Monday, November 08, 2010

Screw the Workers

Aurora: screw the workers

Aurora boss Zuma has to decide which of his 19 cars he'll drive today, while workers beg for food

Oct 17, 2010 10:38 PM | By JUDY LELLIOTT

Desperate workers at Aurora's Grootvlei gold mine are furious that their boss, Khulubuse Zuma, has been enjoying his fleet of multi-million-rand cars while they have not been paid for eight months.

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WHAT'S FOR LUNCH? Khulubuse Zuma, chairman of Aurora Empowerment Systems Picture: DANIEL BORN
quote Its not right . they have no decency . it's shameful quote

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The Times visited the mine in Springs, east of Johannesburg, yesterday and showed the miners a picture of Zuma, nephew of President Jacob Zuma, driving a new R2.5-million Mercedes-Benz SLS63 AMG Gullwing, on his arrival at the wedding of national police chief Bheki Cele last month.

The picture and details of Zuma's fleet of cars were published yesterday in the Sunday Times.

The miners' wives have left them and their children have been forced to drop out of school because their parents cannot pay the fees.

Khulubuse Zuma and Zondwa Mandela, grandson of Nelson Mandela, own Aurora Empowerment Systems, which took over the liquidated mine last year from Pamodzi Gold.

The miners last received their R1600-a-month wages at the end of February and say they have been abandoned by the mine's high-flying owners.

Simon Khanjane, a worker who lives at the mine hostel, said it was "shameful" that the workers have to endure squalor and hunger while Zuma drives around in one his 19 cars, including a R935000 Range Rover Sport.

Zuma also owns two BMW 750is, each worth about R1.1-million, and has been seen driving a Bentley and a Rolls-Royce.

"It's not right . they have no decency . it's shameful," he said of Zuma's arrival at Cele's wedding in the gull-winged supercar.

It is not known if Zuma owns the red Mercedes in which he arrived at the Cele wedding.

Khanjane has two children, aged 15 and 10, who have had to drop out of school in Lesotho because he could not pay the fees. His wife is unemployed.

His colleague, Sehohalo Mafalosa, is a widower who says he cannot afford to go home to Lesotho and has no idea how his two children, aged 17 and 13, are surviving.

"Everything I earned I used to send to them. I used to have a minder who looked after them. Now I can't pay the minder.

"I don't have anything to eat. I can't give my children anything to eat. I go out and beg for piece jobs to see if I can watch cars but there is nothing," he said, lying in a dimly-lit room he shares with 16 other men.

The hostels in which the mineworkers live have a sporadic electricity supply and no water.

Workers walk 2km to the nearest tap to collect water in drums so they can wash and drink. Many cook their food, donated by nearby businesses, on open fires on their doorsteps.

Another miner, Tala Sehlabo, said: "We have children. We have wives who are divorcing us because we have no money. Our passports are expired and we have no money to renew them so we can go home."

The mine kitchen has been stripped bare. Electricity cables litter the floor and menus pasted on the wall remind the miners of better times.

A dusty poster setting out the terms of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act hangs lopsided on a wall.

"Zuma and Mandela just closed and left us," said Sehlabo.

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Anonymous said...

how the hell does that fat fuck fit into a SL63?...

Anonymous said...

And next election they'll vote ANC

Anonymous said...

You know me well, EJP Vanderveen, call me JP, and I have a problem, not with your site, although some of the vulgarity disturbs me, my problem is simple, I AM LEFT WITHOUT ANYTHING TO SAY TO YOU, I want to believe you are just a bunch of racists, but the facts are fast stacking up against me. I have looked at every angle, and I now just shut my mouth at dinner parties and hope no one will bring it up.

Its just theft, and lies and entitlement around me, and the people I helped (big time) into power are thugs.

I know these people you write about. I have lunched with Khula (thats what they call him, not Khulubuse.)

And the myriad of gangsters and hitmen, one of whom has no teeth and is a born again christian to boot.

I lent money to Duduzani Zuma, 16 months ago when he was poor.
Now he is a billionaire . huh ?

16 months ago he could not buy a cheese burger.

I sat in meetings with them ... they promised so much ... they used my expertise, my talent and then some.

You probably would have told me so.


You aren't a racist are you ?

Your just calling a spade a spade.

He drinks jack daniels with cointreau , and amarula with creme de menthe and the last time I saw him he was sitting in a 5 star hoteland he said to me ;" It good to have a clever white boy like you helping us, but never (NEEEEVA) forget that you whites, while largely a stabilising force in this country are to all intents and purposes ... Irrelevant."


huh ?

Anonymous said...

Nobody treats black people worse than a Blackman wearing a suit and tie.

John Thomas Alcock said...

God, did I laugh when I read that. Beautiful, just fucking beautiful.
Apartheid was baaaaaad, so baaaaad.
Viva anc, viva.

Dachshund said...

@JP Vanderveen: I bet that diabetic pile of whale blubber treats his personal staff like shit too. If you were to offer his driver a cup of tea or a cold drink you would be shat out for not minding your own business. I've seen how these BEE pigs behave, it's enough to make you hurl your guts out. Those huge bastards really stink because they can't get around to wiping their arses anymore.

Anonymous said...

Look , I'm not going to lie to you, I'm looking for something to defend here. Something. One thing. Please God, just one thing. I dunno, just one good thing from these people. And I think I have found it, they are so busy stealing that we can expect property rights to be maintained, otherwise what would be the point of theft ?


Anonymous said...

@Daschshund They have people to wipe their arses.


Viking said...

you're spot on IMHO.