consciousness and the struggle for whites rights going to come from in the future? Most certainly not out of the former white universities, schools and colleges.

Then the poor whites...listen up you fookers who commented on my post about living in cob dwellings instead of in shacks, asking what the fook I know about the poor whites...I know a fooking lot, which I'm not going to go into now. Have you ever been into a shelter where outties can pull in for the night, have a wash, get a meal and sleep over, get a piece of bread in the morning? It isn't only coloured and black goggas and drunk hobo's that go there, plenty poor whites with little kids do too, and I have known some of them.

The truth about these people is that they do not have the brains or the drive to pull themselves up by the bootstraps and make a plan even when do-gooders try to give them a hand. Most didn't want to be bothered to work to pull themselves up out of Shit Street because they are too bone idle and think the world owes them. People who end up in shelters and living off charity of others, tend to be the lowest of the low. Given a monthly welfare check, like some of the Hartz4 poephols in Germany, they would be permanently on welfare...and when they do get their arses into gear, they only work for a few months, then cock it a rock so they can take a rest and chill at home. These people are not your usual working class, productive tax payers, and back in the ol heimat they tended to be employed as blompotte on the railways and onsetters on the mines throwing their weight around with the coons and trading on their white skin that is all they have to trade on back in the old SA.

Now they are the parasites who drag down the already struggling productive sector of the population. Orania was inundated with low life down and outs, who the Orania community tried to help, but many of these ungrateful, lazy fookers left Orania, and still gave interviews to the press telling of what abuse they suffered working at menial low paid jobs for whites in the settlement. Bugger that. It's only sad for innocent little children born to unambitious parents who condemn them to follow in their footsteps. But then isn't it also a case of genetics..? Without ambition, very little of importance can be accomplished. So why should the ambitious and hard working have to carry the burden of the poor fuckwits.

So be it in "die" Rainbow Cuntry...I don't really give a hoot, and reading about Zuma or man, it's zum kotzen...and..speaking of simian bipeds...

Ja boetas..what did I tell ye...

..the booshie is back...and wants his turn at the feeding trough of South Afriboon, and isn't that just a sweet piccy of his 'First Lady' in waiting, looking all so the part, LWB chic with a vatniekaknie Madonna look standing by her man...Now where is Mr Toup Rajbanjee...we just need him to resurrect himself and it will be just like the good old bad old days..

Ja..lekker Suid Afrika...ek is so bly ek het gewaai Meraai...!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why South Africa Will Never Be a Normal Country

Not now, not in 50 years, not 1000 years, not even until Jesus comes back.

Mike Schussler, a top man in economics (and always positive) has said as much as my headline has, just in another way (yes I spin doctored the headline, just like an ANC bootlicker would do, in reverse)

Do yourself a favour and read the
full article and see if I am biasing Schussler's message, if not intent. This is pure actuarial analysis from an economics guru, the man could not tell a lie even if he tried.

Here are some excerpts from the article:

South Africa needs to create 10 million jobs in the next 10 years to become a normal country, economist Mike Schussler said on Thursday.

"That would mean 83,000 jobs a month," (im-fucking-possible! see pic above!) he said in Johannesburg at the release of trade union UASA's 10th employment report.

Only about 350,000 new jobs had been created in South Africa over the last 11 years (need I say more?) but there had been a massive drop in those self-employed, Schussler said. In 2001 there were 2.2 million self-employed and in 2010 it was 1.1 million.

And guess where those 1 million are today mmmmm?

Read here for more depressing stats.

SA's Chances Are Now Only 50/50 Says Former President De Klerk

"The country is balanced between success and failure and the fulcrum on which South Africa's future will pivot is our Constitution. If the forces of history come down on the side of constitutional values we can all look forward to a positive future. However, if the balance tips in the other direction, the consequences for all South Africans could be very dire."

Not the most re-assuring words one would wish to hear from a former president of SA...50/50?....Is that our best bet?

If you were in SA in the late eighties and nineties, this rhetoric will be very familiar...We have always been poised on a fulcrum...Codesa 1 - Codesa 2 - Chris Hani assassinated - Referendum 1992 Yes or No -

De Klerk promised the white minority that if we gave him a mandate YES in 1992, he would ensure that protection of minority white rights would be built into the new constitution...He talked then of "Checks and Balances"

We believed him.

It was a landslide result, whites overwhelmingly voted YES....

We were ready to move on....We were ready to end the chapter of apartheid, and start a new one...


It was a lie.

This chapter is one that is probably where 99% of whites are still stuck at today, frustrated and unable to move on...

You see, we were negotiating with the ANC. Blacks were not ready in the same way we were to say goodbye to the past...For them, the General Election that followed in 1994 was little more than a beach-head...Important ground to claim in the way forward to a much bigger prize. The National Democratic Revolution.

It is my opinion that following the gains of 1994 the ANC has been perpetuating a war of attrition against whites, not necessarily based on race, but on demography. It's a Class War and takes the form of the following:

- Laisses-faire attitude to low grade genocide against rural whites (soft target farmers) and rampant crime in general (jokingly referred to as "affirmative shopping")
- State sanctioned affirmative action (BEE)
- Punitive taxing of the predominantly white middle class (new National health scheme, toll road taxes etc)
- ANC Cadre employment in all spheres of public enterprise
- Diversion of legitimate funds into failed enterprises (Crony "investment and development")
- Beyond Laisses-faire - A "Devil-may-care" attitude to corruption at Presidential level
- Corruption of rule of law
- Actively enabling corrosion of the prosecuting authority
- Glorification of left lunatic fringe elements
- Protection of information bill and censoring of media (Media Tribunal)
- Add your own here....

Whites may still kindle some hope for the future in ZA, having been duped into agreement to abandon race based policies. They thought the blacks had acceded to that. We thought we had a contract in place. Perhaps we were fools, the real revolution, the NDR is now only beginning.

De Klerk got it wrong then, he's getting it wrong now. It's not a 50/50 chance, it's a dead certainty...

The NDR will triumph. Time to dust off your passport.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Divided We Stand, Divided We Fall

A little expose' for the truth of it. It's what Exzanian does. I'd rather have the truth vaulted up and break a few hearts than give the nod to a lie and let a heart dream on. As hard as it is, we need to deal with the reality of the NSA (New South Africa) built as it is on compromise, racial disparity, fear of the future and more than anything else, the lie of a United "Rainbow Nation."

Sorry, it hurts a lot of people I know, and many will be angry at my ex-patriot vitriol, but someone else said in another context, "Here I stand, I can do no else...."

It was Desmond Tutu I think who coined the phrase "Rainbow Nation" but as anyone can see, that is a misnomer, it is more true to talk of the "Zebra Nation"

I've recovered a dated and somewhat forgotten poll in SA history. Forgotten that is by those it most inconvenienced, the media mongrels who dreamt up such a stupid idea in the first place: Ask the people they said and let's see who has bought this idea that we've been peddling: The Rainbow Nation....

A popular poll and TV programme in 2004 captured this reality in a snapshot. SABC 3 ran a poll named "100 Great South Africans" which was open to the general public to make submissions and nominate their particular favourite. The results were surprising, even appalling, yet as you will see, entirely credible and truthful.

As predicted, Nelson Mandela was voted number 1 favourite South African, with Doctor Christiaan Barnard in 2nd place and former president De Klerk in 3rd. Winnie Mandela and Thabo Mbeki came in at 6th and 7th respectively. This is as one would have expected, but the surprise was in position 19 (Hendrik Verwoerd) and position 25 (Eugene Terreblanche)

The final poll results were pulled and the program scrapped 2 days before final release. The reality of course that nobody could deal with (and this is what still be-devils SA even today) is that it revealed the fact that there is no racial harmony and consensus between the races. Whites have their heroes, and blacks have their's.

One to 25 from the original list of "100 Greatest South Africans", with positions 2 to 10 still to be confirmed by public vote, before the show was taken off the air:

1. Nelson Mandela, first president of post-Apartheid South Africa and joint Nobel Peace Prize winner (1918 - )
2. Christiaan Barnard, pioneering heart transplant surgeon (1922–2001)
3. F. W. de Klerk, former president and joint Nobel Peace Prize winner (1936 - )
4. Mahatma Gandhi, political activist (1869–1948)
5. Nkosi Johnson, child who died of AIDS (1989–2001)
6. Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, politician and 2nd wife of Nelson Mandela (1936 - )
7. Thabo Mbeki, second president of post-Apartheid South Africa (1942 - )
8. Gary Player, golfer (1936 - )
9. Jan Smuts, statesman (1870–1950)
10. Desmond Tutu, cleric and Nobel Peace Prize winner (1931 - )
11. Hansie Cronje, cricketer (1969–2002)
12. Charlize Theron, actress and Academy Award winner (1975 - )
13. Steve Biko, nonviolent political activist (1946–1977)
14. Shaka, founder of the Zulu nation (1787–1828)
15. Mangosuthu Buthelezi, politician and a Zulu prince (1928 - )
16. Tony Leon, politician (1956 - )
17. Brenda Fassie, singer (1964–2004)
18. Mark Shuttleworth, Web entrepreneur, founder of Thawte, distributor of Ubuntu Linux and second fee paying space tourist (1973 - )
19. Hendrik Verwoerd, former prime minister and primary architect of Apartheid (1901–1966)
20. Chris Hani, political activist who was Secretary General of the SACP when he was assassinated (1942–1993)
21. Bonginkosi Dlamini, also known as "Zola", poet, actor and musician (1977 - )
22. Patricia de Lille, politician (1951 - )
23. Johnny Clegg, also known as "The White Zulu", musician (1953 - )
24. Helen Suzman, stateswoman (1917–2009)
25. Eugène Terre'Blanche founder of the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (1941–2010)

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TRP rips Michelle Obama apart on SA comments

american_flag-971804.jpegNot even FLOTUS gets a “get of out jail free” card.  Vintage Frank from The Right Perspective demolishes her comments on the “liberation movement” made whilst visiting South Africa.  He wants to know how a movement could be referred to as liberation when they were given refuge by the country responsible for the worst human atrocities known.  He calls her terminology a “communist technique”.

The ANC is described as what they really are – Bolshevik armed guerrillas.  He even mentions the ANC death camps, where the communists beat and killed their own kind when they didn’t want to execute terrorist attacks.

I don’t want to elaborate further – rather listen to reason and real knowledge of world affairs in action.  Pity we don’t have more of their kind in the west.


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Cat Amongst the Pigeons...

An oldie but a goodie...Inspired by Doberman....

Who thought it apt to ponder the use of the word kaffir by putting it in a mini poll. It wasn’t meant as a joke.

FYI, for foreigners, in the South African context the word kaffir has a historical meaning. It was once a blanket term for black southern Africans exclusively used as an ethnic or racial slur.

The original meaning of the word was 'heathen', unbeliever or infidel, from the Arabic word ‘Kafir’. Portuguese explorers used the term generally to describe tribes they encountered in southern Africa, probably having misunderstood its etymology from Moslem traders along the coast. European colonists subsequently continued its use.

It is now an illegal expression in South Africa and racially slanderous although, like the word nigger in the United States, when used by blacks, it is deemed perfectly acceptable but may not be used by the other races. Double standards, of course, but that is an argument for another day.

I think the meaning of the term may have evolved. When an influential public figure (Irvin Khoza) and a parliamentarian (Butana Komphela) used the word recently, they used it in the context of describing an act, that is, “stop acting like a kaffir”. In other words, stop being lazy and stupid.

That implied that blacks have separated themselves into a caste kaffir 'system' and do not view themselves as all being 'kaffirs'. Others may have a different reading but that is also a subject for another day.

I interpret the word kaffir now to include the dregs of society regardless of their race. Y’know, white trash could be considered kaffirs really. Come to Australia and you will see plenty of white kaffirs.

Corrupt officials, the Zooma army of lunatics are all kaffirs and so is FW de Klerk and his crew of sell-outs.

To me, FW de Klerk is southern Africa’s biggest kaffir because he sold out his race. Mad Bob and Mpeki may be stupid and useless but you can never accuse them of selling out their race.

FW de Klerk did sell out his race and for that act, I crown him, forevermore, Southern Africa’s Biggest Kaffir.

I am happy to report…

Geloftedag  16 Des 2009 - Peter ThomasThe return of an old friend.  Time constraints and excellent contributors lost along the way, including the legendary Doberman (who set up this marvellous thing), may mean we are not as vibrant as in the good old days, but we will never surrender!

Welcome back Exzanian!




Photo with credit to Peter Thomas

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The fattening effect of the South African gravy train…

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blacks didn’t need World Cup

HT Exzanian

300Giving their all 'We forget at our peril how by-laws were changed, people removed, schools destroyed, hawkers made to disappear and tax laws altered to make sure Fifa was happy'. (David Harrison, M&G)



The Fifa World Cup cost South Africa about R120-billion. We will be coughing up at least R100-million annually to service the stadiums, our beautiful cathedrals of self-enslavement. Set the cost of the Fifa World Cup against our development needs, and you can't but conclude that we didn't need it, nor could we afford it. So why did we go all out to host such an unnecessary event?

Anyone who has doubts about just how bad things are for the majority of South Africans should read Trevor Manuel's National Planning Commission report on the state of things. Education for black people has basically gone to hell. Even the allegedly improved matric pass rate is a ruse, because the "67.8% pass rate hides the fact that only 15% achieved the pass rate mark of 40% or more. This means that roughly 7% of the cohort of children born between 1990 and 1994 achieved this standard". In a normal country with a caring politics, such a report would have led to the fall of a government.

It gets worse. Manuel tells of shocking death rates, unimaginable inequality, an appalling state of healthcare and high rates of theft as a result of corruption. In short, our country, perceived from the bottom, is in a permanent state of crisis. The black majority is left outside the democratic experiment. Why would a nation engulfed by such challenges choose to take money away from hospitals and schools to host a party?

This conundrum is partly ans­wered by the euphoric piece our former president Thabo Mbeki wrote for Bloomberg news: "We were convinced that, were we to win the right to host the soccer World Cup, this would make a decisive contribution to the achievement of the goal of vital importance to all Africans, of destroying the demeaning stereotype of a hopeless continent."
The hopelessness of being black is overwhelming. So powerful is the desire to be acknowledged by the white world that we blacks will do anything to get the nod. Our beloved Desmond Tutu shared Mbeki's sentiment that we blacks needed to do all we could to show that we were human too. He said it didn't matter if after the World Cup those stadiums were white elephants.
We forget at our peril how by-laws were changed, people forcibly removed, schools destroyed, hawkers made to disappear and tax laws altered to make sure Fifa was happy and its profits guaranteed.

Now we must look beyond the social and financial costs of the World Cup and focus on what it promised the abandoned black child in search of approval from its indifferent white father. The success of the World Cup moved our former philosopher-king to enthuse: "A giant step forward has been taken towards achieving the goal of destroying the age-old negative stereotype of Africa and the Africans. Similarly, as Africans we have also made an important statement to ourselves that we are as capable as any in the world to organise for success that brings a sense of fulfilment to billions."

The World Cup was indeed organised for the delight of the (white) "world". We blacks could now walk the talk. Ostensibly, we had shown the doubting Thomases that we were human too. This is pathetic self-delusion. In spite of more than 500 years of denigration, oppression and enslavement -- which continues without so much as a "sorry" -- we believed that if we could demonstrate our humanness somehow, the white world would get it. This is a case of powerlessness that begets well-deserved contempt.

When I look at the World Cup and how we valorise the temporary psychological satisfaction it brought us blacks it reminds me of my own childhood on the farms of the old Transvaal. Our parents, who were virtual slaves, competed among each other for the approval of the baas. The things our parents did at times were downright embarrassing.

Blackness is an amputation, a lack that can be fulfilled only by white acknowledgement. Even ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema's ramblings against "bloody whites" must be understood in this context.

The tragedy of it all is that whiteness has already stymied our efforts to be seen as human. We perform this futile exercise again and again, with the same results. Even as a proponent of black consciousness, with its promise of a self-validation that requires no external source, I know we blacks are defeated before we start -- and this makes me sympathetic to our black follies.

Andile Mngxitama is the editor of New Frank Talk, which in conjunction with The Bioscope will screen Tin Town, about the people evicted for the Fifa World Cup, on Saturday June 18 at 5.30pm at The Bioscope at Arts on Main in Jo'burg. The screening will be followed by a discussion with Mngxitama and Denis Beckett.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mike Smith on Sharpeville and Cato Manor

Get the facts on “Sharpeville massacre” at Mike Smith’s blog.  He provides excellent background on the Cato Manor incident which preceded Sharpeville.  It’s a good read folks…


Continue reading here…

Mail & Guardian suspends intern for hate speech

This is the problem with megalomaniac humungous turds like Julius Malema running around singing “Kill the Boer”, whilst supported by the racist communist scum which is ANCYL and the ANC.  It sets a perfect example for impressionable half-wit little turds to follow suit, saying “no wonder Hitler killed all the Jews”…

MatshaFrom Bulawayo24 News:

Johannesburg - The Mail & Guardian has suspended an intern for posting an anti-Semitic comment on social networking site Facebook, the weekly reported on its website.

Ngoako Matsha, who had been a trainee since February 2011, called "all Jews" racists, adding, "no wonder Hitler killed all the Jews", reported the Mail & Guardian Online on Thursday.

This was in response to a posting by Facebook user Benji Shulman, who asked people to suggest a "basic decent history of apartheid".

Matsha replied: "Petty apartheid is building tall walls to separate Israel from Palestines (sic)."

To which Shulman said: "Thanks for that piece of pseudo-politics but I need something that will stand up to logical argument."

Matsha then responded: "You racists! No wonder Hitler killed all the Jews, because you’re all a bunch of racists."

Mail & Guardian editor Nic Dawes was informed of the comment by a Twitter user.  He investigated and was informed that Matsha had confirmed that he made the statement.

Dawes said in an email to staff: "The remarks made on Facebook... are fundamentally at odds with the most fundamental values of the Mail & Guardian, the Constitution, and basic human decency.

"Justifying the Holocaust in this fashion is hate speech and is completely unacceptable in any forum."

The Mail & Guardian Online reported that Matsha was suspended pending the outcome of a disciplinary hearing.

Source: SAPA

Friday, June 17, 2011

Malema calls for land seizures

LA Par6223762.jpgBy Robyn Dixon, Los Angeles Times

June 17, 2011

Reporting from Johannesburg, South Africa—


ANC Youth League President Julius Malema, right, addresses a crowd outside a Johannesburg court in April. Malema denied that singing the anti-apartheid struggle song, "Shoot the farmer," incited violence against whites. He is now calling for seizing land from whites to redistribute to blacks. (Alexander Joe, AFP/Getty Images / June 17, 2011)


Julius Malema, the ambitious, firebrand leader of the South African ruling party's youth wing, Thursday called for the nationalization of mines and seizure of land without compensation — policies the government has repeatedly ruled out in the past.

Speaking at the African National Congress Youth League's electoral conference, Malema said the youth league had put nationalization and land seizures on the agenda. He has also pushed bank nationalization in the past.

Malema faces a leadership challenge, but is expected to be reelected and his nationalization drive will probably gather steam in the lead-up to next year's ANC national conference, which sets policies for the party.

"Our calls for mines to be nationalized and land to be expropriated without compensation is currently our most important issue," he told delegates in a 90-minute speech.

Malema, flanked by President Jacob Zuma, said past efforts to redistribute resources from the white minority to the black majority had failed dismally.

"The struggle for land reform and transfer of land is long overdue and should be speeded up to avoid the conflicts that characterize many post-independence African states," he said. "We refuse to continue living like we are in a colony. The only solution available to us now is expropriation without compensation.

"We have demonstrated, through sound political and ideological arguments, that mines in South Africa can be and should be nationalized," he added.

South Africa currently derives most of its export earnings from mining, including of platinum and gold.

Government officials, such as Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and Mines Minister Susan Shabangu, have taken pains to reassure investors and international markets that nationalization of mines will not happen any time soon.

Supporters tout Malema as a young Nelson Mandela, based on the former president's rebellion against ANC leaders in the late 1950s to push successfully for the party to take up arms against apartheid.

Yet it was Mandela who abandoned nationalization after his 1991 release from prison, because of warnings that investors would abandon South Africa, which he believed would have been catastrophic for the country as it tried to move past the poisonous legacy of apartheid.

Malema's economic policies put him closer to Zimbabwe's leader, President Robert Mugabe, who in 2000 ordered seizure of farms from whites without compensation, a policy that has caused the collapse of the nation's agriculture-based economy. Mugabe's government also passed a law in 2008 to force international mining companies to hand over 51% of their assets to Zimbabweans, and in March, firms were ordered to submit plans on how they will meet the requirement.

Malema attacked critics who described him as reckless.  "What is reckless about calling for changing property relations to favor the working class and the poor?" he said. "We should be the voice of farmworkers, of garbage carriers, of street sweepers, of manufacturing workers, of the unemployed reserves of workers. We should be the voice of all people in informal settlements and underdeveloped areas."

Malema has kept Zuma guessing on whether he will support him for a second presidential term, with media reports that the youth league leader and allies are part of a faction planning to oust Zuma at next year's national conference.

But on Thursday he pledged his loyalty to Zuma — just two weeks after commenting that former President Thabo Mbeki, Zuma's archrival, was the best leader the ANC ever produced.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

White farmers ‘being wiped out’

Sunday Timesfrom The Sunday Times

Dan McDougall in Ceres, Western Cape

THE gunmen walked silently through the orchard. Skirting a row of burnt-out tyres, set ablaze months earlier to keep the budding fruit from freezing, they drew their old .38 revolvers.

Inside his farmhouse Pieter Cillier, 57, slept with his 14-year-old daughter Nikki at his side. His 12-year-old son JD was having a sleepover with two teenagers in an adjoining room.

As the intruders broke in, the farmer woke. He rushed to stop them, only to be shot twice in the chest.

In his death throes he would have seen his killers and then his children standing over him, screaming and crying.

The attackers, who were drug addicts, simply disappeared into the night. Cillier’s murder, at Christmas, was barely reported in the local press. It was, after all, everyday news.

Death has stalked South Africa’s white farmers for years. The number murdered since the end of apartheid in 1994 has passed 3,000.

In neighbouring Zimbabwe, a campaign of intimidation that began in 2000 has driven more than 4,000 commercial farmers off their land, but has left fewer than two dozen dead.

The vulnerability felt by South Africa’s 40,000 remaining white farmers intensified earlier this month when Julius Malema, head of the African National Congress’s (ANC’s) youth league, opened a public rally by singing Dubula Ibhunu, or Shoot the Boer, an apartheid-era anthem, that was banned by the high court last week.

Malema’s timing could hardly have been worse. Last weekend in the remote farming community of Colenso, in KwaZulu-Natal, Nigel Ralfe, 71, a dairy farmer, and his wife Lynette, 64, were gunned down as they milked their cows. He was critically injured; she died.

That same day a 46-year-old Afrikaner was shot through his bedroom window as he slept at his farm near Potchefstroom. A few days later a 61-year-old was stabbed to death in his bed at a farm in Limpopo.

The resurrection of Dubula Ibhunu, defended by senior ANC officials as little more then a sentimental old struggle song, has been greeted with alarm by Tom Stokes, of the opposition Democratic Alliance. He said the ANC’s continued association with the call to kill Boers could not be justified.

“Any argument by the ANC that this song is merely a preservation of struggle literature rings hollow in the face of farming families who have lost wives, mothers and grandmothers,” he added.

He was supported by Anton Alberts of the right-wing Freedom Front Plus party: “Malema’s comments are creating an atmosphere that is conducive to those who want to commit murder. He’s an accessory to the wiping out of farmers in South Africa.”

Rossouw Cillier, Pieter’s brother, bristled as he pointed to the bullet holes in the panelled kitchen of the farmhouse near Ceres in the Western Cape. “They shot him through the fridge from the back door — the bullets came straight through here, into his heart. He never had a chance,” he said.

A successful apple and pear grower, he believes his community is living on borrowed time: “More white farmers have been killed than British soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. Yes, we are at war here.”

His brother’s farmhouse is now shuttered and empty. “I can’t spend time here. We’ll have to sell. This farm has been in our family for generations but it must go. Who’ll manage it? The children will never come back here. They held their own father as he died in front of them. Will they ever get over that?”

As we walked across the orchard, fruit destined for the shelves of Tesco and Sainsbury’s in the UK was still being picked. A tractor passed a 10ft cross erected in honour of the murdered farmer.

“It lights up at night,” Rossouw said. “My brother was a religious man. It’s all that’s left of him here.”

Across South Africa many farmers feel endangered. In Northern Province a tribute has been created beneath an enormous sign with the stark Afrikaans word “plaasmoorde” — farm killings. Thousands of white wooden crosses have been planted across a mountainside, one for each fallen farmer.

Recently the government’s department of rural development has been airing proposals to nationalise productive farmland as a “national asset”. Critics claim it is designed to deflect criticism from the ruling ANC’s failures.

“It’s a lot easier talking about nationalising farms than building decent houses, making clean water come out of taps or honouring promises to redistribute farm plots to millions of landless poor,” said a spokesman for AgriSA, the farmers’ union.

On the outskirts of Ceres there are few groceries in the township store — tins of pilchards, baked beans, some dried biscuits. A group of teenage boys sit on the burnt-out remains of a Ford Escort. This is where Cillier’s killers gathered, in a shebeen, a drinking club, where they fortified themselves with cheap hooch before they set off to rob him. They escaped with nothing.

According to Rossouw Cillier the most telling detail is that his brother was unarmed when they attacked. “If we brandish a weapon, we’ll go to prison, not them. What did they gain from this murder? It was an act as pointless as their lives.”

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Rainbow that never was

deklerk-mandela-1FW de Klerk, who sold out his own people to communist terrorists in 1994, suddenly seems worried about the state of the “Rainbow Nation”.  Now he wants to attack Zuma for openly supporting that excuse for an animal capable of walking on its hind legs aka Julius Malema and his “Kill the Boer” songs sung at political gatherings.

De Klerk and Meyer, along with the rest of the sorry bunch of Afrikanerbond traitors, enriched themselves in the deals struck with the ANC long before the 1994 elections.  They all made sure they are well looked after, so I guess South Africa turning into a cesspool of criminal thugs and corrupt government officials is not that much of an issue to them.  It just happens to be bad news for those sold out.

Here follows an article from The Windsor Star where de Klerk expresses his concern.  However, I want to focus your attention to the sound clip after that.  A sound clip of Dave Stewart of the FW de Klerk foundation as guest of The Right Perspective.  Now listen carefully how this man attempts to bullshit his hosts.  He must have thought these Americans couldn’t possibly know anything about South African history.  And if they knew anything, it was probably the propaganda sold to them either before or after 1994.  Before 1994 by the communist ANC thugs and their useful liberal idiots.  Or after 1994 by the media and Afrikanerbond cohorts about a “Rainbow Nation” and how they averted a blood bath in 1994.  De Klerk and his buddies seem to forget about the most horrific crime statistics in the world bar a few Southern American drug lord run countries.

F.W. de Klerk, the former South African president who negotiated the end of apartheid with Nelson Mandela, has accused President Jacob Zuma of fomenting racial divisions.

The last leader of white South Africa launched an unprecedented attack on the conduct and policies of his successors in a speech that reflected deepening divisions in the so-called rainbow nation.

Mr de Klerk, 75, said there was no justification for Mr Zuma's outspoken acolyte Julius Malema, the ANC's Youth League president, to sing Shoot the Boer. Mr Malema calls the song "a legitimate struggle" anthem but is facing a hate speech charge for singing it. "The historical context is irrelevant," Mr de Klerk said. "It would be equally unacceptable for Afrikaners to sing Boer War songs calling on people to shoot the English - or for Americans to sing World War Two songs about killing Japanese people."

He said Mr Malema's claim that white farmers were criminals who stole land was also unacceptable and it was even more unacceptable for Mr Zuma to share a stage with him but not condemn his "racist" comments.

"Malema's behaviour is irreconcilable with the constitution that the president has sworn an oath to uphold," said Mr de Klerk. He warned South Africans that the consequences would be "dire" if they ignored such pronouncements. Mr Malema's comments about whites stealing land has provoked fear among farmers of Zimbabwean-style land invasions. Mr Zuma did not contradict Mr Malema, although other officials said the remarks did not represent government policy.

Mr de Klerk also accused the ANC of seeking to enforce black domination over the racial minorities and erode South Africa's liberal constitution. Cronyism, corruption and "divisive racial politics" were rife in government, he added.

"I believe that we are approaching a pivotal point in our history where all South Africans of goodwill, regardless of their race, circumstances or political affiliation will have to rally around the constitutional rights, values and vision upon which our new non-racial democracy has been established," he said.

Mr de Klerk said the ANC was seeking "massive and forced redistribution of property and wealth from the white minority to the black majority".

"Whites, Coloureds and Asians would be corralled into demographic pens in all aspects of their economic and professional lives according to the percentage of the population they represent," he said. "The prospects of South African citizens would once again be determined by the colour of their skins - and not by their skills, their contribution."

Dave Stewart, the executive director of Mr de Klerk's foundation, said he had taken a necessary risk in his speech. "He is an elder statesman and feels he has a duty to uphold the values he and Mr Mandela worked towards," he said.

Zizi Kodwa, a spokesman for Mr Zuma, said Mr de Klerk had been misled by headlines. "Mr Zuma takes former president de Klerk very seriously but for him to just respond to headlines without checking the facts is very unfortunate."

Rainbow NationNow listen to Dave Stewart.  He laughs when John of Staten Island calls the ANC government a bunch of communists.  He then says South Africa isn’t run by communists.  NewsGuy then mentions the ANC tripartite alliance with the South African Communist Party (and COSATU).  Now Stewart suddenly changes his tune.  His FW de Klerk foundation now suddenly wrote articles to warn South Africans of this threat.  The same threat which didn’t exist 15 seconds ago.

John mentions an article from The New York Times from 2002, stresses how even a liberal paper writes about nostalgia for Apartheid amongst all race groups.  Poor Dave returns to the only retort he knows, which is laughing.  But we know this from liberals, don’t we.  They’ll either laugh, interrupt you or start calling you names.

Dr Lets Pretorius from Boerevryheid then cites some statistics of the “New South Africa”, or the “Rainbow Nation” as it is often referred to.

The Rainbow that never was.

Friday, June 10, 2011

‘Only a life lived for others…’

Only a life lived for others is worth living.  So proclaimed one of the greatest minds of our time.  In my opinion it is quite significant that a man with such enormous mental capacity should use simple, common words to describe the value of life.  Or rather its contribution to this world.  And yet, captured in that simplicity, lies a truth so great that it is more often than not too great to see.  Maybe we have “progressed” so far that we value life differently now.  Maybe we have a different view of what adds value, what contributes to the greater good of man.  Or maybe we have become so trapped in chasing what is best for us, that we don’t stop to think of what might be good for others.

One person who understands the value of life, is Lita Fourie.  She runs the Tabita charity in South Africa.  She helps victims of farm attacks to cope with the trauma of vicious assaults, torture and attempted murder.  Apart from raising awareness of the horrible crimes committed against farmers and others living in rural areas, Lita raises funds for those in need of expensive medical treatment following such attacks.  Many years ago Lita’s own parents were brutally murdered after being tortured on their farm.

Recently she organised the planting of additional white crosses at the White Cross monument, also known as Plaasmoorde (farm murders) monument.  These crosses represent the latest farm murder victims.  Below are some photos of the event:









Thanks Lita, for caring about others.

Thanks for helping those in need.

But most of all, thank you for reminding us all about life lived for others.

ZA NEWS+ "Julius (flame) grilled by the Press""

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The Intellectual Architect of Grand Apartheid.

When folks think of Apartheid & the semi-executed Separate Development offshoot of it: most people tend to believe that it was created by the "local White population" [ folks with long roots in the region ] & many even erroneously believe that it was created by Boers or descendents of Boers [ in spite of the fact that the Boers were often largely impoverished & did not have or even go to institutions of higher learning even when they were independent in the 19th cent. & were soon outnumbered by the larger White population once they were incorporated into the new state of South Africa. ] More people are starting to realize that the British instituted the policies which were soon termed Apartheid but not too many people appear to realize that even the Separate Development phase - also termed Grand Apartheid [ 1 ] was not created by folks with a linage in the South African region. A lot of people already know that the most notable politician who promoted Grand Apartheid was the Dutch born Hendrik Verweord but fewer tend to mention that Verwoerd's right hand man & the intellectual architect of Grand Apartheid was the son of a German missionary named Werner Eiselen: [ 2 ] [ aside from Verwoerd ] the actual brains behind the plan to implement Separate Development. [ 3 ] Fewer people still even realize that Werner Eiselen left the government over the belief that he felt that Separate Development was not being authentically & fully implemented by the government.

The following is the relevant quote from The White Tribe of Africa. [ Dr Werner Eiselen, a leading Broederbond theorist and Verwoerd's Secretary of Native Affairs, resigned his post in 1960 and became High Commissioner for Bophutha Tswana. Some said it was because of his general disillusionment that so little had been done to promote genuine separate development. Some time later he gave an interview to a French journalist who wanted to know why the government had not practiced what it had preached. "My dear sir, you can't imagine the bitterness of our internal political struggles. The opposition criticizes us when we put into practice what they demand in theory, that it to say when we improve the lot of the Bantu. The farmers lose sight of our aim, they do not think ahead. When the state purchases land for the Bantu they say: ' Perhaps it is my farm they are going to buy up tomorrow. ' Our people... only think of their daily comfort. They accept the theory. But at the same time they want comfort. Obviously a generous theory and unchallenged comfort are incompatible." ] From: Page 180 of The White Tribe of Africa: South Africa in Perspective. By David Harrison.

The West likes to impugn White South Africans in general over those former top-down policies as though they had a direct hand in their implementation. Fact is even the White Afrikaans speaking electorate did not support the National Party in a majority [ forming a government only requires wining a plurality of SEATS - not to win the majority of the popular vote ] until after the 1960 referendum [ 4 ] on turning South Africa into a [ nominal ] republic. Therefore when folks accuse us of "creating Apartheid" one should give them a quick history lesson demonstrating that its creators were from abroad or from parents who were not from the lineage of the local peoples of the region.


1. Apartheid. New Histories.

2. [ The best known among these theorists was Dr Werner Eiselen, the son of a Berlin missionary and a highly qualified Africanist. ] Gunther Pakendorf. A Brief History of the Berlin Mission Society in South Africa.

3 Quote: [ Besides Verwoerd the creator of Apartheid ideology was his close confidant the German Werner Eiselen. ]

From Page 47 of South Africa, the prospects of peaceful change. By Theodor Hanf, Heribert Weiland, Gerda Vierdag.

4. Quote: [ After General Hertzog's renunciation of Republicanism in 1927, and particularly following "fusion" in 1934, a small group of intellectuals who ran the Afrikaner Broederbond set out quite deliberately and self-consciously to fashion a new 'Christian-national' identity for all white Afrikaans-speakers. Yet most of this target group displayed no great interest in such a definition of 'their' culture and identity. Electoral studies reveal that it was probably not until the election of 1958, or even the 1960 referendum on the Republic, that an overwhelming majority of white Afrikaans-speakers voted for the National Party and its project to 'Afrikanerize' South Africa. ]

Dan O'Meara. Département de science politique Université du Québec à Montréal.

Addendum: On an interesting note - the goal of Separate Development was to end Apartheid - or at least it was SOLD to the people as a means to end Apartheid. [ ie: segregation. ] Read the following excerpt.

[ Piet Meyer ascribed full credit to the man at the top. "Verwoerd gave us our direction. He said that Apartheid must end. Now it is going to be Separate Development. We have to give them full freedom & independence. It took a lot of selling. I had doubts myself". ] Page 176 - 177. The White Tribe of Africa. South Africa in Perspective. By David Harrison.

Though some folks will assert that any system that maintains a White regime over the bulk of the South African macro state is Apartheid even though the regimes were in the process of considering granting a lot more land to the TBVC states to make them contiguous. But that plan faced the problems as noted by Werner Eiselen in the above quote. The key to having made Separate Development truly work would have been with the viable development of the TBVC states & other self governing regions into stable self sufficient polities. Which of course was easier said than done. Paradoxically the various South African regimes refused to grant the Boer people self determination as the Boers were politically co-opted into the larger White electorate & largely under the dispossessing Afrikaner designation. Thus Boer independence would have caused a significant portion of the White electorate to transfer out of South Africa proper & into their own Boer homeland / republic.

For further reading:

The Apartheid Dialectic. Examining how Apartheid was implemented & its subsequent dialectic.

Monday, June 06, 2011

You liberals must be proud of your creations!

Another old post, this time from TRP.  Some of the links don’t seem to work, but that is not surprising.  They refer to whites being brutally tortured and murdered in South Africa…

At the southern tip of Africa one finds two of the once most prosperous countries in Africa. Rhodesia and South Africa.

anc_dees-300x266No, I have not taken an extended nap like that Rip Van Winkle guy, but I refuse to use the name given to that former breadbasket of Africa by one of the vilest creatures to have stained humanity with his mere existence. Not only is it quite unfortunate that Africa has had to deal with vile, criminal, corrupt, murdering dictator bastards, but also the fact that they seem to appear from the cesspool of Satan himself at uncomfortably regular intervals. And just in case some of my mentally handicapped friends over at the LLL brigade (Leftist Liberal Losers for those of you not familiar with my terminology) get tingling feelings down their legs at the prospect of yanking out their racism and political correctness cards to shove into this white conservative’s face, I’ll cite this article, Stagnating Black Countries, from a distinguished gentleman (Elias Biryabarema) in Uganda. I also have to warn you though: If you’re getting tingling feelings down your legs at my statements up to now, you are going to tinkle down your legs when you read this.

The problem with Liberal Faith is that it is based on five pillars: Hysteria, Denial of Reality, Thought Control, Name Calling and Projection of Guilt. Any sane person unfortunate enough to end up “debating” any topic with a liberal will tell you that you will face one or more of these elements. In the worst cases, you will have to confront all of them. Rhodesia and South Africa are such cases.

five-pillars-of-the-liberal-faith-300x240Liberals were hysteric for decades about the separate development policies of the National Party in South Africa, better known as Apartheid. We won’t go into the trivial fact that certain legislation later included with Apartheid policies was actually instituted by the British at the turn of the previous century. Neither will we go into too much of the detail regarding the abolishment of most of the Apartheid legislation during the 1980’s - thus well before South Africa became a “true democracy” in 1994. All the world knew was that poor black people were “oppressed” and apparently beaten or killed had they so much as open their mouths against the white government. Apartheid was projected as the greatest threat to humankind, while millions were being killed under socialist governments (Frank from Queens). Even though Apartheid as an ideology was flawed, it was nothing compared to what liberals made it out to be - there are many black folk in South Africa today that will testify to this. Many (obviously not the ANC fat cats and their corrupt buddies riding the gravy train) will actually tell you that they had better lives under the previous government. So they must have very poor memory then or Apartheid was clearly not what the hysteric liberals made it out to be. I am not suggesting for one moment that Apartheid was the answer - merely that there should have been alternatives to what has happened.

The reality of Africa is that tribal mentality and characteristics have existed for centuries - it has existed throughout the history of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe - for those liberals with selectively poor memory) and South Africa. If you don’t want to believe me, you should ask that dictator Mugabe why exactly he focused on killing thousands of the same tribe in Matabeleland. Tribal influences were one of the reasons the previous government in South Africa established the self-governing TBVC states (Transkei, Bophuthatswana, Venda and Ciskei). A multi-state solution was seen as an answer to different tribes governing themselves in their own states. It was also an attempt to prevent folk in rural areas flocking to the cities, since it was perceived to cause over-population and housing issues around metropolitan areas. You never hear any mention from the liberals about these tribal issues in South Africa and Rhodesia - the British Empire also displayed a total lack of understanding of these tribes and how to relate to them when they arrived in the 1820’s. One of the reasons Boers wanted to move away from the Cape Colony - the British stuffed up the good relations between the Dutch-descended farmers and the Xhosas! Liberals totally deny the realities of Africa and South Africa and also the attempts by the white man to find lasting solutions.

Name calling is one of the most comical liberal vices - because it usually displays their utter ignorance and denial of reality. What better example than the previous government in South Africa, the Boers and the Afrikaners being referred to as a bunch of Nazis? Yet these people sided with the British against Germany in World War II. You liberals would be more accurate if you called the British Nazis. The British invented the world’s first death camps where 25,000 Boer women and children were starved to death, because the British couldn’t beat the Boers on the battlefield in the Anglo Boer War.

I don’t want to ponder about the other liberal vices - firstly because it really sickens me and secondly I want to get back to the reason for this post.

You liberals must be really proud of what you have created in Rhodesia and South Africa.

The former breadbasket of Africa is now a country where poor black folk have to pan for gold along rivers to buy a few kernels of corn, because their currency is worth less than nothing today and even less by the time they have strolled from their village to the market. Mugarbage gets away with whatever he wants, literally killing opposition party members. As a comparison for you, the majority of black activists killed in South Africa under the Apartheid government were “people” responsible for killing civilians (including their own kind) in terrorist bomb attacks, necklacing (dousing the victim in gasoline and setting them alight) and literally beating them to death. So what an unfair way to respond by shooting them when they inflict these horrendous crimes on others. I hear you shouting something about the Sharpeville incident where “innocent protesting blacks” were fired upon by “racist white policemen”, killing 67.

weaponscollectedafterthesharpevillemassacre-250x300What a pity your liberal buddies in the mainstream media did not tell you the truth about the heaps of weapons collected at the scene. Shame also they did not inform you about the Cato Manor incident a few weeks prior to Sharpeville, where 9 policemen were mutilated (their genitals cut off and stuffed in their mouths, dragged through the streets) and killed in the emergency camp - I suppose also by a “peaceful protesting crowd”. Maybe you can understand what went through the minds of the policemen at Sharpeville when they saw yet another marauding crowd throwing stones and wielding axes, amongst many other weapons.

During 2008 and 2009 these events repeated themselves when black South Africans burned alive black Rhodesians (Zimbabweans) for “taking their jobs”. They even coined a term for that, calling it xenophobic attacks.

The latest horrific trend by black savages in South Africa attacking helpless elderly people (especially women), is to tie them up for hours, gang rape them and when they are finished with these defenseless women, they shove scissors and broken glass up their private parts. Two women, and elderly Alice Lotter (78) and her daughter Helen (57), died after being attacked this way in March of this year. I suppose poverty is your stupid explanation - that’s usually your retort when blacks commit crimes in Africa. Nothing to do with torture or savagery. Well, how hungry the people must have been who shot pharmacist Robert Taylor (53) execution style in the head when he took too long to open his safe. I guess an empty stomach makes you do crazy things.

Did I hear you say something about the police force in the new democratic South Africa? You are kidding, right? The police are probably worse criminals than the savages they are supposed to put behind bars. Black police officers do not hesitate to intimidate whites or even engage in hate speech. Or what would you call a black cop telling a white crime victim “You whites must F— off” and referring to them as “white dogs”? Please don’t display your ignorance (we are very well aware of it) by saying the white man doesn’t belong in South Africa. Using that logic, neither do many of the black tribes currently there - they moved down from northern parts of Africa and exterminated the traditional tribes. Should you wish to enrich yourself with true historic events, you will know that the Boer occupied two republics in Southern Africa (Republics of Transvaal and Orange Free State) prior to the Anglo Boer War - that part of Southern Africa was largely unoccupied due to the harsh farming conditions. Hopefully by now you have learnt a little lesson about farming in the equation: productive farms under white rule + white liberal influence = unproductive black farms under black rule + poverty + starvation.

The South African Police Force have executed so many unlawful arrests on VICTIMS of crimes, that judges have urged Executives in the force to take action. Judges and District Attorneys have confirmed that this is one of the reasons civil claims against the Ministry of Safety & Security and the South African Police Force have increased drastically over the last five years. For you liberals out there, just in case you miss the point - the money wasted on these claims could actually be feeding poor people.

The latest victim of such an arrest was attorney Gerhard van Rooyen. Van Rooyen and his wife were attacked by an off-duty railway policeman (Mahlake) with an unlicensed firearm at night. The couple was admiring the city lights from a lookout point at Fort Klapperkop. Mahlake stopped next to their vehicle and asked for directions. After van Rooyen gave him the information, Mahlake got out of his vehicle and pointed his firearm at van Rooyen, while Mahlake’s accomplice also got out of the vehicle. Van Rooyen fired two shots and hit Mahlake. He then drove away to the nearest police station to report the incident, but also phoned police and ambulance services on his way. Van Rooyen was arrested later, after Mahlake passed away.

You can further indulge yourself in articles about the South African Police Force losing 8,286 firearms over the last 3 years, cops with criminal cases against them still on the force, cops being “fined” and issued “written warnings” for serious offences and cops in uniform enjoying a leisurely drink at the pub.

Roy Bennett has described the conditions in a Rhodesian jail to pictures he has seen of concentration camps.

Farm murders in South Africa occur at a pace which makes it difficult to keep track of the 3,040+ death toll.

I don’t hear you liberals cry out against these atrocities. I don’t see you march like you did against Apartheid. I don’t see you support the people suffering today by demanding your governments act against these real oppressors and murderers in charge. Maybe you believe the nonsense you are being fed from across a United Nations podium?

You then leave me no other choice than to believe you liberals are proud of the atrocities you created!


Malema’s cousin tender rip-off


26578_358413915816_537235816_4273322_3720906_nBy Piet Rampedi, Fin24

Johannesburg -  ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema’s cousin won a R44m pharmaceutical contract in Limpopo without ­submitting a ­formal tender.

Tshepo Malema's Arandi ­Trading Enterprises is one of eight companies whose dealings with the province’s health and social ­development department is now the subject of an internal fraud and corruption probe.

The companies were awarded tenders worth R167m to supply syringes, surgical blades, disposable needles, labels for medicines and patient referral forms to Limpopo’s hospitals and clinics.

Despite treasury regulations, which require competitive bids for all contracts above R500 000, the ­department issued the tenders through a written quotation ­system in February this year.

Departmental spokesperson Joe Maila confirmed that Phil Setsiba, the senior manager for pharmaceutical services, has been ­suspended for allegedly inflating the quantity of stocks needed and the costs involved.

Maila said: "We picked up there could be some issues related to procurement at the depot. So we have since instituted an internal ­investigation to determine what could have happened."

Setsiba declined to comment.

Vuna Healthcare Logistics, a company contracted to manage the department's pharmaceutical depot, its procurement, warehousing and pharmaceutical distribution systems, distanced itself from the controversial tenders.

Stanley Mashego, one of its ­directors, said: "Everything was done by the department.

"After deciding who gets what, they just tell us what it is they have awarded to which person, and that we should take orders."
Maila would not say why the ­department outsourced the ­depot's procurement systems, ­saying he would comment further after investigations.

City Press is in possession of an internal memorandum, written on February 21 by the department's manager for regulatory and quality assurance, Happy Mohale, to ­Deliwe Nyathikazi, the acting head of department, labelling the tenders as "corruption and maladministration of public funds".

Mohale’s memorandum also alleges that bid members were made to sign an "oath of secrecy form" to keep quiet.

Nyathikazi refused to sign off payment orders, saying she ­"cannot sign an order" worth R167m as it was "way above my level".
She also slammed the tender process, saying it was  "impossible for an item's usage to increase from 1 300 to 500 000".

Tshepo Malema this week said that everything was above board.

He said: "I delivered, but did not get anything. I have not yet reached the stage of enquiring why I have not been paid."

Another beneficiary of the tender is Nthabiseng Ntshangase, a business partner of known Julius Malema ally Ali Boshielo.
Ntshangase, who shares a ­Polokwane residential address with Boshielo, said she won the ­contract fairly.

Boshielo’s company, Bitline SA 694, built a house for athletics champion Caster Semenya on ­behalf of ­Julius Malema two years ago. Ntshangase and Boshielo are business partners in another ­company called Candopro (Pty) Ltd.

Boshielo did not return repeated calls and a text message.

- City Press

Sunday, June 05, 2011

How many blacks died under Apartheid?

An old article from 2001, written by a black journalist.  He mentions some of the statistics of deaths during the Apartheid years and also thereafter.

By Vusile Tshabalala, journalist

August 2001-- At the start of the year 1900, the number of African South Africans was found to be 3,5-million according to the British colonial government census. By 1954, our African population had soared to 8,5-million -- and by 1990, there were a full 35-million of us -- all carefully managed, closely policed, counted, shunted around in homelands and townships -- and all of us chafing and griping under the suppressive yoke of the Afrikaner Broederbond's rigid racial segregation system.

During apartheid, our population grew apace however because we also had the benefit of the Broers' medical knowledge and their excellent agricultural skills.

Our population growth and our average life expectancy in fact showed us Africans in South Africa to be in better than average health when compared to other Africans on the rest of the continent: in the decades prior to the official policy of apartheid,(which was started in 1948), the average life expectancy of African South Africans was only 38 years.

However, during the last decade of the apartheid era from 1948 to 1994, our average life expectancy had risen to 64 years -- on a par with Europe's average life expectancy. Moreover, our infant death rates had by then also been reduced from 174 to 55 infant deaths per thousand, higher than Europe's, but considerably lower than the rest of the African continent's.

And the African population in South Africa had by then also increased by 50% percent.(source: "a crime against humanity: analysing repression of the Apartheid State", by Max Coleman of the Human Rights Committee).


Deaths due to political violence during apartheid:

Max Coleman's authoritative book analyses all deaths due to political violence from 1948 to 1994 in South Africa and Namibia.
According to the HRC statistics, 21,000 people died in political violence in South Africa during apartheid - of whom 14,000 people died during the six-year transition process from 1990 to 1994. The book lists the number of incidents, dates, and those involved.

This includes SA Defence Force actions, for instance the 600 deaths at Kassinga in Angola during the war in 1978.

Of those deaths, the vast majority, 92%, have been primarily due to Africans killing Africans -- such as the inter-tribal battles for territory: this book's detailed analyses of the period June 1990 to July 1993 indicates a total of 8580 (92%) of the 9,325 violent deaths during the period June 1990 to July 1993 were caused by Africans killing Africans, or as the news media often calls it, "Black on Black" violence - hostel killings, Inkatha Freedom Party versus ANC killlings, and taxi and turf war violence.

The activities of the Civil Cooperation Bureau as outlined by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, were also included in these figures.

The security forces caused 518 deaths (5.6%) throughout this period.

And again, during the transitional period, the primary causes of deaths were not security forces nor white right-wing violence against blacks, but mainly due to "black-on-black necklace murders", tribal conflict between the ANC-IFP, bombs by the ANC and PAC's military wings in shopping centers, landmines on farm roads, etc.


After apartheid:

The present Aids-HIV epidemic -- against which the Mbeki-regime undertakes no action and still is publicly failing to properly acknowledge -- the World Health Organisation estimates that more than 6-million African South Africans will be dead within the forthcoming decade. And the Mbeki-led ANC regime, which could have undertaken a huge prevention campaign such as Uganda's a long time ago, has done nothing to stave off this terrible death rate.

SA hospitals "becoming places of death"

In November last year it was being reported in The Star that South African hospitals are becoming places for dying -- instead of healing. In June this year, it was reported that our cemeteries were filling up so rapidly that upright funerals were being contemplated to save space. Still, Aids is not being spoken about at our funerals, and the silence and utterly unscientific public statements about HIV-Aids from Mbeki's continue unabated while our people are dying.

Democratic Alliance spokesman Jack Bloom warned late last year that the 20% rise in deaths over the past four years among patients treated at Johannesburg Hospital could only be blamed on the high crime rate and the very serious decline in patient care. Why is our patient care so poor now, and our crime rate so high? The answer is simple: our public funds are being looted by the ANC hierarchy. And the police seem helpless to stop it.


Tuberculosis funds looted:

On July 10, 2001, the SA health department announced that it was going to stop R6,6-million in annual funding to the SA National Tuberculosis Association because of the ongoing looting of its funds and the lavish lifestyles of its (African) executives, who award themselves R400,000 annual salaries and spend R5000 a month on cellphone calls alone... while millions of South African TB patients go untreated and are wasting away of a deadly, but curable disease.

During apartheid, please note that the SANTA executives were seen to be extremely frugal with the governments' funding -- that many thousands of patients were cured annually, and that many doctors and nurses even VOLUNTEERED their services free of charge.

The question is this: "why is this man still CEO of SANTA? Why has he not been fired on the spot?"


Violent deaths from 1994 to 2000:

And the SA Police reports this month -- access their website's statistics at -- that a total of 174,220 people died violent deaths, from crime-related violence, between 1994 and the year 2000.

So my question is this: "did apartheid ever kill as many Africans as are now being killed by the deliberate neglect and looting of our tax funds by the current, supposedly democratic Mbeki regime?"