Friday, November 19, 2010

Township Thugs Torch Bus for Disabled

Here are a collection of stories revolving around the Western Cape faux "service delivery protests" which, as usual, have descended into violence and destruction.

The first is Helen Zille's reaction to the "protests", in which she wonders why those wanting more services are busily destroying those services in the process. This criticism is flawed only that it assumes an underlying logic exists in the minds of the thugs involved, when it doesn't.

Last week, three vehicles were burnt during a so-called ‘service delivery' protest in Khayelitsha. Ironically, each of these vehicles was busy delivering a service to the community. One was delivering matric exam scripts to the marking centre. Another was fetching disabled people (for whom the City provides a special, subsidized transport system). A third was transporting children to a camp for abused children. The fourth vehicle escaped the blaze, but was stoned. It was an ambulance responding to an emergency call in the community.

It is beyond irony that services are destroyed in the name of service delivery protests.

Beyond irony for sure, but also deeply uncaring and revealing of a mindset that says, if I can't get what I want then those freeloadind disableds and abused kids aren't either.


The second, by Cape Minister of Public Safety Albert Fritz, supports the right to protest but characterises the destruction as "nothing short of anarchy".

In the Mail & Guardian we read how the ANCYL is piggybacking the protests although it will not admit to organising them. Alright, but there's little doubt that unseating the DA is part of the agenda of the criminals who are destroying the townships. Someone might want to point out the irony of protesting service delivery in the only province where services are, more often than not, actually delivered. Says one activist:

"We had better service delivery under the apartheid government," said Lili. "At least it built our people covered toilets. Now, we're given open-air toilets and a new bucket system. We’re going backwards."
Well, yes you are. And relying on the government to build you a fucking toilet is part of your problem, not the solution to it.

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Piet the Pirate said...

"Well, yes you are. And relying on the government to build you a fucking toilet is part of your problem, not the solution to it."

Oh dear, I did laugh at that. Classic. LOL.

Laager said...

Time to connect the dots

Helen Zille clearly demonstrates that the vehicles torched in these protests were actively engaged in legitimate service delivery

Out of the blue a British tourist goes into a township late at night in peculiar circumstances and is murdered. Contrary to normal practice her husband escapes unharmed.

To quote Nelson Mandela: "There is a third force at work"

A conspiracy theory?

The WP is the only region in SA that the ANC does not control
What better way to discredit the DA than to mount protests against fully functional service delivery and undermine the tourist industry and then delude the world into believing that the ANC can do a better job?

Lets wait and see if Mandela gets rolled out to calm the turbulent waters

Krokodil said...

Just want to say: agreement with the article and Laager comment.

South Africa is run and SUPPORTED by backward people - I don't consider them any less human but, bugger it, that's the simple truth.

Furthermore, the rulers of SA are WORSE than elsewhere in Africa, for the very simple reason that they have already seen what a total stuff-up arrogant I'll-do-it-my-way African rulers have fared and achieved(?!!).

Oh, but at least, the people have democracy! (blaaaaaarrt - the sound my bottom makes when musing on these matters).

Dachshund said...

Bullshit headline of the day:

'Growth plan targets nation's top earners'

I.e. the government wants to bankrupt the taxpayer from both ends.

How low can you go? Low, very low indeed.

The article goes on:

'Call for freeze on salaries over R550 000

'The government wants a pact with business and labour to freeze the salaries and bonuses of those earning over R550 000 a year and to limit increases for anyone getting more than R20 000 a month to the rate of inflation.'

Ebrahim Patel, proving not only that beauty and brains don't always go together, but are a positive barrier to a well job in government, implies that this would only apply to the private sector, not the ANC government: their salaries of 'over a million rand' are to be increased by 5%:

'Ebrahim Patel, the minister of economic development, told a parliamentary portfolio committee the NGP would require sacrifices ... He is among ministers who heard last week that their packages of well over R1-million would increase by 5%.'

I can tell you right now that Ebrahim Patel does indeed earn well over R1 million per year, probably in the order of ten times as much.

Throw these bums out, put them behind bars, whatever it takes.

If you want to sicken yourself even more, go to: