Friday, December 31, 2010

Whites Out, and more

Whites Out, Blacks In from Orwellian Culture, with an interesting reference to a Facebook group here called September National Imbizo.

According to the nice folks at SNI,

a few have benefited from fruit of democracy
Which is very revealing of the attitude in many quarters in SA. "Fruit of democracy" is freedom, right? that's what it means to most people. Not so, say some. Democracy must mean my material circumstance must improve, they think. Why? You guys were seriously lied to if you thought freedom meant more free stuff without having to work for it.

According to the minutes of the SNI meeting "Blacks can't be racist!" in other words their efforts to fight racism are geared towards... guess who.

SNI is related in some way to the black consciousness group Blackwash, also still on Facebook despite being an overtly racist organisation. According to their info page:
Blackwash is a collective of blacks, by blacks and for blacks only! We stand for liberation of black people, who want to be liberated. This means amongst others self governance and equitable sharing of our natural resources. But it also means we need to find collective and democratic practices to define and arrive at our final destiny. We understand white supremacy to be at the very foundation of the world capitalist system. White supremacy organizes everyday racism, exploitation, women oppression and destruction of the life. You can’t fight white supremacy without fighting against patriarchy, capitalism, homophobia and self hate at the same time.

We shall walk as we talk. We shall make our own mistakes; we shall learn and improve on our practice. Blackwash stands ultimately for the love of black people and the end of our suffering. We hope to oppress no one, but we shall not dialogue with forces which perpetrate our oppression. It’s a new day Vuka darkie…
Coz 1994 changed fokol!

We focus on South Africa as our immediate challenge, but we won’t stop there. We carry the spirit of Haiti’s slave revolt of 1884 in our souls and as an antidote to white supremacy. We believe what white supremacy has done to Haiti in the past 200 years is the story of black people the world over.

Blackwash’s first project is a counter-culture initiative that will uses unapologetic and vulgar T-Shirts to scream these truths from the margins. We scream that the honeymoon period of senseless t-shirts, music and other culture platforms is over. The Fuck project uses these accepted youth culture arenas to fight back.
Any group that holds up Haiti as a model to imitate must have a screw loose, but it must not be forgotten that the Haitian slave revolt - which took place in 1791, by the way, not 1884 - resulted in the slaughter of most of the whites in the colony. Ok, maybe the slave owners deserved their wrath, you may say, but surely not their wives and children too.

Given their complaints, it's hard to know what groups like Blackwash expected when the New South Africa came about. Did they really think - particularly given their massive numbers - that SA's blacks would become middle class and have cars and houses and TVs and everything else? Reading sites like that, it's hard to believe they didn't. Which of course justifies crime and theft on the grounds that others have taken the share of the pie that's due to them.

Given their hostility to Capitalism, it's hard to imagine from whence they believed this wealth was to come. In fact, it's hard to believe groups like this are doing anything other than stirring up hatred, and they may well succeed. Beware, South Africa.

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Laager said...

Is the world we live in going insane?

Whites first encountered Southern African Blacks between 1770 and 1790 along the Great Fish River.
Let us give the blacks the benefit of the doubt and agree on 1770 - that is 240 year ago.

Theophilus Shepstone, the Commissioner for Native Affairs in the British Crown Colony of Natal (c1850), became a Knight of the British realm for his policy:

White settlers do not have the right to forcibly change native customs, culture and society to those of the European.

Let them be exactly who and what they are and cross over into white society at their own pace as and when it suits them if they choose to do so.

About 100 years later the entire western world rounded on successive white Governments for not doing enough to uplift the black man - despite the fact that 56% of the nations tax revenue was spent on black infrastructural projects to which black taxes only contributed 14%.

During the the 240 years of black/white co-existence the Indian community established themselves in South Africa. This year they celebrated 160 years of residence in South Africa. During this time they have become probably per capita the wealthiest sector of the SA population.

Their success has been achieved within the same apartheid structures that applied to black people.

Just who is kidding (oppressing?) who?

Krokodil said...

The black inferiority complex is something that white SA will have to contend with for a very long time.

Probably it won't go away at all.

Anonymous said...

Whites out, lights out.