Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New policy on land grabs, farm tax

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This one speaks for itself.

Cape Town - The costs of government’s land reform drive must be reduced through a multi-tier pricing regime that should include options like scrapping the willing-buyer-willing-seller concept, introducing a land tax as well as a new system of valuing land, according to the final draft of government’s green paper on land reform. has seen a copy of the green paper, which blames the willing-buyer-willing-seller concept for the slow pace and increasing cost of land reform. It stresses that the current price of land makes government’s aim of redistributing 30% of all agricultural farmland by 2014 an impossible task.

“Given that approximately 7 million hectares has been transferred to date, over 14 million hectares would need to be delivered over three years (…).”

“In other words, delivery would need to leap from one million hectares per year to over 4.6 million hectares, which is not feasible given the current willing-buyer-willing-seller approach,” reads the document, which will be released for public comment if and when approved by cabinet.

“Supposedly willing sellers” are slated for their “latitude to determine the price of land that suits them regardless of the buyers’ ability”.

The green paper offers three options to ensure that a “below-market compensation standard” is achieved.

Firstly, a more forceful expropriation policy, which the paper says is being “actively discussed” in the department of rural development and land reform, is proposed.

A “land-reform discount” - an across-the-board discount of compensation for land acquired for land reform purposes – is also under consideration.

The third option would be the use of a “productive value” as opposed to “market value” to determine compensation.

“Whatever approach is taken would need to comply with the overriding “just and equitable” criteria stated up front in 25(3) (of the Constitution),” reads the document.

Progressive land tax

A land tax proposal is also highlighted as one of the “most direct ways of affecting (reducing) prices” because it would increase the cost of holding under-utilised and unutilised land.

“A progressive land tax would potentially push additional land onto the market, though how much of that land could be accessed for land reform purposes is unclear. It would of course also produce a new revenue stream for government.

“If possible, that stream should be legally tied to use in funding land reform. It is suggested that such a land tax should be levied only on very large holdings (the same holdings that might be affected by a ceilings provision), rather than subjecting all holdings to a land tax over and above existing rates.

“This would avoid incurring administrative costs of collecting small amounts on many small holdings. This targeting would also reduce any general negative impacts on tenure security and investor confidence,” states the document.

According to the paper, this would not make all agriculture less profitable, just agriculture on very large holdings (where productive land is unused).

The green paper, however, does concede that a land tax will be problematic.

“Any tax that is politically acceptable would have only a marginal downward impact on land prices; in order to compel land prices to drop by, say, 30%, it would have to be so large as to create uncertainty in the commercial farming sector.”

It is also conceded that there would be little appetite to introduce a land tax so soon after municipal property rates started applying to farmland as well.

Multi-tier pricing regime

When it comes to the new valuation regime, it is proposed that the state create a valuation body that would standardise land valuations.

“The creation of a proactive role for the state in relation to valuation in essence gives effect to a multi-tier pricing regime. This model of valuation is successfully used in countries such as Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.

“The proposed intervention of the state will create an equal and market for both private land transactions and land reform transactions,” reads the document. This would require the creation of a Valuer General (similar to the Surveyor-General).

In his foreword to the green paper, Rural Development and Land Reform Minister Gugile Nkwinti says that land reform and redressing the cruel consequences of apartheid need to be a collective effort if the “anger and bitterness” are to be “toned down”.

But, he also warns that the goodwill and patience that black South Africans have shown in this regard is not “inexhaustible”.


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Viking said...

I wanted to post this as quickly as possible so didn't bother commenting, but I think that an important addendum is to point the reader to take note of the tone of the "Land Reform" Minister. It's all threats and the sort of "you're just lucky we're not murdering you all" attitude common within the ANC.

There is no respect for private property when the government
a) repeatedly threatens to take it away, and
b) openly declares its intention to tear as much money out of the private sector as it can.

Fuckers, the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

This is the merely the formalization of the ANC policy of the total and irreversible "ZIMBABWEFICATION" of South Africa. The mines, private health, private schools etc. will all be next in line.

Fluit, fluit die storie is uit...

And as for the "the cruel consequences of apartheid"... What exactly would those be, hey, kaffir-boy?
A better standard of living than all their 'free' peers in Africa? Longer lifespans than they currently enjoy? Better safety and security than presently available? An understandable and achievable education standard? Free schooling? Free health care of a much higher standard than the present offering? A disciplined and orderly nation? The list is almost endless...



As for your pithy little threat thrown in at the end: "the goodwill and patience that black South Africans have shown in this regard is not “inexhaustible”."

You had better hope that the 'goodwill and patience' the whites of this country have shown towards your corrupt, ineffectual, arrogant, and ignorant rule is 'inexhaustible' or you will soon see what the sharp end of an angry nation looks like.

You fuckers make the same mistake again and again and learn NOTHING... You misjudge your influence, your authority and your ability. You are the pus encrusted pimple on the asshole of this country and the sooner you are removed and cauterized the better off we will all be.

Good-luck Muntu!!!

Anonymous said...

At Anon "Good-luck Muntu!!!

Man I cannot tell you how with you I am. Fuck, I was just watching the sabc news and eTV news, and I said to my wife I never knew it was possible to hate these Kaffirs more and more each day. It is as if my hatred for these "things" is INFINITE. Is it possible? Yes it is. I just answered my own question. How is that comrade, commie clever Trevor kaking on the west for not giving them more money promised for that large bootmless begging bowl. That fucking cunt. The bloody gall he has. The west has ploughed billions upon billions of dollers since the 60's and all has dissapeared in this bottomless pit. Everybody said that he was a wonderful and the best finance minister we had! I allways said he was a fucking commie and a dangerious lying, deceiptful peace of shit.

Exzanian said...

How will it end? With a bang, or with a whimper?...
My my, interesting times indeed...

Anonymous said...

White South Africans need to stop pandering and playing into the bullshit guilt trip . Yes apartheid happened . Tough shit deal with it . If you had won the wars you could have made us your slaves but you lost . Who ever said life was fair . Here in the U.S.A these lazy assholes are still playing the race card slave this slave that . Now give me something i never would have bothered to work for . Piss off . You don't believe in god so that leaves evolution and the premise for that is survival of the fittest . These fat lazy assholes have never known slavery yet they walk around with a chip on their shoulders and an attitude of entitlement . And they are continually pandered at the expense of productive society . The country is bankrupt and still they get their welfare checks for breathing while i pay more taxes .

Anonymous said...

@ EX...

I often wonder myself. I think the whites are slowly waking up globally and that is a good thing. They see the talking heads and what they are saying to be complete bullshit as there is now 'enough' of these 'other' bastards in the traditional white countries to be seen for the menace they truly are - the BIGGEST LEACHES in history. No creativity, no drive, no nothing, just a white-guilt trip race-card about an event that happened 100's of years ago and an ever outstretched begging bowl.

Unfortunately for SA the whites are a MASSIVE minority and those prepared to bear arms in defense of what is good and pure and true are an even smaller MINORITY of the MINORITY.

Although the general mood of whites in SA is trending further right there is still a long way to go before we will see any action.

Due to the minority position of those who are willing, the lack of hegemony and the general GOOD lifestyle we still have, it is going to take a lot more before the whites realize that we have to 'bliksem' these bastards good and proper before they cull us all.

Our position is precarious and as such we need to make our plans without too much formal organization and 'boeremag' type deals. As sure as God made little apples the anarchy is coming. Our objective as whites must be to survive the first onslaught against us. The first two weeks or so of the "Peoples Revolution".

During that time we will be refugees by choice, banding together in the remoter regions of South Africa establishing a hegemony and organising our strike back. Some of these plans are being made as I type - all over the country small groups of whites are pooling their resources with their friends they can trust - making their plans. Some will be made on the fly. I mean, any white oke 38 or older knows that no battle plan survives first contact intact, and we are generally intelligent enough to make it up as the cluster-fuck unfolds.

This is the way to play it. The munts can never get us all. Each man with his family and two to seven trusted friends must make their plans to get out, to survive. We will bump into each other when it all goes down and suddenly your group of five is now ten, then twenty, then their is more and we are in commandos...

Don't be too worried manne. We will klap Sipho when the time comes - Zimbabwean, and Chinese aid notwithstanding. Just make sure you have enough Bibles, Bullets and Beans to make it out of Jozi.

Make your own plans - don't rely on anyone else. Make plans to live for three months at least. Make stashes on friendly farms in the remote areas that are along your route to your "safe place"- NOT Mamparalanga or Northwest. Find the routes that DO NOT go past any major munt concentrations. Trade the BM in on a Mahindra (cheap and low tech) you may need to go offroad. The bragging rights are not worth your life.
A bit of tactical planning will save you and your family and the 'right' friends.

My personal route is road based 80% and offroad 20% due to munt concentrations along some of the routes. River crossing is done on a barge or on fords/old road bridges. I have driven the routes twice and have some small stashes along the way. The property owners are also aimed in the 'right' direction and have consented to the use of their land as a thoroughfare when required by necessity.

Most of SA is pretty sparsely populated and can be navigated offroad - all you need is a fence cutter... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Anon 23h36 said:
"ZIMBABWEFICATION of South Africa. The mines, private health, private schools etc. will all be next in line"

Er, I don'tthink you understand Anon., "the Mines" in Zim were never Nationalised. If they had been, the UN "Peacekeeping" Forces would've been sent in! No, the whole idea is to use White Africans as the scapegoat while the minerals are exhausted... and the Negroes are so stupid that it works a treat. Just ask them who they dislike more: the foreign mine owners and their local puppets (both of whom are rich beyond comprehension) OR the hard working White Africans who provide for the Negro?

Think about it before you too ignore the truth in favour of the BS mainstream media!

Common Sense

Marwinsing said...

I share similar sentiments to every one of you on this page about The African. Give them nothing. Take what you can from them, their energies, rip them off where you can, bluff them, lie to them, mislead them, push them down, down, down... down lower than where they already are and they'll love you for it. That's how stupid they are. And remember, despite all this, they still owe us.