Monday, April 25, 2011

Is the law about right or wrong? Or personalities?

It must be the most difficult thing under the sun if you belief in the absolute right or wrong of the law, and have a personality that goes with it.

My heart is going out to Roelof du Plessis.

As far back as November 2009, I wrote an article about him. He made headlines in the past as an acting judge.

See: How long will he last.

And now to the present and the case of hate speech against Malema.

I read the post by Pierre De Vos about the case, named: “When a legal representative makes the case for the opponent” and it is very clear from the post and the learned comments, that everybody thinks he has made an arse out of himself.

And it is also commented hoe “brilliant” Malema were while being questioned.

So now the question begs, Is Du Plessis really that stupid? Or is Malema really that brilliant?

I don’t think so.

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