Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cops held for stealing safe

18829-south-african-police-stand-guard-outside-the-department-of-eThese are the people responsible for law and order in South Africa.  The people you are supposed to allow in your home to inspect your gun safe in the unlikely event that you actually managed to obtain a licence to have one.  They might arrive at your abode to “investigate” a theft, which translated to non-Africanised English means they scout your home for valuables so their buddies could come pay you a surprise visit later to alleviate you of the burden of your prized possessions.  Numerous cases of police members (even in uniform) raiding homes this way.

So what happens when a community member reports a locked safe and steel saw cutter found in a field?  The police arrives and takes the items away for evidence, right?  Wrong.  They take the items away, but only the steel saw cutter is handed in as evidence.

Now here I am thinking – evidence to what?  What do you possibly note on the case docket as the crime?  A discarded power tool found in the bushes?  Fly tipping might be a crime in first world countries – it certainly isn’t in South Africa (and even if it was, the chances of the police doing anything about it, is zero as they can’t even be bothered to investigate aggravated assault).  That’s like handing in a spent cartridge as evidence to a murder case – there’s just no trace of a body or weapon.  But such is the utter stupidity of these hoodlums.  And that is what makes them so dangerous and arrogant.  They are too thick to have the slightest bit of common sense or ability to perform basic logic operations.

Other officers are then alerted that there is no trace of the locked safe in the “discarded power tool and stolen locked safe found in a field” case.  They find the police officers (read criminals) originally “investigating” the crime in a back yard where they have already opened the safe with another power tool borrowed from another community member.

The contents of the safe have been handed in as evidence.  No, not really, but you can see where this is going.

You are forgiven for not knowing why so many brutal murder cases in South Africa remain unsolved.  But now you know the nature of the beast…

Original article can be found here (until the evidence disappears).

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Anonymous said...

Blacks generally have no respect for the law, they feel that "Law" is something that applies to other people, they are immune from law. They have no sense of empathy and therfore feel nothing when they commit offences, in fact they actually beleive that it is their right to appropriate the property of others. They steal from their fellow blacks because they know that the Police are useless and they steal from the Whites because they beleive that all Whites are rich. Being a policeman is just a front to advance their own selfish, moronic and psychotic behaviour. There is no responsibility reason or rationale, they are free to do whatever they like.

Anonymous said...

looking at this picture reminds me of the movie Planet of the Apes. Really do these goons know anything about law and order? I bet they cannot even read and write.