Sunday, March 06, 2011

Gauteng train set alight

SA Mandela MarxThis is the same old tactics employed by the so-called “oppressed peoples”.  If they don’t like something, they burn it down.  They did the same with schools built by the “evil Apartheid regime”.  And then later want to complain about sub-standard education.

So commuters are caught on the train without valid tickets.  What do they do?  They burn it down, resulting in damage of R12m.  No wonder South Africa’s infrastructure is falling apart.  No clean drinking water in dozens of towns, because the infrastructure built up and maintained for decades is being destroyed by incompetent, corrupt vermin.

The best part of course is the nonsense spewed by the Gauteng Manager of Metrorail: “We cannot tolerate such actions from commuters that refuse to pay for services and we will intensify our efforts to work with the police and the community at large to ensure that the perpetrators are arrested”.  Why were these thugs not arrested on the scene?  What do you have to wait for?

The reality is nobody will be arrested.  White taxpayers will pay for whatever damage and this is the last you will hear of this incident.

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