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Genocide of Farmers as Noted by President of Genocide Watch.

The following is a transcript of part of the Carte Blanche television program on the escalating genocide of Boer & White farmers that they did back in 2003. The following excepted text is the portion featuring the analysis of Dr. Gregory Stanton: the President of Genocide Watch. A notable expert on the topic.

Dr Gregory H. Stanton (Genocide Watch): “It seems to me a very troubling statistic that the murder rate of the farmers, the Boer farmers, is about four times as high as is for the rest of the population”.

Dr. Stanton is a retired American professor of law who heads Genocide Watch, the organization that co-ordinates the international campaign to end genocide.

We met him in Berlin where he was attending a conference in remembrance of the Holocaust.

He believes that, apart from crime, there's also another motive.

Gregory: “There's a motive of hatred, that these are hate crimes, that people are tortured, that they're murdered in ways that are de-humanizing”.

Not only does Stanton believe farm murders are hate crimes, but he's also recently warned the world that the white farmers in South Africa could be facing genocide. Twenty years ago he witnessed the horrors of the Cambodian genocide.

Gregory: “I realized, I think, from that point forward that I would spend the rest of my life working to stop genocide and to bring those who committed it to justice”.

Years later, that's exactly what he did. He was the person responsible for drafting the UN resolutions that created the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.

Stanton has identified eight stages of genocide by comparing the history of genocides in the 20th century. He describes it as a process, rather than an act that could take many years to be effected.

Gregory: “The third stage is really where you begin the downward spiral into genocide and that is the stage of de-humanization. It is where you treat the other people as though they're less than human”.

A scene like this, he says, should have the alarm bells ringing.

This farmer was ambushed at his farm gate, shot in the back and left to die. His vehicle was burnt out and his body displayed with the lights and number plates.

Gregory: “These are clearly hate crimes. It's such a symbolic expression of de-humanization. They're so treating him like a thing.”

It's often thought that a whole group needs to be killed before it's defined as genocide, but that's not the case.

Stanton says the more than one thousand four hundred farmers killed in South Africa could be classified under the Genocide Convention.

Gregory: “Even if it's a few hundred individuals who have been targeted, that is an act of genocide under the convention.”

However, Stanton warns that South Africa has already slipped into the fifth stage of the process, or what he refers to as polarization.

Gregory: “Extremists attempt to drive out the center, they attempt to divide the world into just two camps; into us and them.”

And from there on, he says, it's a small step to the seventh stage when the actual genocide takes place and where the word genocide is used.

Gregory: “People who commit this crime often think amazingly enough that they're purifying their society in some way or another, you know - they're getting rid of insects or some kind of less than human form of life.”

A civil war is potentially more likely, says Moolman.

Prof Neels Moolman: “I don't think we are there yet, but I think that we are speeding to that point very fast if the radicals are not controlled properly.”

Gregory: “They will say that the genocide was really just a civil war as though a civil war somehow was an opposite of genocide when in fact many genocides occurred during civil wars.” Link to transcript.

The facts that Stanton relates demonstrate that a genocide is taking place & no amount of gratuitous denial from a certain contrarian feathered fowl will change those facts & continuous denial simply enables the situation to get worse & spiral out of control.

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Anonymous said...

Practising good population control, too many whites and they get cocky!

Anonymous said...

What I do find very, very strange is that no one or very few people ever comment on this website, WHY?
I would have thought that since SAS closed down this site would pick up, OK granted SA Sucks had about 8,000 hits per day and everyday there were many new articles and opinions and hundreds of comments. Sad to see it go. This site most of the time is like a dormant bank account, sometimes one article a week if you are lucky and mainly cut and paste from other sites, just an observation.
Regarding the article about genocide, many of us have known that for years, old news, except for the MSM (main stream media) Liberals and all the Saint Mandela, LA LA land rainbow nation lovers do not see it or do not want to see it.
I wish this sit could pick up its readers and comments but I am afraid I Luv SA will have to seriously jack up their articles and quantity with serious opinions from the administrators of this site.

Ron. said...

Population control is in fact designed to hit everyone Anon1 & the main reason the White farmers are targeted is to engineer a famine as has happened in Zimbabwe so do not think for one second that this genocide will only affect White people - as also observed in Zimbabwe. If you think only one race gets "cocky" when in power then you have not been following the developments of Africa since "de-colonization" which make the former Colonial powers look like beginners. Furthermore your prescription of genocide as a population control method is in sync with the elite who also tend to use war for the same purpose & demonstrates a myopic calculating callousness on your part.

Well second Anon: this blog was started by a one Doberman who used to post about ten topical articles each & every day but he was forced to stop blogging in around November 2009 due to a legal matter stemming from discourse between he & another blogger from a different blog. The folks left here are not as prolific in posting articles as Doberman was.

This article about genocide might be "old" but it was prompted after the previous recent debate here from Rooster who makes a habit out of gratuitously denying that a genocide is even occurring. This genocide is not called such simply by some locals affected by it but was called such by an authority on the topic. The point of this article was to demonstrate that the President of Genocide Watch recognizes the farmer killings as a genocide & has publicly stated that it constitutes a genocide under the Genocide Convention.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ron for your reply to my comment, I did not know the background since Nov 2009, a pity, by the way where is Dobermnan? he used to also publish articles on SA Sucks. Well as the saying goes, " all good things come to an end" a real pity as now I Luv Sa and SAS are needed more than ever,a pity our team and club could not hang in there to the end of the race. I did read Mike Smith's closing down comment. Damn, damn. Funny how vermon such as Rooster never die, and we get beaten in the end. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

It is not the end, and we are not beaten.