Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gareth Cliff Speaks

I do miss Gareth in the morning on 5FM. This one has been doing the rounds today but I have to hat tip Rooster for it.

Gareth Cliff tells it like it is.

Dear Government

OK, I get it, the President isn't the only one in charge. The ANC believes in "collective responsibility" (So that nobody has to get blamed when things get screwed up), so I address this to everyone in government - the whole lot of you - good, bad and ugly (That's you, Blade).

We were all so pleased with your renewed promises to deliver services (we'll forgive the fact that in some places people are worse off than in 1994); to root out corruption (so far your record is worse than under Mbeki, Mandela or the Apartheid regime - what with family members becoming overnight millionaires); and build infrastructure (State tenders going disgustingly awry and pretty stadia standing empty notwithstanding) - and with the good job you did when FIFA were telling you what to do for a few months this year. Give yourselves half a pat on the back. Since President Sepp went off with his billions I'm afraid we have less to be proud of - Public Servants Strikes, more Presidential bastard children, increasing unemployment and a lack of leadership that allowed the Unions to make the elected government it's bitch. You should be more than a little worried - but you're not. Hence my letter. Here are some things that might have passed you by:

1. You have to stop corruption. Don't stop it because rich people moan about it and because it makes poor people feel that you are self-enriching parasites of state resources, but because it is a disease that will kill us all. It's simple - there is only so much money left to be plundered. When that money runs out, the plunderers will raise taxes, chase and drain all the remaining cash out of the country and be left with nothing but the rotting remains of what could have been the greatest success story of post-colonial Africa. It's called corruption because it decomposes the fabric of society. When someone is found guilty of corruption, don't go near them - it's catchy. Making yourself rich at the country's expense is what colonialists do.

2. Stop complaining about the media. You're only complaining about them because they show you up for how little you really do or care. If you were trying really hard, and you didn't drive the most expensive car in the land, or have a nephew who suddenly went from modesty to ostentatious opulence, we'd have only positive things to report. Think of Jay Naidoo, Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi and Zwelinzima Vavi - they come under a lot of fire, but it's never embarrassing - always about their ideas, their positions, and is perfectly acceptable criticism for people in power to put up with. When the media go after Blade Nzimande, Siphiwe Nyanda and the President, they say we need a new piece of legislation to "make the media responsible". That's because they're being humiliated by the facts we uncover about them daily, not because there is an agenda in some newsroom. If there had been a free press during the reigns of Henry VIII, Idi Amin or Hitler, their regimes might just have been kept a little less destructive, and certainly would have been less brazen and unchecked.

3. Education is a disaster. We're the least literate and numerate country in Africa. Zimbabwe produces better school results and turns out smarter kids than we do. Our youth aren't usemployed, they're unemployable. Outcomes-based-education, Teachers' Unions and an attitude of mediocrity that discourages excellence have reduced us to a laughing stock. Our learners can't spell, read, add or subtract. What are all these people going to do? Become President? There's only one job like that. We need clever people, not average or stupid ones. the failure of the Education Department happened under your watch. Someone who writes Matric now hadn't even started school under the Apartheid regime, so you cannot blame anyone but yourselves for this colossal cock-up. Fix it before three-quarters of our matrics end up begging on Oxford Road. Reward schools and teachers who deliver great pass rates and clever students into the system. Fire the teachers who march and neglect their classrooms.

4. Give up on BEE. It isn't working. Free shares for new black partnerships in old white companies has made everyone poorer except for Tokyo Sexwale. Giving people control of existing business won't make more jobs either. In fact, big companies aren't growing, they're reducing staff and costs. The key is entrepreneurship. People with initiative, creative ideas and small companies must be given tax breaks and assistance. Young black professionals must be encouraged to start their own businesses rather than join a big corporation's board as their token black shareholder or director. Government must also stop thinking that state employment is a way to decrease unemployment - it isn't - it's a tax burden. India and China are churning out new, brilliant, qualified people at a rate that makes us look like losers. South Africa has a proud history of innovation, pioneering and genius. This is the only way we can advance our society and economy beyond merely coping.

5. Stop squabbling over power. Offices are not there for you to occupy (or be deployed to) and aggrandize yourself. Offices in government are there to provide a service. If you think outrageous salaries, big German cars, first-class travel and state housing are the reasons to aspire to leadership, you're in the wrong business - you should be working for a dysfunctional, tumbledown parastatal (or Glenn Agliotti). We don't care who the Chairperson of the National Council of Provinces is if we don't have running water, electricity, schools and clean streets. You work for us. Do your job, don't imagine you ARE your job.

6. Stop renaming things. Build new things to name. If I live in a street down which the sewage runs, I don't care if it's called Hans Strijdom or Malibongwe. Calling it something nice and new won't make it smell nice and new. Re-branding is something Cell C do with Trevor Noah, not something you can whitewash your lack of delivery with.

7. Don't think you'll be in power forever. People aren't as stupid as you think we are. We know you sit around laughing about how much you get away with. We'll take you down, either at the polls - or if it comes down to the wire - by revolution (Yes, Julius, the real kind, not the one you imagine happened in 2008). Careless, wasteful and wanton government is a thing of the past. The days of thin propaganda and idealized struggle are over. The people put you in power - they will take you out of it. Africa is tired of tin-pot dictators, one-party states and banana republics. We know who we are now, we care about our future - and so should you.



One helpful comment (the comments are well worth reading by the way) from a chap called

Moloko Molokomme - 20/10/2010
@Gareth, we want to make it clear to you,we will never 4get what Apartheid Regime did to us and me personally will never 4give and 4get.Success is the best revenge even if it leads to loss of Blood, i will avenge,and most of us we feel that way.
Gareth allow me to bring this to your attention,Apartheid affected not only Blacks but also Whites who needs serious HELP to turn them into human beings bacause they are Not.

To which another replied:

The Gadget Granzier - 20/10/2010
@ Moloko Coco

I cannot understand why you have such a problem with what happened in the past. i lost a family member because of a so called political farm attack ! If I had to keep holding on to that I would hate every black person in existance. Take a tip here.
1) Let go of the past, your struggle mentality is keeping you firmly in the grips of poverty. Your statement about white people being needed to be turned into human beings shows you narrow minded, racist attitude

And another:

Mitch Rapp - 20/10/2010
Referring to Gadget G's post....
It’s such a pity that these one-dimensional, naive ,basic individuals (Lazola Lekker and Moloko and their cronies) always bark things like, fight, kill, avenge, revenge, revolution, robust young lions, up in arms for JZ and the ANC..... So lack lustre hey!!!! We are not trembling, only laughing!

Well said, guys.

13 Opinion(s):

laager said...

"Moloko Molokomme - 20/10/2010
@Gareth, we want to make it clear to you,we will never 4get what Apartheid Regime did to us"


We live in a wonderful age with computers and blogs to communicate with now. Why don't you use these tools to your advantage?

Instead of banging on about revenge and never forgetting or forgiving, why don't you tell us exactly what apartheid was like from your side of the fence?

I, along with many other white people were never able to cross over into your world to see and experience first hand what was so terrible about the system.

You have a wonderful opportunity now to inform and educate us and and ensure that the same mistakes never get made again.

I will start the ball rolling with this question.

You say:
"Whites who needs serious HELP to turn them into human beings bacause they are Not."

If that is the case please explain Ubuntu to me
If Ubuntu is a loving, caring, sharing HUMAN way of life amongst black people, why is it that with an average murder rate of 50/day they have killed about 320,000 South Africans since attaining their freedom in 1994?

Assume that 80% of these deaths are black. That means that black South Africans have killed 256,000 of their own people in 16 years. Is this Ubuntu?

Remember that the Coloured and Indian communities were also affected by apartheid, yet they have not behaved like this since it ended.

Please explain

FreeThinker said...

@ laager: Maybe Ubuntu can then also explain crimes committed by race in relation to population in South Africa, UK & USA.

Any informed individual should know of the attempts by governments to "smooth" the stats. In USA, Hispanics used to be classed as minority group for crime stats - now they are included with white majority and still the percentage of crime by blacks compared to "whites" is staggering. In UK, those ratios are even worse.

Funny how these BS, feel-good, lefty ideologies are never aligned with fact.

FreeThinker said...

HT to chicken should also mention that he classes corruption in SA as "petty theft", that it is no worse than under apartheid (maybe I just don't remember dodging turds as I cycled down the street as a kid).

Snowy Smith said...

All you uneducated, uninformed, ANC Brain Washed BLACKS.
Always remember We White South Africans had on of the BEST Armies in the World.
We were definitely NOT afraid of the ANC or Communism.
On the battle field we were unbeatable.
We were never beaten by our ENEMY.
We were betrayed by the “PUPPETS” of the New World Order.
We were betrayed by the New World Order, UNITED NATIONS.
Also to all you uneducated, uninformed, ANC Brain Washed BLACKS YOU are being USED by the New World Order, UNITED NATIONS.
The BLACKS do NOT own South Africa and never will.
Furthermore the New World Order, UNITED NATIONS HATES Blacks more than they HATE WHITES.
Take that one back to SOWETO.
I have evidence that 75% of all electricity is STOLEN in SOWETO.

Piet the pirate said...

Gareth Cliff is a daydreamer. He daydreams about a successful and vibrant SA, forgetting all the while the one obstacle in the path of his hopes and aspirations.
The primary stumbling block isn´t corruption, media attacks, or any of the other things he mentions. No, the primary cause is a creature who thinks he is our equal and who lives under the false belief that the only difference between him and the white man is the colour of his skin. This creature is commonly know as the kaffir. Get rid of him in government and all Gareth's complains will disappear. Allow him to stay and it will only get worse. Complaining about the status quo is like trying to pick up a turd by the clean end. In fact, it´s a total WOFTAM (Waste Of Fucking Time And Money)

Anonymous said...

@ Piet...

Too right mate.

What SA needs is a good old fashioned fight.

That will finally show the useless kaffirs that they "won" nothing.

I even think that they may realise this fact at some subconscious level because they are still "struggling" (to prove their victory) and never "achieving" (on the back of said victory). The only achievement they have is the never ending "struggle" to overthrow anything that is not "African". And by "African" I mean everything that is not wedded to a stone age "muh-dick" muti-murdering culture that involves nothing more than the rape, pillage, plunder and murder of who ever I feel like it, whenever I feel like it.

This country: The only almost first world country on this continent got handed over to the "noble savages" lock stock and barrel. Despite sanctions, they received the two strongest economies in Africa. SA at number 1 and Gauteng at number 3.

What have they done? NOTHING... Even the great Trevor Manuel was an epic fail. He did nothing but direct the momentum of the WHITE economy to the benefit of 'all'. Now that momentum is gone - Stolen by BEE and AA and BEEEE and BBEEE and other such bullshit, where are we? Every year lower on any and all competitiveness surveys, lower on any and all standard of living surveys, lower on any and all surveys except CRIME, CORRUPTION and KILLING.

And these fucking kaffirs have the gall to complain about apartheid. They think apartheid was about the whites hating them and trying to keep them "down".

Ja, right, my kaffir!!! The hate has only started brewing since you fuckers were given your GOLDEN opportunity and you FUCKED IT UP in strait sets - 6-0, 6-0, 6-0.

To Moloko... and all the other little kaffir-boys who will NEVER forgive or forget. I hope you don't, because neither will we you useless sacks of shit.

Anonymous said...

"Give me control of a Nation's money supply and I care not who controls its laws"!
Mayer Amschel Rothschild

Anonymous said...

Laager said:
"I, along with many other white people were never able to cross over into your world to see and experience first hand what was so terrible about the system."

I, however, made many trips ino Zululand and Xhosaland, and even once to Venda, and the people in these countries were very happy. I visited the Zulu-medium schools and hospitals and even 21 Batallion at Dukuduku (the "Zulu Army") which had a discipline and cleanliness equal to the SADF Bases in South Africa. Above all, however, I could never get over just how happy the people were in their own "Homelands" and am really sorry to see how unhappy they are living in the squatter camps of South Africa today!

Common Sense

Eurowarrior said...

Gareth Cliff is a fucking little dipshit. He already sold his soul to a corrupt society and a fucked up leftist media agenda. I've got these quotes for him (who now suddenly have something to complain about after years of supporting a corrupt government and a media who got us into this hell hole in the first place):

"All truth goes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Then it is violently opposed. Finally it is accepted as self-evident."

"At the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man and brave, hated and scorned. Until his cause succeeds, then the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."

FishEagle said...

Gareth Cliff paid the price to be able to give that criticism, like all whites do. He called for the next Idols winner to be black. I'm not sure he got a good deal though. Nobody in government is going to listen to his criticism. Take it from someone that's in government. Whites, stop negotiating. It's over and we have nothing to gain unless we fight for it.

Marwinsing said...

For a kid that studied Political Science at Wits or wherever I call Gareth Cliff a fucking arsehole whose butt needs one thorough whipping, the cowardly piece of white filth. He's on the ANC's payroll damn, he's a player in The Dialectic.

Dachshund said...

If Gareth Cliff really is on the ANC payroll, then he's brave to come out and say what he did. He certainly got the public's attention. I don't think the ANC can afford to ignore him. They can fire him, but he certainly won't go quietly. Don't forget that the ANC needs some white mouthpieces to keep the rest of us white natives unrestless.

Dachshund said...

If Gareth Cliff really is on the ANC payroll, then he's brave to come out and say what he did. He certainly got the the public's attention. I don't think the ANC can afford to ignore him. They can fire him and replace him with an AA candidate, but he certainly won't go quietly.