Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gruesome Murders Shock Town

This one amidst the neutral good news story of the year. The successful rescue of all 33 Chilean miners from their early graves 600 meters underground. If you did not get a lump in your throat when you saw that little kid with tears streaming down his face hugging his Dad, the first to be rescued, you are a heartless bastard indeed. And to fully appreciate what an ordeal those men went through, and how courageous they were you must understand that they somehow clung on to sanity and survived for seventeen days before anybody above even discovered they were alive!

So, with that intro to prove I really love good news stories (and don't spend all my time trawling the Internet for bad news on SA) I could not help noticing this one.

The reason I'm posting it is because the town where it happened is very close to the only Cape South Eastern town I had the pleasure of spending time in, George.

I used to have friends there and would regularly visit them on annual vacations (free lodgings are not to be sneezed at) and I loved the misty mountains, the lush greenery and the peace and quiet that descends over you in that part of the world, renowned the world over as the Garden route.

The best snoek I ever ate, and I mean ever, was snoek caught and smoked in George.

These are quiet, sleepy little towns which still retain a feeling of being an old colony. Lots of rich retired old folk have made their homes in the area (former President the Late PW Botha's home is in Knysna)

Now this story of a barbaric murder in Stilbaai. It has all the hallmarks of a typical Farm Murder. Old, defenceless white people ambushed in their home: gagged, tied up, tortured and brutally murdered with garden implements.

Robbery is "presumably" the motive but the house is left in a bloody mess. This is not robbery with "aggravating" circumstances or even cold blooded murder. The level of violence is mind numbing. A raging pack of wild animals descended on these unfortunate souls and obliterated their lives in an act of mindless hatred.

The article itself describes how residents are concerned about the increasing levels of crime in the area.

Jackie Kruger, Die Burger

George - The small coastal town of Stilbaai in the Southern Cape has been rocked by the gruesome murders of an elderly couple.

The bodies of the couple, both in their sixties, were found by police on their smallholding near Jongensfontein on Thursday.

A friend went to the smallholding at about 09:00 after she became concerned when she was unable to get hold of them, said Southern Cape police spokesperson Captain Malcolm Pojie.

"She saw the couple lying in the house and called the police. The woman was tied up and was presumably stabbed with a garden fork.

'Extremely gruesome murder'

"The man had several wounds to his body. It was an extremely gruesome murder and the house was a mess," added Pojie.

The couple were presumably murdered sometime between Tuesday and Thursday. Although their names are known to reporters, police said their identities would be revealed once their next-of-kin had been informed of their deaths.

Forensic officials were on Thursday night still searching the scene for clues, to determine how the murderer(s) had gained access to the house. Robbery was presumably the motive.

Reporters learned that the couple used to own a coffee shop in Stilbaai and had moved to the area from Lydenburg in Mpumalanga a number of years ago.

Dominee Willie Gouws of the NG congregation in Stilbaai said he had known the man and woman well. "They weren't registered members of the NG Church but they were very religious people."

Another Stilbaai resident, Philip Claasen, said the people of the town were shocked by the murder.

Retirement town

"It is totally unheard-of in Stilbaai. And totally unacceptable. They will have to look into these types of incidents.

"Keep in mind that 60% of the residents of Stilbaai are older than 60. It is a retirement town and the residents here are very exposed.

"There has definitely been an increase in crime recently. There are several elderly residents who live on smallholdings here," said Claassen.

He described the deceased as good, friendly people.

Pojie said post-mortems would soon be held on the couple.

By late on Thursday, no one had yet been arrested in connection with the murders.

People with more information about the murders were asked to call police's toll free StopCrime number on 08600 10111.

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Anonymous said...

Terrible tragedy. May they rest in peace, and I hope the murdering scum are brought to justice ASAP.
Regarding your opening paragraph Exzanian, I know you might think I´m being paranoid, but I get the distinct feeling the media have milked the Chilean rescue thing for all it´s worth.
I was watching a report on the German N24 sender the other day, and the whole tear jerker was accompanied by the genuine Hollywood music stuff. In fact I thought it was the scene of a movie before I realised I was watching a news programme.
Why do they do it, you may ask? Well, it´s simple really. To get the tear jerkers into a state of feel good, I reckon. Nothing like a drama full of snot and trane to get the old liberal idiots fired up.
Don´t fall for it mate. It´s the same kind of useless emotional crap they use when they want to leach a few more Euros out of the bleeding hearts here in Europe, for Africa´s starving masses. You know, the one where a dirty, half clothed niglet, with big sorrowful eyes looking up pleadingly, with hands extended in classical begging pose. It´s exactly what has landed whitey where he is today, ie, in the shite.
It´s an old liberal tactic the media have been using for ages.

Dachshund said...

I'm afraid it's to be expected. Under the ANC levels of inequality have increased and so have levels of vicious criminality. Old people are soft targets in any case. Don't live on isolated smallholdings, stick to the towns, know your neighbours.

Anonymous said...

Such murders will ony increase in the area! Drove passed the turning to Stillbaai (off the N2) three years ago and could not believe that in the five years since I'd previously been there, a massive settlement of Xhosa (a Nation of ethnic Nguni Bantu) had been created alongside the once quiet road to Stillbaai. This while Boers are prevented from settling in Xhosaland!

Just face it guys, the powers that be want only the easy-to-manipulate Bantu People inhabiting South Africa, and have done everything in their power to enforce the Bantu Colonisation of South Africa!

Word Wakker!