Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The spin stops here

Welcome to our blog.  Here you can observe some delusional twat referring to himself as a chicken:

  • describe the atrocities committed by the Marxist ANC government as “petty thieving”,
  • downplay farm murders in South Africa as a response by poor blacks being mistreated by their “evil employers”,
  • flood every factual statement posted by informed contributors and readers with strawman arguments & crack-pot propaganda and
  • elude any real debate by going into retarded diatribes which will bore you out of your skull.

Or you can kick back and listen to a few individuals, with more real-life experience and knowledge than a gaggle of delusional pro-socialist tools-of-ANC-lackeys can ever aspire to, discuss some aspects of South Africa before, during and after Apartheid.

Talk radio legend Barry Farber was a guest of The Right Perspective a couple of years ago.  He discusses South African history with the great Frank of Queens and John of Staten Island.

Talk Radio legend Barry Farber on SA History with TRP

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