Saturday, May 28, 2011

The sad thing about real stupidity…

Einstein said that “Only two things in life are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”  At first glance you might think the old genius had a wonderful sense of humour (which is probably true), but then it hits you that his comment actually describes many people at any given point in time.  It describes one particular inDUHvidual for me though.

We have had run-ins with “The Rooster” for quite some time.  He tends to crawl from whatever gutter supplied his last meal of maggots whenever anything is posted on this blog to expose the criminal ANC and their destructive impact on South Africa.


This is the guy who attempts to tell us that:

  • Crime is no worse in South Africa than any other country in the world.
  • Farm murders are a hoax.
  • Wonderful progress has been made in South Africa since 1994 in every aspect of life.
  • The SA government isn’t fudging crime statistics (or stats on the matric pass-rates for that matter).
  • It’s a lie that 10,000 police officers are in jail (we are not even referring to the Jackie Selebi types here).
  • The South African police force didn’t really lose 20,000 weapons.
  • People referring to the incompetence and corruption of the ANC are all racists (I wonder if he is a close friend of Malema?).

I can think of a dozen other idiotic statements by this demented chicken, but I invite you to comment on those you remember him posting here and elsewhere.  Just be warned that should you manage to find the latest incarnation of his “Kill all Whitey” blog, a single click will cause his pageviews to double.

We have warned this fowl little creature to watch his foul language on many occasion and that swearing at contributors and readers will ensure his arse and comments are kicked.  He will try to tell you that we delete his comments because we limit free speech.  The evidence suggests otherwise.

Rooster3What Einstein described in some elegance, well known comedian and actor John Cleese described even better with his characteristically dry sense of humour and tone of voice when quoting principal Bartlett from his days as a teacher.  On a particular day Mr Cleese sought advice from his principal when a pupil, whom he battled with immensely to educate, managed to score a perfect zero in a test.  Mr Cleese found this very demotivating and he was at wits end with his efforts to educate this child.

In his brilliantly dry tone, Cleese described the response from principal Bartlett: “The sad thing about real stupidity is you can do nothing about it.”

12 Opinion(s):

FreeThinker said...

@ Rooster: Hope you enjoyed your last foul comment on this site.

Glenn Elsden said...

I didn’t realize this lunatic was also harassing (spamming) this blog. If this is his way of generating traffic to his pathetic scribblings, then he obviously doesn’t understand the meaning of tact. Beware of mentioning the “R…” word, or any links to his filth!

On my side Blogger did quite a good job of picking up some of the spam… Not sure how they do it though.

I will sometimes allow his comments if they’re relevant to the posting, and if the language is not too harsh, but it’s frustrating, and sometimes sorrowful, when one senses possible brain damage in this individual.

Take care, and keep up the good work!

Exzanian said...

Nimbly dismissed - Howzat!

Anonymous said...

I watched an old move last night, "a bridge too far". Women who consorted with the enemy were publicly humiliated and their hair shaved, beaten and then chased from the town. Your time will come chiken boy, jy is laer as slangkak se skaduwee, and a true race traitor. My suggestion to you is that you quietly assimilate, crawl into a hole somewhere and hope like hell your day of reckoning can be postponed, cause its coming...

Lime Lite said...

I can'be believe that any sane blog still publishes his rantings - whether they're 'sane' or not. He's a stirer and needs to be ignored. Hopefully he'll self-implode soon.

Ron. said...

I think you summed up The Rooster quite well. Either he is incorrigibly stupid or he just likes to push peoples buttons by posting absurd / offensive & provocative nonsense. The worst thing about him is how far he goes in his denial of certain truths. He lacks credibility as far as I am concerned.

I started debating him 3 years ago at his first Kill Whitey blog & soon realized that you can not have a rational debate with him because his mind is made up & no amount of contravening evidence will change it. The fact that he soon teamed up with Greg: another notorious "spammer" [ well he was more of a contrarian who tended to at least keep his language clean - but he was equally clueless on facts ] was the death knell to any relevance he hoped to have.

Rooster knows that he can certainly post counter arguments here but he will sometimes launch into profanity or attacks or just be in such total denial - then claim that he was "censored" when those attacks are removed.

Exzanian said...

I remembered awhile ago reading some comment by Rooster on this blog words to the effect "Kudos to ILSA for letting me have my say"

I tried to find the article by googling (there are thousands of posts on ILSA) and I could not locate it but I was surprised by the numerous other comments he had made, literally hundreds.

The difference in the post previously of course is that Rooster must realise that a torrent of verbal abuse is not free's trolling...

Glenn Elsden said...

This punk is unable to express himself without using vulgar language, so what does he do? He steals articles that were written by intellectuals such as Professor Olivier (PE University), and publishes it word for word, without any reference to the source. One commentator said, “…. because of the big words and long complicated sentences. I had to slowly, carefully and repeatedly read your post to get what you're saying.” Mr R of course will not admit to commentators that the work is not his own. Click here to view, but don’t bother pointing out his plagiarism, Mr R will simply delete it. He is coward, a troublemaker and a fraud, so my advice is to ignore him flat! Mark every comment he posts as spam. That’s the only way Blogger will auto-detect his demented outburts.

FreeThinker said...

@ Tia Mysoa - will do exactly that.

He personifies everything wrong with South Africa today and also with a large proportion of the white race for that matter.

eduard said...

There is a saying that goes around: Ignorance you can fix, stupidity lasts forever.

Boertjie said...

Goodness me! I googled a phrase from the discourse-analysis-article and found the one Rooster seemingly copied from.

I've been following Roosters antics for quite some time. One thing I'm all about is getting an insight into how people's minds work. See the comments "So its over, I win"-post how I stated my case on the issue and, to my surprise, got a friendly response from Rooster.

My goal is not to try to convince Rooster of the state of affairs around certain issues in SA, as it is clear he won't be convinced. My goal is to show open-minded readers my side of the story, as opposed to Rooster's. One thing I strive for is that anything I say can stand up under even the harshest of scrutiny. I tend to strive for an "academic" tone in my posts, and keeping my emotions on a short leash.

BTW, feel free to copy that long comment onto this blog, as long as you say that Boertjie posted this in reaction to that post of Rooster.

Tia : "Beware of mentioning the “R…” word, or any links to his filth!"

Tia Mysoa, I understand why you don't want readers to visit Roosters blogs, but I somewhat disagree with you. One can learn something from just about anybody. Even if there is nothing of worth in the content of one's writings, one can still at least gain a bit of insight in to the persons thought-processes. Jy doen mensekennis op.

PS, this post was a rush job. Maybe I'll post something more thorough later. Maybe I'll post stuff for you to post as a main post if you like. Just thoughts...


Boertjie said...

PS, I don't have my own internet, so I won't be able to converse very actively here.