Monday, March 07, 2011

Malema on Mines, and- make more babies!

Hat Tip: Ozzie Saffa

We've heard all the nationalisation guff before, but the "reproduction is revolutionary" one is brand spankin' new.

Does he actually think anyone in South Africa needs to be told to make more babies?


Johannesburg - The ANC Youth League president Julius Malema has said his organisation wanted 60% of Anglo American, City Press reported on Sunday.

Malema was speaking at a gala dinner in Nelspruit on Friday.

He said Anglo could do with the remaining 40% as it pleased.

Malema predicted that the nationalisation of mines would still happen in his lifetime.

"Share that delicious piece of cake. Don’t eat it all alone!" he said to loud applause.

Malema said unemployment was the cause of recent political unrest, and nationalisation was the way to solve it.

The youth league did not advocate taking over all white businesses, it just wanted a fair share, he said.

"If we don’t do it (nationalisation), we’ll always stay poor. The Oppenheimers don’t need to worry because we only want 60% of Anglo American’s money," he said.

Malema said Anglo had agreed to give 51% of its mining interests to black people in Botswana and asked why the company did not want to do the same in South Africa. He accused the mining giant of thinking black people were idiots and of abusing the black population in South Africa.

Malema said political freedom was useless without economic freedom.

"We’re now economic freedom fighters. The revolution started to get food. We don’t have to apologise, or be shy about this struggle."

He urged a full hall at the Ehlanzeni District Municipality building to prevent the revolution from losing steam by having as many babies as possible.

"Having babies is a revolutionary thing. You must reproduce!"

Anglo American was not available for comment.


4 Opinion(s):

Heronymous Bosh said...

"Does he actually think anyone in South Africa needs to be told to make more babies?"

Anyone in the entire world for that matter!

But there is a finer point, ask yourself by how much the Bantu population increased from 1904 to 1994....Mmmmm?

RapidCS said...

It is actually not a laughing matter. The uneducated masses will literally accept this as a valid instruction. They have done so thus far. Besides, what do you expect from a people who burns a clinic down because of service delivery dissatisfaction or a train carriage for that matter because they dont agree with price increases (As if causing millions of damages will help in reducing the price of a ticket). The ANC's overall silence supports Malema's drive generally, but this is accepted and known. Militarizing the police, nationalizing the mines, which is only be the beginning...anyone recognize the similarity of this to the rest of Africa? I subscribe to the "conspiracy theory" that it pays for international corporations to have a black government in SA and was the real reason for the pressures we received during apartheid. Having the corrupt ANC in charge ensures that it will be open season on our resources. What bothers me to no end is the overall misinformation out there about apartheid and how blacks were treated. Not to mention the complete silence on the ANC's own contribution to keep apartheid alive or its own murder campaigns.

Sizwe said...

@RapidCS - you're right, sadly many will take such comments at face value.

Think you'd enjoy the latest post on Wonkie today: Julius's baby making strategy cartoon

chris said...

Malema needs more canon fodder.