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SA White Refugee May be Sent Home

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The subject of Brandon Huntley has been raised on this site a few times and the latest news is that a Canadian judge has largely rejected his story of racial prejudice in South Africa. This is something of a travesty, because as all of us at ILSA know well, racial prejudice has official status in South Africa, and for a foreign judge to deny it is simply a rejection of facts.

Now, whether or not you believe Huntley's story is largely irrelevant - and I've made it clear that I have my doubts - but the facts to which he alludes are incontrovertible. Victimisation of white people in South Africa, both at an officially sanctioned level and on the streets, is a reality and the goal of this blog has been, in no small part, to gather and present evidence of this reality.

If Huntley is sent home, this represents a huge kick in the teeth for South Africans, and reveals the entire concept of refugee status as a sham intended to favour only certain "victim groups". While Huntley has been living in Canada, a boatload of Sri Lankan "refugees" has pitched up in Vancouver and stated their intent to live off the state for the rest of their lives. Similarly, other claimants plead "poverty" in their homelands as a reason for their refugee claims - as though Western countries have a duty of care towards those whose cultures and societies create only poverty and need.

White South African fights to stay in Canada

Brandon Huntley had been granted refugee status because he claimed persecution in his homeland, South Africa. (Tony Caldwell, QMI Agency file photo)
Brandon Huntley had been granted refugee status because he claimed persecution in his homeland, South Africa. (Tony Caldwell, QMI Agency file photo)

OTTAWA - A white South African who was granted refugee status in Canada after claiming racial persecution may yet be sent home.

On Wednesday, the Federal Court granted immigration minister Jason Kenney's request for a judicial review of the refugee board decision that allowed Brandon Carl Huntley to stay in Ottawa.

In his 2008 application, Huntley said he'd been stabbed three times in seven robberies at the hands of black South Africans. They called him a "white dog," he told the refugee board.

Huntley presented "clear and convincing proof of the state's inability or unwillingness to protect him," the board found. It granted him refugee status in 2009.

Kenney had argued evidence presented on Huntley's behalf was irrelevant. Another woman had testified that black South Africans had tortured and shot her brother, showing the country was powerless to prevent black-on-white violence.

The board decision had also been blasted by South Africa's governing African National Congress as "racist."

Huntley's lawyer, Rocco Galati, told the court the South African government had twisted the immigration minister's arm to review the case, calling the review application an "abuse of process from outside pressure."

Federal Court Justice James Russell didn't buy it.

Russell's decision sets aside the earlier refugee board decision, and sends Huntley's refugee claim back to a "differently constituted" board for consideration.

Huntley first came to Canada in 2004 to work as a carnival attendant. He returned the next year, staying illegally until making his refugee claim.

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Anonymous said...

Huntley will become a martyr for the white south African cause.
Some bad nigga´s will be paid to take him out, thereby confirming his worst fears. When that happens, no Government in the world will ever be able to refuse white South African refugees sanctuary again

Anonymous said...

Please visit this link and watch David Duke tell it like it is. Then send it to everyone you can think of.

Marwinsing said...

Put the name Jason Kenney (MP, Canada, Multicult et al... blah!) onto your radar-screen... Google him - nuff said. And I have just typified and identified to you the greatest threat to the White Race itself in this Age Of Treason that we all live in and that is...

...The Evil White Christian/Catholic Man.

Hate them. Kill them. Spit on them. Rape their wives and murder their children! For they are the greatest threat to Our Species, homo sapiens sapiens.

White Elitists.

Anonymous said...

If Huntley was a black C...t the he would be very welcome to saty and given anything he wants. It is sad to see how the whites are been treated in the world by their own kind. It just shows how stupid we are as we are just worried about people of colour. Our children will suffer in the future, I am glad I wont be around to see it. I just hope they dont hate me too much because I let this happen.

Exzanian said...

The fact is, Brandon does not want to live in ZA. Is that a crime? If he is forcibly deported, the answer to that question is, effectively: YES

Anonymous said...

Take a look at this video, but be prepared to have your day spoilt if you do.
Is it any wonder I hate blacks?
This incident happened in France and it is getting worse every day.

Anonymous said...

" a reality and the goal of this blog has been, in no small part, to gather and prevent evidence of this reality."

I suspect a typo, ie present instead of prevent..

Sorry, I am not the spelling police, but it changes the intended meaning ;)

Viking said...

indeed it does!

fixed ....

Anonymous said...


Just another white man sacrificed on the altar of brown raced arse-kissing by those who would have the Anglo Saxon peoples destroyed in order to bring in their "New World Order".


Time for the white boys to start doing EVERYTHING we are already accused and found guilty of... That will put a smile on many a dial. And scare the crap out of anyone else.

Anonymous said...

“What did you do in the war, Daddy?
The war to save our race.
Come on, please tell me true, Daddy,
I’m sure it’s no disgrace.

Did you march with your white brothers Daddy,
Did you hold our banner high,
Or did you just sit at home,
And watch your country die?

Did you take to the streets, Daddy,
When right was on your side,
Or did you think of your own skin,
And run away and hide?

When you saw jobs for ‘aliens only’, Daddy,
Did you shout loud in protest?
Or did you keep your silence,
Just like all the rest?

When the union bullies told you, Daddy,
Not to vote for our men,
Did you tell them all to go to Hell,
And not come back again?

Did you speak out for truth, Daddy,
And did you spread the word?
Or did you live in fear, Daddy,
To let your voice be heard?

Please tell me what you did, Daddy,
I’ve often wondered who
Could see the white race overrun
And why we are so few.”

“You need not feel ashamed, my son,
Because I had a dream
To open up my kinfolk’s eyes
To Zog’s infernal scheme.

But when I spoke, they turned away
And closed up their ears.
I couldn’t make them understand
The reason for my fears.

And when we marched, we were so few,
Just fifty men and me.
The others stayed at home in fear
And watched it on tv.

I’m proud to say I played a part
And say that I fought well.
That’s why I lost my livelihood
And wound up in a cell.

The reason that we lost, my son,
Was not that we weren’t brave,
But that the ones we battled for
Were not worth our while to save.”

Just about sums it up, don´t you think?
Thank you Brandon Huntley for bringing the plight of the white South African to the attention of the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

The white man will never, they are too busy trying to please the rest of the world and be PC. One day it it will be too late and the we will suffer for ever. We should stand up now and remove the blacks and the muslims from this planet we call home. But that wont happen because the whites dont have the balls.

Krokodil said...

Hey! Are you guys still around? Why the mega slow-down?

Looking forward to the next article...

Viking said...

sorry, pal.

A combination of fewer contributors, slow news, lack of free time, etc. has led to a drop-off in publishing on the site... we are still around though :)

Catholic who doesn't turn the other cheek said...

@Marwinsing: Fuck you.