Monday, February 21, 2011

New Affirmative Action Law to Come into Force

I was sent this email by a representative of the Cape Party, and it represents a terrifying new move by the ANC to consolidate its power and make it impossible for non-blacks to survive in the "new" South Africa:

The letter reads:

"...You wont be able to find a job even if you're well qualified because the ANC is about to pass a law which guarantees that Affirmative Action quotas are to be applied according to national and not regional demographics.

What does this mean? The black national majority (79%) will fill 79% of all jobs in the Western Cape, for no other reason than the fact that they're black. Coloureds and whites will get jobs according to their national share of the population. At present coloureds are roughly 52% of the Western Cape population and whites 18%, but under the newly proposed AA laws coloureds are only allowed to be given 8% of the jobs and whites 9% in line with their respective national share."
According to News24:
Solidarity's deputy general secretary Dirk Hermann said the amendments could amount to "a massive and unfeasible social engineering programme".

"In terms of the amendment, the act would no longer recognise the economically active population (EAP) of a region, but only the national demographics the economically active population," Hermann said.
Solidarity is planning a legal challenge to the new law.

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Martin said...

If this comes to pass, this further removal of qualified people from the job market will only speed up the ongoing fall of South Africa into Third World hell.

Anonymous said...

The ANC seems to follow without fail always the worst option. This cannot be by chance any longer. It's by design. Deliberate destroyers.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid you are right Martin. Things are going to get very ugly here in SA soon, they are already ugly but real ugly is coming. I hope the liberals are pleased with themselves. The liberals need to be punished, problem is that non liberals and sensible folk also will suffer.

Zarky said...

This article immediately reminded me of the Holocaust and what the Jews had to endure. It does make you think on what road we are on...

Big businesses are moving their Head Office's out of South Africa, I am starting to worry big time!

What do they know that we don't?

The numbers are just not adding up correctly...

As the song goes: "were on the road to no where"

Chris K said...

lets look at the big picture here ladies and gentlemen, these affirmative action law will favours no one or racial gender at the end of the day trust me, think again, these are methods of Preparatory war against each other,to destruct us to administer the plan for depopulation and war. The are many black educated individual who are strugling to get jobs, its not even funny any more. your education, skills and experience doesnt count here in South Africa, i know this from experience. Laws dont change nothing, but keep things the way they are or even worse.

yes it has began, the world is no longer a safe place to dwell. wars, poverty is growing fast than before, there is no democracy, peace has no significants in the monetary system,our leaders are so corrupt they dont even see what is coming, the "New World Domination"

Anonymous said...

apartheid 2.0

the anc is showing how it should have been done.

Dachshund said...

The Department of Labour says this will not cause coloureds to lose their jobs. That may be true for the time being, but new coloured entrants to the job market won't be able to get in, and coloureds who want to change their jobs will have a problem doing so. This is the worst kind of social engineering. It is not the role of government to prevent any category of person from getting employment. Government should be an enabler, not a disabler. The real motive behind this move is for the ANC to get control of the Western Cape. They don't care how many peoples' lives they destroy in the process.

Tyrone the FORMER liberal. said...

AA and the insidious BEE has changed me into an vehement"I will never employ blacks" person.

BEE-and the consequent incompetence, means I no longer subscribe to any sort of charity towards blacks.

Yes, I am NOW a racist. Unashamedly in the face of anti-white, government endorsed racism.

Anonymous said...

This is not fair! Not fair at all. This is pure racism from the black ANC. They want to take over the whole country. Shame on them. South africa is only for black africans. There is no place for coloureds, whites and indians.