Saturday, April 30, 2011

Jeanette Odendaal Murdered

From CensorBugBear.

"It’s very difficult to piece together the many different versions published about the callous, execution-style murder of a gay Afrikaner woman, Ms Jeanette Odendaal, allegedly by a black SAPS sergeant outside the Kempton Park police station on Tuesday, April 26, 2011 at 7.30pm. The SA Police Force confuse matters considerably -- issuing conflicting statements and trying to mislead the news media about the court venue of the accused suspect on Friday to avoid him being photographed."

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ubuntu Kills: Economics for Africans

Aside from being a touchy-feely term for "being nice to one another", what is Ubuntu really?

This was one of the many questions I asked on my exploits in South Africa and one to which I never received a very good reply. The best answers were derived from conversations with two Xhosa men I met at different times in my travels. Both were employed, reasonably well educated for their demographic but not "black diamonds"; both lived in townships, one in a shack and one in a house.

What both had in common was a cynicism towards their own culture. One had a decent job, the result of which was that various relatives frequently turned up out of the woodwork demanding "loans", their attitude being, if you have it you must share it. He expressed frustration that these were only interested in sharing what you have, not what they have, and would otherwise not lift a finger to help with anything, even work that didn't cost them anything to give.

There's a reason "loans" is in quotation marks above. As I learned the hard way, and talked to many other caucasians who had the same experience, for believers in ubuntu, a loan is a misnomer. If you have money to lend, then you don't need it! And if you don't need it, and I do, why should I have to pay it back?

And if I do pay it back, why pay interest? You've got their money back haven't you? Why would you want more??

Such attitudes are borne of the ubuntu mindset, that says what is yours is mine. I heard stories of men giving up jobs because their wives or other relatives had a steady wage. Why should I work when you have a job? And if you have a car, forget about it. Suddenly, everyone needs a free ride. I drove a friend through his township in Cape Town and, turning into his own street, we came across a small crowd gathered around someone who seemed to have fallen over. They waved and I slowed to stop, but my friend warned me to carry on.
"Don't stop", he said, "they have all got cars - they just want to use your petrol".

Some would put this down to laziness but I think it comes from a particular kind of economic thinking. When R.H.Tawney wrote his Religion and the Rise of Capitalism in 1926, he noted how the introduction of piecework affected African productivity; it went down. Workers calculated what they needed for the day, worked enough to cover it, then went home.

As an employer, I noted the same thing occurring 80 years later - staff who had made their money for the day and wanted to skive off. But after having many bemused conversations about money with ethnic Africans, I realised that many of them realised there was no point in accumulating wealth or savings - every spare Rand meant an outstretched hand to fill. Why bother?

So, the drive to save and invest is crushed, dependence and parasitism is rife. Accumulation is impossible. The credit system is a dead duck. What exactly is good about ubuntu?

As far as I can gather, ubuntu, is one of those "other ways" in which Southern African culture is rich. A culture which creates no wealth, has no medicine, science or infrastructure; no makers, only takers, but, in the words of mindless Euro-American do-gooders, they're wonderfully rich in other ways.

Yet it is valued because it is indigenous. Never mind that ubuntu is killing an entire country.

Monday, April 25, 2011

While We Can Still Laugh ...

Is the law about right or wrong? Or personalities?

It must be the most difficult thing under the sun if you belief in the absolute right or wrong of the law, and have a personality that goes with it.

My heart is going out to Roelof du Plessis.

As far back as November 2009, I wrote an article about him. He made headlines in the past as an acting judge.

See: How long will he last.

And now to the present and the case of hate speech against Malema.

I read the post by Pierre De Vos about the case, named: “When a legal representative makes the case for the opponent” and it is very clear from the post and the learned comments, that everybody thinks he has made an arse out of himself.

And it is also commented hoe “brilliant” Malema were while being questioned.

So now the question begs, Is Du Plessis really that stupid? Or is Malema really that brilliant?

I don’t think so.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Theuns Cloete Notes the Basic Difference Between Boer and Afrikaner.

The following excerpt from Theuns Cloete of Boervolk Radio notes the basic difference between Boer & Afrikaner. The term Afrikaner was used by the establishment / media & politicians in the 20th cent to describe all Afrikaans speakers yet the Boer people had a distinct history & existence long before the Cape Dutch appropriated the amorphous term Afrikaner in the late 19th cent & then later applied it to all Afrikaans speakers in a sharp political context.

The Boer people were & are still overshadowed by the Afrikaner designation.

Van Riebeeck Was Not the Father of the Boer Nation.

The following excerpt notes correctly how Jan van Riebeeck was not the father of the Boer Nation.

Though the homepage of the HNP appears to suggest that he was the father of the Afrikaner.

The Old RSA Flag Was Not a Boer Flag.

The old flag of the Republic of South Africa was not a Boer flag as it was a flag which came about as a compromise flag between the 3 main White ethnic groups of South Africa in 1927. An acrimonious debate prior to the adoption of the flag almost caused the break up of the State & Natal considered a motion to secede from the union. The orange / white & blue colour scheme was adopted due to the widespread belief that it was the first flag ever hoisted at the Cape & was no longer being used in 1927 by any other nation-state thus was considered to be a flag which could not be confused with the flag of another nation-state. This flag was later adopted by the later Republic of South Africa as the RSA never adopted its own flag. Though there was a strong movement to abandon the flag & a plan to replace it was initiated in the 1960s prior to the assassination of Prime Minister Verwoerd but was itself abandoned upon the ascension of Vorster to power.

This flag made on odd come back in recent years & was seen at Bok van Blerk concerts despite the fact that the Orange Free State Flag [ an actual Boer flag ] was seen in the De la Rey video. A lot of Boer descendents appear to be oblivious to the true nature of the flag. This was the flag of a macro State in which the general White population were granted nominal voting rights but one wherein the actual Boer people were outnumbered within the White population.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Where modest meets magnificent!

“Located rearmost in the cabin is the VIP bedroom and lavatory, complete with an optional shower. The bedroom wardrobe (97) across from the starboard-side bathroom, features anti-slam door hinges and an interior lined with Grosse Point fabric. A warm floor awaits the passenger who has bathed in the optional shower, again owing to radiating heat unit under the floor. Total indulgence will allow for 93min of bathing, not considering other uses such as the crew, mid-cabin and VIP lavatories or wet galley (29).” The above is an extract out of the below website. Where modest meets magnificent Who remembers the posting of 18 November, 2009? Supreme comfort Man, to be an ANC politician is truly a thing of beauty. Also read the below posted in Politicsweb. Why are we spending R800m on VIP jets? It is useless to even try to write a comment on this. I leave it to our readers to make up their own minds..