Monday, April 25, 2011

While We Can Still Laugh ...

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Islandshark said...

Quite sharp!

Khoa said...

I deeply feel sorry for the rapid destruction of South Africa country.

While I may condemn the whites for their extreme racist policy called "apartheid", I am sick of the blatant reverse racism from ANC toward the other ethnic groups in South Africa but their defined "black".

For them (the ANC particularly or the blacks in general) taking the government and gaining control, though proclaiming to attain equality and fair treatment during the post-apartheid era, it is obvious that they have not done any good. The country, no matter which aspects to look at, is going downhill tragically.

Well, to be fair, I am neither blacks nor whites nor anywhere near the mixture of those ethnic groups. I was not even born in Africa. Because of the World Cup event, I started looking up into the South Africa country and adventured, also realized the current racial tension (which is really racism filled with hatreds from blacks) and its currently poor economic/educational/sociological status.

I wish I could do anything to give a hand to help out the country.

I don't know where to input my random thoughts so I just leave it hear. :p

Thanks for reading my rants. English is not my native tongue so my articulation ability is not so good, sorry for that!

PS: I am from Asia. :)

Khoa said...

Just happen to know the comment censorship; hope you won't filter out my previous post. :)

Anonymous said...

Very good and very true!

eduard said...

And welcome to Planet of the Apes. Was in Lagos a while ago - the stench, the filth, there is no infrastructure. The place is a oversized squatter camp with an international airport. How long before SA resembles that stinking, filthy shithole?