Friday, December 31, 2010

The Right Perspective on Rhodesia & South Africa


TRP on Rhodesia & South Africa by islandshark

The good folks at The Right Perspective regularly have a few gems on the truth about Apartheid South Africa and Africa in general.  Here they speak to Paul from Florida:

  • Rhodesia going from bread basket to basket case.
  • South African government can’t protect the citizens.
  • Inept South African Police.
  • Continuing murders of the most brutal kind.
  • Why aren’t things going better?  It was supposed to after the end of “evil Apartheid”.
  • Jimmy Carter and other communist inspired liberal idiots’ role in the demise of South Africa.

It is good to know that the word is getting out!

8 Opinion(s):

Krokodil said...

JImmy Carter, possibly a well-intentioned individual, would have had his world-view shaped by his native Georgia.

Unfortunately, he should have stuck to righting the wrongs in his own neck of the woods, and not stuck his liberal bully-boy nose into areas he knew diddley-squat about.

People who aspire to be righteous need to examine their consciounces very carefully, lest they be doing nothing more than hypocritically getting heavy with other peoples "wrongs", as a kind of penance for their own sins.

US presidents wield great power, but shame on them if they use it to bully smaller nations for their own feel-good self-righteousness.

Is SA better, or worse, off today?
Those who aspire to seek truth and justice need to honestly confront this question.

FV De Wet said...

What is the URL to the actual audio clip. I need a copy of this.

Anonymous said...

I looked at your page and found this interview but it only has a minute of audio - where is the rest of the interview for this one - Die Vierkleur sal weer wapper!!

FreeThinker said...

That was not an interview - I called the guys to wish them a prosperous new year.

However, I suggest you listen to the interview with Barry Farber.

Anonymous said...

Barry Farber does not talk about Siener Van Rensburg.

FreeThinker said...

Who said Barry Farber was talking about Siener van Rensburg?

I just suggested listening to that interview, as it was a good one.

chris said...

If they dislike us so much and want every thing we worked for, why dont they just give us a piece of land and let all the whites move their. Then they can do with the rest as they please.
We want the western cape, northern cap and southern free state up to Bloem. Parts that were never occupied by the Bantu.
We will live there in peace with the decedents of the Koi and San people.
They can take the north and east of the country, which contains 80% of SA's richness. We'll make it on our own in the poor part of SA.

Krokodil said...

Yep, Chris, I'll go with that - or even less (though Cape Town is a must)!

My ideal would be a country consisting of whites, coloureds and asians - with economic and social equality - but with whites generally running the place. I'm not anti-black at all, but for purely practical reasons no blacks would be allowed in this "new" South Africa.

And for the citizens of "Azania", I would only have the best wishes.