Saturday, October 23, 2010

How the Media Plays the Race Card: Adoption

Hat tip for this to the Irish Savant,

A short news item decries the shortage of takers for black babies put up for adoption in the United States. White adoptive parents are stubbornly insisting on white babies, which one African-American lady "expert" decides is RacismTM.

It is truly horrific to watch one mother talk about how much more "colourful" her family now is with black children in it, while others are clearly enjoying the 'shock value' of interracial parenting, not to mention the liberal prestige gained from such adoption.

What nobody mentions of course is that the vast majority of adoptive parents are white, and that according to these statistics, five percent of white women will adopt a child of non-white ethnicity, while only 2% of non-white women will adopt a white child (and remember "other" includes Asians and Hispanics).

So, only five percent of those racist white bitches are keen to mother a child that looks nothing like them?

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Anonymous said...

Most interesting was a few years ago when I asked a few black people about adoption and why they rarely adopt. I was told that in their culture that if you adopt then it means you are sterile. So its a loss of face.

Snowy Smith said...

Sounds like you are talking about all those SICK LIBERALS.
UTOPIA does NOT exist.
Multiculturalism will never work.
Birds of a feather flock together.
Where are all the STUPID WHITE LIBERALS NOW??????????????????

The STUPID WHITE LIBERALS have been helping this murdering scum of the earth NWO Occult for more than 100 years.


Leum said...

@ Jim Beam

So what's your point, mate?

Anonymous said...

You are 100% correct Snowy, I agree fully.

Big Brother Jarv said...

The fact is your children are mixing and intergrating with all races and a disproportionate number of girls are doing what comes naturally and finding mates outside of their race(think I got that from Robert Winston's book - Human instict). My brother who attends a prestigious high school says the white guys are losing all the best girls to the black guys these days. This type of thing will mix things up and force future generations to lose your out of date views.

I think if you think that people adopt for the shock value of interatial adoption than you will find before you die, that the only person being shocked is you and your old drinking buddies around a braai. Children have a way of making their difference in race a non-issue. Nothing stays the same everything changes rather put your efforts into creating future environments for all instead of stewing over the choices of other people.
If we can have peace for long enough for our future generations to be mixed enough then someday maybe someone will find your post print it out and stick it to a wall and say...'How could we have thought like that?'
Everything changes, If you want the peaceful future you dream of, stop fighting and adopt a black child and watch you misconceptions about interatial adoption melt away as your love for that kid grows.

Massive high fives all 'round.

Viking said...


what I understand from your comment is:

1. "Black kids are great; every household should have one."

2. It's ok to adopt a child of a different race for "shock value".

But I'm interested to know why you think "peace" will lead, naturally, to racial mixing? Firstly, even when all human beings look the same, we'll still find reasons to kill each other. Secondly, encouraging people to mix is social engineering, and inherently not good.

Big Brother Jarv said...


1) Kids who need homes should be adopted and people with the means who do adopt will find that race doesn't change how they love them.

2)I never implied in the least that people should adopt for shock vulue. People who do adopt balck kids find that skin colour doesn't have any effect on their love for that child. The shock belongs to people who are threatened in some way by what they see but that response will be diluted over time as people mix and the mixing is happening weather you like it or not. People who do things for shock might have other attributes that they've picked up along the way...piercings, tatoo's, membership to certain subcultures etc. What you will find in most adoptive families is that they are just a broad range of mostly normal people who've been brought up in a society where their imprinted belief systems are vastly different and alien from the racist roots we've emerged from.

And lastly, Don't get me wrong, I have full faith in the inhumanity of human beings to keep the world an unsafe place to live. I'm also sure the bigots will keep inciting and justifying unsustainable ways of thinking for a long time to come but I believe the topic of concern was regarding transracial adoption etc and in addressing that I belive people should be embracing change not fighting it.

as far as your social engineering is forcing anyone to mix thats just what happens when more and more people try to co-exist the opposite of not co-existing is differentiation, division, seperateness, apartheid...we tried that. Didn't work so well...for the majority anyway.

Anonymous said...

if only we had people like Big Brother Jarv...Keep up man and good luck for everything.

Viking said...

Hm, I see what you're saying, but the topic of concern with this video is not the fact of transracial adoption per se, but the criticism of white adopters for choosing children who look like themselves, whereas IMHO no adopting parents should be criticised for what is an incredibly generous and humanitarian decision to adopt someone's unwanted child.

There will always be "racial mixing" and there will always be a tiny % of those who have a problem with it, but the fact of the matter is that left to their own devices, nearly all people will choose to associate with those who are of the same social status, economic level, ethnicity or subculture, and political viewpoint. When people do naturally (i.e. freely) mix, they often do so in specific ways - a caucasian man marrying a Chinese or Indian woman, for example. And these nearly always have something else in common, such as their professions etc

While you're right that no-one is 'forcing' anyone to mix - yet - there are videos like the above which subtly rebuke people for making a perfectly understandable choice, we cross the line into social engineering, and that's bad.

Co-existing, as you put it, is very very good. But we don't have to change who we are to do that. Even in fully multicultural societies, people far more often than not choose very specific avenues of association.