Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Stone Age Rocked by Top Resignations

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I wonder how many issues of this uninspired commie shit rag will end up where they belong (IF they make it to the streets:)...In the flusher!

Johannesburg - Five senior staff members of The New Age newspaper editorial team, including editor-in-chief Vuyo Mvoko, resigned on Tuesday.

"It was with regret that we received the resignations of five senior members of our editorial team at 15:00 today (Tuesday), the day before we were due to publish our newspaper," said managing editor Gary Naidoo in a statement.

Naidoo said the "anticipated launch will be withheld for tomorrow (Wednesday)".

The five who resigned were: Mvoko, deputy editor Karima Brown, opinion and analysis page editor Vukani Mde, news editor Amy Musgrave and arts and culture editor Damon Boyd.

"Collectively, we have taken the decision that it would be neither proper nor professionally acceptable for us to speak publicly about the reasons for our decision," the five said in a joint statement.

They referred all queries regarding the matter to Naidoo.

Naidoo said management and staff remained "fully committed" and assured that the project would be a success.

"Management is satisfied that all sections of the project are on track and will advise shortly of its future plans."

New team (bwahahahahahahahaha.......heeeeeehaaaawwwwwww...snortwheeze)

The New Age said on Wednesday it had assembled an editorial team that will in a "couple of days" ascertain when the new national daily newspaper will hit the newsstands.

Naidoo told I-Net Bridge that the newspaper had put together a team of remaining editors led by night editor Jeremy Shepherd Smith, who was appointed as acting editor on Tuesday.

Naidoo said the team will determine when the paper will go to printing presses and assess the "resource gap" left by the resignations on Tuesday.

The newspaper's management and staff were still "very much committed" to the paper, noting there won't be a change in vision despite the dramatic resignations, he said.

The new daily, owned by TNA Media, was initially scheduled to launch in mid-September, but this was postponed to October 20.

The newspaper would be published by Bennett Colemen & Co. Ltd which publishes the world's largest English newspaper, The Times of India.

It would be funded by the Gupta Group, which has close links to the ANC.

TNA's executive chair is Atul Gupta, while former minister in the presidency Essop Pahad is a director and senior adviser and former Anglo American SA CEO Lazarus Zim is a director.

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Dachshund said...

SAYS IT ALL!! They shouldn't have to look far within the ANC to find some other stooges willing to whore themselves for Siphiwe Nyanda.


New Age advertises editors' posts

Barely 24 hours after five editors abruptly resigned from yet to be launched newspaper The New Age their posts were being advertised.

A pop-up advertisement on the newspaper's internet home page yesterday called for candidates to apply for the positions vacated by editor-in-chief Vuyo Mvoko, deputy editor Karima Brown, opinion and analysis editor Vukani Mde, news editor Amy Musgrave and arts and culture editor Damon Boyd.

The first issue of The New Age was supposed to hit the streets yesterday.

The five, in a joint statement on Tuesday night, said they had "taken the decision that it would be neither proper nor professionally acceptable for us to speak publicly about the reasons for our decision".

None of the five editors could be reached yesterday and staff at the paper's Midrand offices refused to speak about the resignations.

Boyd, however, when asked by friends about his resignation on Facebook, said it was "the most principled decision I've ever made".

Boyd later posted: "Can't speak here. Think ethics at the most fundamental level."

At least one of the editors is rumoured to be joining a government department.

The publication was supposed to have launched in September but, apart from a special issue delivered to the ANC's national general council meeting in Durban in September, it has so far only published online.

On Tuesday staff received cellphone messages of reassurance, one of which read: "Hi everyone, just to let you know that it will be business as usual although there will be an obvious delay in the launch. The project still has the 100% backing and will go ahead."

Managing editor of The New Age, Gary Naidoo, said the team would work together with the three-member board - businessmen Atul Gupta and Lazarus Zim, and former minister in the presidency Essop Pahad.

Naidoo described the resignations as "regretful" and said the five editors had given no reason for quitting.

The New Age's primary target is educated and upper-income groups. The newspaper is being financed by the Gupta Group. The Gupta family has strong ties with the ANC.

TNA Media has said it intends the newspaper to be broadly sympathetic to the government, but "constructively critical".

Naidoo said there won't be a change in vision - despite the dramatic resignations.

Piet the pirate said...

The ANC must be applauded for taking a leaf out of the former Nationalist government´s book by creating it´s own mouth piece in the form of a daily newspaper.
Now, if they could only be persuaded to adopt a few more of their policies we might start getting somewhere. LOL,

Marwinsing said...

The New Age is pathetic. Checked it out a few times online, nah. I give it an F for Fail. But hey, please keep the publication going, I like, I like... New Age idiots!

Anonymous said...

All the same names, over and over - Anglo-American stooges... all the king's men!