Sunday, December 19, 2010

Land Redistributed - To Chinese

h/t A.Stuijt.

""Eastern Cape's abundant agricultural land has seen China survey the province for farming business opportunities to supplement its scarce land resources," spokeswoman Ikhona Mvaphantsi said in a statement.

The Yebo Africa Trading Hall (ATH) in Shangai, China, had entered into an agreement with the Alfred Nzo district municipality to use land in the area for pomelo citrus fruit cultivation."

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Hang on, weren't we against the idea of selling land to foreigners??

2 Opinion(s):

Krokodil said...

Why do you consider this strange?

The Yellow man is Africa's new master - what he wants must be provided! The mickey-mouse gang that run SA cannot possibly stand in the way.

Oh, and both mainland China and the ANC are commie, of course.

Oh, and the money that will probably change hands in high places...

Anonymous said...

Renting is not such a bad idea; are they selling or renting?