Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A prediction …..anybody?

It only takes 2 weeks in the limelight to show your colours, ma’am…….

Is this lady the next embarrassment for South Africa?

Maggie Sotyu, did not take long to show her view on things extremely important to any South African, namely crime and the police.

Below are three excerpts from local news related to the lady.
• What is very apparent is that she was key to the disbanding of the Scorpions.
• That she is a racist of the highest order.
• That she is intolerant towards whites.
• That she has no respect for the law.

“Maggie Sotyu, who chaired Parliament's police portfolio committee during the last term of Parliament and was key to making sure that Parliament approved the disbanding of the Scorpions, is now deputy police minister.”

Deputy Police Minister Maggie Sotyu on Tuesday said government will not bin a long-awaited study into the nature of violence in South Africa.

The report was commissioned by the police ministry three years ago, but came under fire when it was tabled before Parliamentarians.

The study by the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation found South Africans are generally quite tolerant of violence.

However, MPs questioned the value of the report, complaining that it fails to explain why violent crime is escalating.

Principal researcher David Bruce became defensive when they tackled him on the report's "glaring omissions."

One said, "To develop a new explanation of violence would be incredibly unrealistic."

Sotyu went as far as to question some of the findings.

She said, "Where it is said that violent crime, the biggest portion, is from poor people, it's not true."

However, she said there are some bits of useful information the ministry will use to tackle violent crimes.

Deputy Police Minister Maggie Sotyu says South Africa's courts are racist because black criminals receive harsher sentences than their white counterparts.

Beeld newspaper reports Sotyu said a white farmer who dragged a black farmworker behind his bakkie got off with a fine of R10 000.

In contrast, when a black worker killed a white farmer he was jailed for life.

"So we are saying that those are politics of racism because our courts need to be empowered, they need to be aware that we are now in (the) new South Africa," she added.

The comments drew criticism from civil rights group AfriForum who said it had asked National Director of Public Prosecutions, Menzi Simelane, to determine whether Sotyu had transgressed her parliamentary privilege

"The deputy minister should rather devote her time and energy to the effective prevention of violent crime, than to polarise the community to an even greater degree with her racially-obsessed statements," said AfriForum's head of community safety Nantes Kelder.

Sotyu, a former chairwoman of Parliament's portfolio committee on police, was appointed deputy minister in President Jacob Zuma's major Cabinet reshuffle 10 days ago.

She reportedly made the remarks after a briefing to MPs on Tuesday on the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation's report on violent crime in South Africa.

3 Opinion(s):

Krokodil said...

Zuma can shuffle and reshuffle his useless deck of cards as much as he likes, but I doubt most of them show anything more than a glaring blank.

He might as well chuck ANC mp's names into a hat and them draw them out randomly, assigning cabinet posts as he goes, for all the difference it'll make to the competent running of SA and its' institutions.

Anonymous said...

Exactly! Boet.

Viking said...

"Deputy Police Minister Maggie Sotyu says South Africa's courts are racist because black criminals receive harsher sentences than their white counterparts."


Only a fucking moron or a complete racist would look at the crime stats and conclude it was the justice system that was broken.

I suspect she is both.

I would rather be a black criminal on front of a white judge than vice versa - anyone concur?