Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Siembamba, mamma se baba, siembamba……

I truly hope that he is wrong……

I, however, also know the history of Africa, and have lived through some of the most violent episodes in South Africa to know the mindset of mobs.

For once you are not facetious George, and that scares me…

Death to the Settlers
Songs of Blood, Death and Power

Thanks to populist leaders playing dangerous games, Jonathan Jansen’s comment that; “underlying racial tension in South Africa is like a volcano waiting to erupt”, is one of the greatest truths of our time and the eruption predicted by Jansen could take on epic proportions that may leave many thousands dead in its wake.

The ANC, as an organisation, is deliberately fanning the flames of racial hatred. They are subtly glorifying the killing of whites and encouraging their followers to accept genocide as a justifiable part of their ongoing “struggle”. They, despite experiencing, on an almost daily basis, the eruptive nature of their followers when indoctrinated, continue with dogged intent to incite racial hatred.

No sooner had the singing of the song “dubul’ibhunu” (“shoot the boers”) been stopped, or they come up with a new ditty, this time the song “Solomon” in which they praise “struggle” hero Solomon Mahlangu for killing white people.

Songs praising the killing of people on groundsof their religion, ethnicity, race and gender cannot be justified in a civilised society. Imagine the outrage should Afriforum start singing about the killing of blacks. Come to think of it, I cannot think of any Afrikaans songs hailing the killing of the English speaking people because of atrocities committed by the British Government and their representatives during the Anglo Boer War, never mind black people.

The singing of so called struggle songs at huge ANC party gatherings is nothing but the indoctrination of ill-educated, semi-literate followers. It is a tool to foster hatred and to ensure that the white man will forever be the enemy; this whilst Jacob Zuma and others entertain and pacify the objects of the intended hatred with a smile and a chuckle. The same man who on Friday, told the world that Afrikaners are true Africans and his best mates; on Saturday becomes the lead singer at the stadium. There, his slavish followers join him in the glorification, with song and dance, of the murder of the same Afrikaners he praised the previous day.

Whilst Mothlante calls for the encouragement of dialogue about racism among the youth, the same youth are, at the behest of his comrades, joyfully singing the praise of those killing the hated whites. In the same manner as these hordes are taught to kill cockroaches; so they are indoctrinated to kill whites.

Mothlanthe blames South Africa's "inability" to educate its youth about the ideals of non-racialism as his Comrades sing songs advocating the death of whites and Boere.

The actions of the ANC; the glorification of the killing of whites; lead to a festering racial hatred and will with consequences far worse than the petty racism we experience from day to day. What we are facing is far beyond the few isolated white racists taking the piss out of a few cleaning women or black SRC members kicking a few whiteys around during initiation, it is far beyond the institutionalised racism we see in the workplace or even the killing of a few octogenarians in their houses.

Few right minded South Africans believe the statement by Jansen, preferring to hide their heads in the sand, quick to believe that people singing about killing whenever they get a chance are actually expressing love and affection. After all he is only a simple professor at a racist university.

Fewer still will believe my doomsday scenario. I for one hope I’m totally wrong.

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