Friday, October 22, 2010

Africa's New Masters Leave Their Mark

Story from The Propagandist.

Says the WSJ online:

Zambian locals rioted and blocked a road leading to Chinese-owned Collum Coal Mine Ltd. on Saturday to protest the shooting of at least 11 miners, allegedly by Chinese supervisors during a protest over low wages, police officials said Sunday.

On Friday, miners at Collum Coal Mine, in the Sinazongwe District of southern Zambia, demonstrated against low pay and poor working conditions. Gunshots followed, allegedly fired by two Chinese supervisors, wounding 11 miners, two of them critically, according to Zambian police and government officials. They were taken to a hospital.

Zambian police arrested the two Chinese supervisors allegedly involved.
None of that icky "human rights" nonsense from Africa's new colonial masters!

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Anonymous said...

They will rue the day they got rid of us.


Anonymous said...

The Chinese will never be as bad as their own Bantu Bosses! Anyone kow how many died when Mandela and Zuma instructed their security gaurds to shoot their own labourers at their Aurora Mine?
That'll teach the miners to protest after not being paid for seven months! How do they think Mandela and Zuma must afford their latest Ferraris if they're paying their labourers?

Common Sense

Anonymous said...

We are heading into the Heart of Darkness.