Thursday, February 10, 2011

Quotes From Robert van Tonder.

The following are some great quotes from the late Robert van Tonder I have collected.

The Boerevolk were the first freedom fighters of Africa.

The politics of the Boerestaat Party will restore the old Boer Republics which we want to do democratically but unfortunately it is not possible to do because according to de Klerk we can have no elections for the first time in [ a cent. ] Therefore it has been made impossible for us to vote out the government. That is not our fault but that of de Klerk who appears pleasant & moderate in the Netherlands but in South Africa is an undemocratic oppressor.

The AWB flag emblem is not in the tradition of our people.

From 1991 Dutch documentary Haartseer Land.

We Boere are not South Africans. Neither are we ‘Afrikaners’. The history of the Boere is totally different from that of the Cape ‘Afrikaners’. The case for the new Boer Republic rests on history, language, culture and an own territory (state). Not merely on colour. That is the basis on which any faulk’s (sic) identity is determined.

Our Boer republics were crushed in 1902 and other "peoples" were forced to live with us in one state.

De Klerk was warned beforehand that he was not welcome in Ventersdorp.

The only solution for multiparty negotiators is to accept a flag with white and black spots which reflects the variety of colors in the country," said Boerstaat Party leader Robert Van Tonder, "with a Coca-Cola bottle in the middle to symbolize South Africa's new status as an American vassal state."

From: The Baltimore Sun. October 1993.

We were people who did not want to enslave a black tribe," he says. "We are being accused by every country on earth of being Nazis and oppressors. We came here alone. We never conquered any other nation. We have no blood on our hands.

From: Time Magazine 1977.

The modern world has changed relationships like those between Danger and ourselves," says Van Tonder. "Although this is a lovely friendship, it can't last always, and it would be unfair for it to last. Danger's children will become educated and Westernized. They will want their country. My descendants would also like to have their country."

From: Time Magazine 1977.

It's [ 1977 South Africa ] a police state," he says. "It's putting my culture into a straitjacket.

From: Time Magazine 1977.

Integration will be the ultimate destruction of the whites," he says. "I would like to see them [blacks] free and happy. I would like to see them preserve their own culture. It is just not in our nature either to integrate with them or oversee them. We only want to live among our own people, to live our own religion and to lead a rational, happy life.

From: Time Magazine 1977.

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