Friday, October 29, 2010

Midnight Train to Georgia: New Opportunity for SA Farmers

South African farmers consider move to Georgia. h/t Sarah

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

41 Shots

It was with absolute amazement that I read through the list of people Zuma wants to pardon.

I started to add up the various murders and mayhem this group of people is responsible for and inadvertently the song, 41 Shots, of one of our modern day bleeding liberals, Bruce Springsteen, came to mind.

I am not going to publish the list, but you can read it here.

So, some of the numbers.
149 criminals
343 murders
209 attempted murders
6 culpable homicides

At this stage I stopped counting.

41 Shots, indeed…….

This group collectively, should not walk the streets of freedom.

I have to admit that some of them had me chuckling, for instance, take number 37. Jasson Heinz Dietrich Guenter convicted of transgressing the Immorality Act in 1968. I hope for his sake that he is not still in prison? 42 years?

Here are the lyrics of 41 Shots.

(41 shots)
(41 shots)
(41 shots)
(41 shots)
(41 shots)
(41 shots)
(41 shots)
(41 shots)
[spoken:] We need some quiet

41 shots, and we'll take that ride
'Cross this bloody river to the other side
41 shots, cut through the night
You're kneeling over his body in the vestibule
Praying for his life

Well, is it a gun, is it a knife
Is it a wallet, this is your life
It ain't no secret (it ain't no secret)
It ain't no secret (it ain't no secret)
No secret my friend
You can get killed just for living in your American skin

(41 shots)
(41 shots)
(41 shots)
(41 shots)

41 shots, Lena gets her son ready for school
She says "On these streets, Charles
You've got to understand the rules
If an officer stops you, promise me you'll always be polite
And that you'll never ever run away
Promise Mama you'll keep your hands in sight"

Well, is it a gun, is it a knife
Is it a wallet, this is your life
It ain't no secret (it ain't no secret)
It ain't no secret (it ain't no secret)
No secret my friend
You can get killed just for living in your American skin

(41 shots)
(41 shots)
(41 shots)
(41 shots)

(41 shots)
(41 shots)
(41 shots)
(41 shots)

Is it a gun, is it a knife
Is it in your heart, is it in your eyes
It ain't no secret (it ain't no secret)
It ain't no secret (it ain't no secret)
It ain't no secret (it ain't no secret)

41 shots, and we'll take that ride
'Cross this bloody river to the other side
41 shots, got my boots caked in this mud
We're baptized in these waters (baptized in these waters)
And in each other's blood (and in each other's blood)

Is it a gun, is it a knife
Is it a wallet, this is your life
It ain't no secret (it ain't no secret)
It ain't no secret (it ain't no secret)
It ain't no secret (it ain't no secret)
No secret my friend
You can get killed just for living in
You can get killed just for living in
You can get killed just for living in
You can get killed just for living in
You can get killed just for living in your American skin

(41 shots)
You can get killed just for living in
(41 shots)
You can get killed just for living in
(41 shots)
You can get killed just for living in
(41 shots)
You can get killed just for living in
(41 shots)
You can get killed just for living in
(41 shots)
You can get killed just for living in
(41 shots)
You can get killed just for living in [fades out]

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sick Bastards Rape Pregnant Women

h/t Ozzie Saffa

This one speaks for itself.

Bloemfontein - A traumatised Free State man has spoken about the horrific attack in which his pregnant 21-year-old daughter was raped by robbers.

Read on.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

How the Media Plays the Race Card: Adoption

Hat tip for this to the Irish Savant,

A short news item decries the shortage of takers for black babies put up for adoption in the United States. White adoptive parents are stubbornly insisting on white babies, which one African-American lady "expert" decides is RacismTM.

It is truly horrific to watch one mother talk about how much more "colourful" her family now is with black children in it, while others are clearly enjoying the 'shock value' of interracial parenting, not to mention the liberal prestige gained from such adoption.

What nobody mentions of course is that the vast majority of adoptive parents are white, and that according to these statistics, five percent of white women will adopt a child of non-white ethnicity, while only 2% of non-white women will adopt a white child (and remember "other" includes Asians and Hispanics).

So, only five percent of those racist white bitches are keen to mother a child that looks nothing like them?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Africa's New Masters Leave Their Mark

Story from The Propagandist.

Says the WSJ online:

Zambian locals rioted and blocked a road leading to Chinese-owned Collum Coal Mine Ltd. on Saturday to protest the shooting of at least 11 miners, allegedly by Chinese supervisors during a protest over low wages, police officials said Sunday.

On Friday, miners at Collum Coal Mine, in the Sinazongwe District of southern Zambia, demonstrated against low pay and poor working conditions. Gunshots followed, allegedly fired by two Chinese supervisors, wounding 11 miners, two of them critically, according to Zambian police and government officials. They were taken to a hospital.

Zambian police arrested the two Chinese supervisors allegedly involved.
None of that icky "human rights" nonsense from Africa's new colonial masters!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Genocide in the Making

This comes from a blog called Orwellian Culture., based in Canada. All publicity is good publicity so a big thankyou to Big Brother for posting this.

A REAL genocide in the making

I was doing some research into the faux genocide that our friends of the other religious persuasion, (that being them Episcopalians), keep insisting is taking place in Israel. Oh, the ethnic cleansing, the war crimes and of course the targeting of the children. The whiiiiiining, the screaming hysterically, the prostrating, Episcopalians get a grip. Think control. Think Truth.

On my journey I came upon a real genocide that is taking place. One that will erupt upon the death of one of that countries iconic father figures and indeed a world treasure that all world leaders, musicians, Hollywood misfits and vermin of all colours scramble to have their pictures taken with. That would be Nelson Mandela and the country South Africa. The victims of this genocide are white Afrikaners, the Boers, (farmer in Afrikaner) and Indian farmers.

read the rest here.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gareth Cliff Speaks

I do miss Gareth in the morning on 5FM. This one has been doing the rounds today but I have to hat tip Rooster for it.

Gareth Cliff tells it like it is.

Dear Government

OK, I get it, the President isn't the only one in charge. The ANC believes in "collective responsibility" (So that nobody has to get blamed when things get screwed up), so I address this to everyone in government - the whole lot of you - good, bad and ugly (That's you, Blade).

We were all so pleased with your renewed promises to deliver services (we'll forgive the fact that in some places people are worse off than in 1994); to root out corruption (so far your record is worse than under Mbeki, Mandela or the Apartheid regime - what with family members becoming overnight millionaires); and build infrastructure (State tenders going disgustingly awry and pretty stadia standing empty notwithstanding) - and with the good job you did when FIFA were telling you what to do for a few months this year. Give yourselves half a pat on the back. Since President Sepp went off with his billions I'm afraid we have less to be proud of - Public Servants Strikes, more Presidential bastard children, increasing unemployment and a lack of leadership that allowed the Unions to make the elected government it's bitch. You should be more than a little worried - but you're not. Hence my letter. Here are some things that might have passed you by:

1. You have to stop corruption. Don't stop it because rich people moan about it and because it makes poor people feel that you are self-enriching parasites of state resources, but because it is a disease that will kill us all. It's simple - there is only so much money left to be plundered. When that money runs out, the plunderers will raise taxes, chase and drain all the remaining cash out of the country and be left with nothing but the rotting remains of what could have been the greatest success story of post-colonial Africa. It's called corruption because it decomposes the fabric of society. When someone is found guilty of corruption, don't go near them - it's catchy. Making yourself rich at the country's expense is what colonialists do.

2. Stop complaining about the media. You're only complaining about them because they show you up for how little you really do or care. If you were trying really hard, and you didn't drive the most expensive car in the land, or have a nephew who suddenly went from modesty to ostentatious opulence, we'd have only positive things to report. Think of Jay Naidoo, Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi and Zwelinzima Vavi - they come under a lot of fire, but it's never embarrassing - always about their ideas, their positions, and is perfectly acceptable criticism for people in power to put up with. When the media go after Blade Nzimande, Siphiwe Nyanda and the President, they say we need a new piece of legislation to "make the media responsible". That's because they're being humiliated by the facts we uncover about them daily, not because there is an agenda in some newsroom. If there had been a free press during the reigns of Henry VIII, Idi Amin or Hitler, their regimes might just have been kept a little less destructive, and certainly would have been less brazen and unchecked.

3. Education is a disaster. We're the least literate and numerate country in Africa. Zimbabwe produces better school results and turns out smarter kids than we do. Our youth aren't usemployed, they're unemployable. Outcomes-based-education, Teachers' Unions and an attitude of mediocrity that discourages excellence have reduced us to a laughing stock. Our learners can't spell, read, add or subtract. What are all these people going to do? Become President? There's only one job like that. We need clever people, not average or stupid ones. the failure of the Education Department happened under your watch. Someone who writes Matric now hadn't even started school under the Apartheid regime, so you cannot blame anyone but yourselves for this colossal cock-up. Fix it before three-quarters of our matrics end up begging on Oxford Road. Reward schools and teachers who deliver great pass rates and clever students into the system. Fire the teachers who march and neglect their classrooms.

4. Give up on BEE. It isn't working. Free shares for new black partnerships in old white companies has made everyone poorer except for Tokyo Sexwale. Giving people control of existing business won't make more jobs either. In fact, big companies aren't growing, they're reducing staff and costs. The key is entrepreneurship. People with initiative, creative ideas and small companies must be given tax breaks and assistance. Young black professionals must be encouraged to start their own businesses rather than join a big corporation's board as their token black shareholder or director. Government must also stop thinking that state employment is a way to decrease unemployment - it isn't - it's a tax burden. India and China are churning out new, brilliant, qualified people at a rate that makes us look like losers. South Africa has a proud history of innovation, pioneering and genius. This is the only way we can advance our society and economy beyond merely coping.

5. Stop squabbling over power. Offices are not there for you to occupy (or be deployed to) and aggrandize yourself. Offices in government are there to provide a service. If you think outrageous salaries, big German cars, first-class travel and state housing are the reasons to aspire to leadership, you're in the wrong business - you should be working for a dysfunctional, tumbledown parastatal (or Glenn Agliotti). We don't care who the Chairperson of the National Council of Provinces is if we don't have running water, electricity, schools and clean streets. You work for us. Do your job, don't imagine you ARE your job.

6. Stop renaming things. Build new things to name. If I live in a street down which the sewage runs, I don't care if it's called Hans Strijdom or Malibongwe. Calling it something nice and new won't make it smell nice and new. Re-branding is something Cell C do with Trevor Noah, not something you can whitewash your lack of delivery with.

7. Don't think you'll be in power forever. People aren't as stupid as you think we are. We know you sit around laughing about how much you get away with. We'll take you down, either at the polls - or if it comes down to the wire - by revolution (Yes, Julius, the real kind, not the one you imagine happened in 2008). Careless, wasteful and wanton government is a thing of the past. The days of thin propaganda and idealized struggle are over. The people put you in power - they will take you out of it. Africa is tired of tin-pot dictators, one-party states and banana republics. We know who we are now, we care about our future - and so should you.



One helpful comment (the comments are well worth reading by the way) from a chap called

Moloko Molokomme - 20/10/2010
@Gareth, we want to make it clear to you,we will never 4get what Apartheid Regime did to us and me personally will never 4give and 4get.Success is the best revenge even if it leads to loss of Blood, i will avenge,and most of us we feel that way.
Gareth allow me to bring this to your attention,Apartheid affected not only Blacks but also Whites who needs serious HELP to turn them into human beings bacause they are Not.

To which another replied:

The Gadget Granzier - 20/10/2010
@ Moloko Coco

I cannot understand why you have such a problem with what happened in the past. i lost a family member because of a so called political farm attack ! If I had to keep holding on to that I would hate every black person in existance. Take a tip here.
1) Let go of the past, your struggle mentality is keeping you firmly in the grips of poverty. Your statement about white people being needed to be turned into human beings shows you narrow minded, racist attitude

And another:

Mitch Rapp - 20/10/2010
Referring to Gadget G's post....
It’s such a pity that these one-dimensional, naive ,basic individuals (Lazola Lekker and Moloko and their cronies) always bark things like, fight, kill, avenge, revenge, revolution, robust young lions, up in arms for JZ and the ANC..... So lack lustre hey!!!! We are not trembling, only laughing!

Well said, guys.

The Stone Age Rocked by Top Resignations

H/T - Dachshund

I wonder how many issues of this uninspired commie shit rag will end up where they belong (IF they make it to the streets:)...In the flusher!

Johannesburg - Five senior staff members of The New Age newspaper editorial team, including editor-in-chief Vuyo Mvoko, resigned on Tuesday.

"It was with regret that we received the resignations of five senior members of our editorial team at 15:00 today (Tuesday), the day before we were due to publish our newspaper," said managing editor Gary Naidoo in a statement.

Naidoo said the "anticipated launch will be withheld for tomorrow (Wednesday)".

The five who resigned were: Mvoko, deputy editor Karima Brown, opinion and analysis page editor Vukani Mde, news editor Amy Musgrave and arts and culture editor Damon Boyd.

"Collectively, we have taken the decision that it would be neither proper nor professionally acceptable for us to speak publicly about the reasons for our decision," the five said in a joint statement.

They referred all queries regarding the matter to Naidoo.

Naidoo said management and staff remained "fully committed" and assured that the project would be a success.

"Management is satisfied that all sections of the project are on track and will advise shortly of its future plans."

New team (bwahahahahahahahaha.......heeeeeehaaaawwwwwww...snortwheeze)

The New Age said on Wednesday it had assembled an editorial team that will in a "couple of days" ascertain when the new national daily newspaper will hit the newsstands.

Naidoo told I-Net Bridge that the newspaper had put together a team of remaining editors led by night editor Jeremy Shepherd Smith, who was appointed as acting editor on Tuesday.

Naidoo said the team will determine when the paper will go to printing presses and assess the "resource gap" left by the resignations on Tuesday.

The newspaper's management and staff were still "very much committed" to the paper, noting there won't be a change in vision despite the dramatic resignations, he said.

The new daily, owned by TNA Media, was initially scheduled to launch in mid-September, but this was postponed to October 20.

The newspaper would be published by Bennett Colemen & Co. Ltd which publishes the world's largest English newspaper, The Times of India.

It would be funded by the Gupta Group, which has close links to the ANC.

TNA's executive chair is Atul Gupta, while former minister in the presidency Essop Pahad is a director and senior adviser and former Anglo American SA CEO Lazarus Zim is a director.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kameeldrift – The killing grounds.

Also read:
For how long will they survive?
Kameeldrift War Zone

I just don’t know how and why anybody can give any attention to people like the Braai hoender while there are very clear and compelling evidence in the media that white South Africans are murdered in numbers that defies logic.

Please ignore him. Because of his stance and/or ignorance, I also hold him responsible for the crime and murder in South Africa.

This is sick.

And please don’t try to tell me this is a robbery gone wrong…..

Robbers kill grandfather for nothing

Hilda Fourie, Beeld

Pretoria - A man who came to Pretoria especially to make a wrought iron bed frame for his granddaughter’s 14th birthday, was shot dead in cold blood by assailants early on Monday morning.

After shooting 71-year-old Gert Reyneke in the chest on a smallholding in Kameeldrift, northeast of Pretoria, the murderers fled without taking anything.

Reyneke and his wife, Johanna, 67, arrived in Pretoria from Bloemfontein last Friday to visit their daughter, Thiana Geringer, 45.

Geringer’s daughter, Danelle, turns 14 this Friday.

The Reynekes, who celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary earlier this month, were staying in a flat next to the main house where their daughter lives.

Johanna was woken by a noise at about 01:00. The next moment she heard glass breaking.

Her husband woke up as well and looked through the window.

“The last thing I said to him was to be careful and watch out,” said Johanna.

“My husband walked to the room next to ours. The door was closed.

“Just as he opened the door and walked in a shot went off.

“I looked around the corner and saw him lying on his face outside the door. All I could see was blood.

“I spoke to him but he didn’t answer me. He just groaned.”

Reyneke was presumably shot from a distance of about one metre.

Johanna locked herself in the bedroom and tried to phone her daughter and son-in-law Org Geringer, 43, but was unable to reach them.

Thiana was woken by the gunshot. She woke her husband, who went to fetch his cellphone from his car.

When he picked up the phone, he saw his mother-in-law had called him.

The Geringers went to the flat immediately. Reyneke was already dead when they arrived.

“It’s so senseless. An innocent person was killed in cold blood. He should still be here today,” Thiana said.

Police spokesperson Jan Sepato confirmed that a murder case is being investigated and that no suspects have been arrested yet.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gruesome Murders Shock Town

This one amidst the neutral good news story of the year. The successful rescue of all 33 Chilean miners from their early graves 600 meters underground. If you did not get a lump in your throat when you saw that little kid with tears streaming down his face hugging his Dad, the first to be rescued, you are a heartless bastard indeed. And to fully appreciate what an ordeal those men went through, and how courageous they were you must understand that they somehow clung on to sanity and survived for seventeen days before anybody above even discovered they were alive!

So, with that intro to prove I really love good news stories (and don't spend all my time trawling the Internet for bad news on SA) I could not help noticing this one.

The reason I'm posting it is because the town where it happened is very close to the only Cape South Eastern town I had the pleasure of spending time in, George.

I used to have friends there and would regularly visit them on annual vacations (free lodgings are not to be sneezed at) and I loved the misty mountains, the lush greenery and the peace and quiet that descends over you in that part of the world, renowned the world over as the Garden route.

The best snoek I ever ate, and I mean ever, was snoek caught and smoked in George.

These are quiet, sleepy little towns which still retain a feeling of being an old colony. Lots of rich retired old folk have made their homes in the area (former President the Late PW Botha's home is in Knysna)

Now this story of a barbaric murder in Stilbaai. It has all the hallmarks of a typical Farm Murder. Old, defenceless white people ambushed in their home: gagged, tied up, tortured and brutally murdered with garden implements.

Robbery is "presumably" the motive but the house is left in a bloody mess. This is not robbery with "aggravating" circumstances or even cold blooded murder. The level of violence is mind numbing. A raging pack of wild animals descended on these unfortunate souls and obliterated their lives in an act of mindless hatred.

The article itself describes how residents are concerned about the increasing levels of crime in the area.

Jackie Kruger, Die Burger

George - The small coastal town of Stilbaai in the Southern Cape has been rocked by the gruesome murders of an elderly couple.

The bodies of the couple, both in their sixties, were found by police on their smallholding near Jongensfontein on Thursday.

A friend went to the smallholding at about 09:00 after she became concerned when she was unable to get hold of them, said Southern Cape police spokesperson Captain Malcolm Pojie.

"She saw the couple lying in the house and called the police. The woman was tied up and was presumably stabbed with a garden fork.

'Extremely gruesome murder'

"The man had several wounds to his body. It was an extremely gruesome murder and the house was a mess," added Pojie.

The couple were presumably murdered sometime between Tuesday and Thursday. Although their names are known to reporters, police said their identities would be revealed once their next-of-kin had been informed of their deaths.

Forensic officials were on Thursday night still searching the scene for clues, to determine how the murderer(s) had gained access to the house. Robbery was presumably the motive.

Reporters learned that the couple used to own a coffee shop in Stilbaai and had moved to the area from Lydenburg in Mpumalanga a number of years ago.

Dominee Willie Gouws of the NG congregation in Stilbaai said he had known the man and woman well. "They weren't registered members of the NG Church but they were very religious people."

Another Stilbaai resident, Philip Claasen, said the people of the town were shocked by the murder.

Retirement town

"It is totally unheard-of in Stilbaai. And totally unacceptable. They will have to look into these types of incidents.

"Keep in mind that 60% of the residents of Stilbaai are older than 60. It is a retirement town and the residents here are very exposed.

"There has definitely been an increase in crime recently. There are several elderly residents who live on smallholdings here," said Claassen.

He described the deceased as good, friendly people.

Pojie said post-mortems would soon be held on the couple.

By late on Thursday, no one had yet been arrested in connection with the murders.

People with more information about the murders were asked to call police's toll free StopCrime number on 08600 10111.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

44 Billion Rand "Disappears"

Funding bungles mirror poor matric results

Three of the country's provincial education departments cannot explain what they did with more than R44-billion allocated to them in the past financial year.

Meisie Nkau, business executive in the office of the auditor-general, told Parliament yesterday that only three of the country's provincial education departments were given clean audits for the 2009-2010 financial year - Western Cape, Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal.

Presenting the audit outcomes of all provinces to the parliamentary portfolio committee for basic education, Nkau said the worst managers of public money were the education departments of Eastern Cape, Limpopo and North West.

The audit report of each department included a disclaimer by the auditor-general to the effect that he could not verify entries in their accounts because they were not supported by documentation.

The Eastern Cape and Limpopo education departments produced matric results that were among the country's worst last year.

The Free State, Mpumalanga and Northern Cape audits were qualified because of auditors' concerns.

Nkau told stunned MPs: "There was a lack of internal controls totally. It is disappointing to note that three of the nine provinces regressed when we should be working towards a clean administration.

"The deficiencies open gaps for fraud, and for irregular and wasteful expenditure," she said

Compounding the problem, she said, was poor oversight by provincial MECs, their heads of department and chief financial officers.

The lion's share of the national education budget, R123-billion, goes to the provinces.

Eastern Cape, the worst province in terms of financial management, received R20-billion from the Treasury but could not explain how R1.5-billion of it was spent. Many children in the province are still taught in open fields and under trees.

DA education spokesman Wilmot James yesterday announced the launch of a campaign to identify under-resourced schools and determine the effects of wasteful expenditure, corruption and bad management.

James will begin in Eastern Cape with visits to seven "mud schools" that are taking the government to court alleging that it has failed to provide adequate buildings.

After the auditor-general's presentation to the portfolio committee, ANC MP Nomalungelo Gina asked: "Are we going to continue giving them money whereas they can't account? What are the steps we are going to take because we can't allow this?"

A study by Stellenbosch University has shown that almost half (47%) the Grade 3 pupils in Western Cape cannot read and write to the required standard. In addition, only 35% are sufficiently skilled in maths.
The Western Cape education department commissioned the study to assess performance in the foundation grades of 45 schools.

It was found that teachers often did not "set the bar high enough for children" and that pupils did not have all the text books they needed.

"It was also found that there is limited reading and writing in classrooms," said Bronagh Casey, spokesman for education MEC Donald Grant.

Van der Berg and his team made several recommendations, including limiting classes to 40 pupils and grouping schools according to their performance to allow "for far greater targeted and specific assistance to under-performing schools".

Principals will have to present quarterly reports to the department, detailing how much of the curriculum they have covered.

Education expert Graham Bloch said literacy and numeracy levels in Western Cape and Gauteng, though unacceptable, were higher than in the rest of the country.

"Eastern Cape, Limpopo and Mpumalanga perform badly in all phases.

"These are poorer, more rural provinces [in which] parents are generally more submissive - unlike parents in Western Cape or Gauteng, who are more likely to put pressure on the system to improve conditions at schools," he said.

Best Comment by PWS80:

It is not often that I have to concede that I was wrong.

I have maintained for over a year now that the ANC steals R50 BILLION a year from us. A gross under estimation on my part. I apologise.

Just two departments account for R54,5 BILLION a year - Social Security (under Social Development?) at R10,5 billion, and Education at R44 Billion.

There are 44 National Departments or ministries
Then we have all the various government companies, like BlueIQ, Eskom, Transnet, Denel, SAA, etc where billions more "disappear".

Assuming some efficiency in some departments, an extrapolation could conclude as much as R150 Billion a year "disappearing.

Add to the the R97 Billion in Bling expenditure, the extra R1 TRILLION that the power stations are going to cost us because of ANC incompetence, and we find that the choice of the ANC as government over the last ten years alone has cost us in excess of R2,5 TRILLION.

Note, I haven't even factored the conservative number, as provided by Gordhan, of tenders costing us 25% MORE than they should because of crony allocation.

Looking at it another way, we could have ZERO RATE VAT on EVERYTHING, and still had change, if these blatant theft, bling spending and mismanagement did not occur.

What R2,5 TRILLION could have bought us:

- The entire Eskom power station rollout, with R1,5 Trillion change
- 50,000 additional schools
- 10,000 additional hospitals
- 35,714,000 RDP houses
- 1,300 YEARS of the additional salaries requirements that would have prevented the latest strikes.
- An increase from R3000 to R21,000 per year in child support grants, for 10 YEARS.

You got the government you voted for. Well done, you must be so proud.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New policy on land grabs, farm tax

h/t Piet

This one speaks for itself.

Cape Town - The costs of government’s land reform drive must be reduced through a multi-tier pricing regime that should include options like scrapping the willing-buyer-willing-seller concept, introducing a land tax as well as a new system of valuing land, according to the final draft of government’s green paper on land reform. has seen a copy of the green paper, which blames the willing-buyer-willing-seller concept for the slow pace and increasing cost of land reform. It stresses that the current price of land makes government’s aim of redistributing 30% of all agricultural farmland by 2014 an impossible task.

“Given that approximately 7 million hectares has been transferred to date, over 14 million hectares would need to be delivered over three years (…).”

“In other words, delivery would need to leap from one million hectares per year to over 4.6 million hectares, which is not feasible given the current willing-buyer-willing-seller approach,” reads the document, which will be released for public comment if and when approved by cabinet.

“Supposedly willing sellers” are slated for their “latitude to determine the price of land that suits them regardless of the buyers’ ability”.

The green paper offers three options to ensure that a “below-market compensation standard” is achieved.

Firstly, a more forceful expropriation policy, which the paper says is being “actively discussed” in the department of rural development and land reform, is proposed.

A “land-reform discount” - an across-the-board discount of compensation for land acquired for land reform purposes – is also under consideration.

The third option would be the use of a “productive value” as opposed to “market value” to determine compensation.

“Whatever approach is taken would need to comply with the overriding “just and equitable” criteria stated up front in 25(3) (of the Constitution),” reads the document.

Progressive land tax

A land tax proposal is also highlighted as one of the “most direct ways of affecting (reducing) prices” because it would increase the cost of holding under-utilised and unutilised land.

“A progressive land tax would potentially push additional land onto the market, though how much of that land could be accessed for land reform purposes is unclear. It would of course also produce a new revenue stream for government.

“If possible, that stream should be legally tied to use in funding land reform. It is suggested that such a land tax should be levied only on very large holdings (the same holdings that might be affected by a ceilings provision), rather than subjecting all holdings to a land tax over and above existing rates.

“This would avoid incurring administrative costs of collecting small amounts on many small holdings. This targeting would also reduce any general negative impacts on tenure security and investor confidence,” states the document.

According to the paper, this would not make all agriculture less profitable, just agriculture on very large holdings (where productive land is unused).

The green paper, however, does concede that a land tax will be problematic.

“Any tax that is politically acceptable would have only a marginal downward impact on land prices; in order to compel land prices to drop by, say, 30%, it would have to be so large as to create uncertainty in the commercial farming sector.”

It is also conceded that there would be little appetite to introduce a land tax so soon after municipal property rates started applying to farmland as well.

Multi-tier pricing regime

When it comes to the new valuation regime, it is proposed that the state create a valuation body that would standardise land valuations.

“The creation of a proactive role for the state in relation to valuation in essence gives effect to a multi-tier pricing regime. This model of valuation is successfully used in countries such as Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.

“The proposed intervention of the state will create an equal and market for both private land transactions and land reform transactions,” reads the document. This would require the creation of a Valuer General (similar to the Surveyor-General).

In his foreword to the green paper, Rural Development and Land Reform Minister Gugile Nkwinti says that land reform and redressing the cruel consequences of apartheid need to be a collective effort if the “anger and bitterness” are to be “toned down”.

But, he also warns that the goodwill and patience that black South Africans have shown in this regard is not “inexhaustible”.


Aye or Naye?

I guess it's ultimately up to the readership of this blog. If it were up to me, the idiot known as Rooster would not have been getting as much bandwidth as he has been extorting from us here on ILSA. His own blog (to which his article about so called "Apartheid Nostalgia") has been almost completely ignored and to which he has received only one comment in response to date (Bwaaahahaha!)is a complete failure and he is therefore driven back to ILSA for a little gulp of oxygen and the engagement he so craves, and clearly lacks from his own blog.

Here on ILSA he has had an UNLIMITED platform to spew his bile on not only that article, which was re-produced here, but anything posted on this blog. We've bent over backwards to accommodate the little baiter, a fact which he acknowledges.

That's called freedom of expression, but it has a limit when clearly his agenda is not to seek common ground, but to bang his drum incessantly about how bad we are, how pathetic and lost those he so glibly dismisses as "old ballies" of "a certain age" are, how "verkrampt" we are.

He scarcely takes the time to read an article yet he has a store of copy/ paste replies which he trots out like the mindless chicken shit he is, and then has the gall to resort to ad hominum attacks, personal accusations and profanity (it makes me wonder what kind of mother he had rearing him), and wondering perhaps, how a rich white kid could have gone so wrong, but then remembering that he is a self confessed little rich white kid who was educated in a liberal private school pretty much along the lines of the liberal catholic CBC where a tiny minority of whites and blacks were placed on a (elite) pedestal and brainwashed to ignore the greater ocean of reality around them.

But that's just my opinion, and before I digress any further, I want to invite you all to air your views.

Do you want to continue to give this miserable sack of shit (sic) any more bandwidth on ILSA?

Does he have anything valuable to offer?

Or should we just delete his fucken arse like we did with BC and send him back to lick his wounds (and respond yet again (as he has responded on seven separate occasions to the one sole comment on his own (failed blog)? and bang away mindlessly on his keyboard, typing endless shit that nobody reads?

It's up to you gentle reader!

Thanks again to Piet (whoever you may be) for giving the Rooster a royal blood nose and a mighty rear ending he will not forget soon!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The spin stops here

Welcome to our blog.  Here you can observe some delusional twat referring to himself as a chicken:

  • describe the atrocities committed by the Marxist ANC government as “petty thieving”,
  • downplay farm murders in South Africa as a response by poor blacks being mistreated by their “evil employers”,
  • flood every factual statement posted by informed contributors and readers with strawman arguments & crack-pot propaganda and
  • elude any real debate by going into retarded diatribes which will bore you out of your skull.

Or you can kick back and listen to a few individuals, with more real-life experience and knowledge than a gaggle of delusional pro-socialist tools-of-ANC-lackeys can ever aspire to, discuss some aspects of South Africa before, during and after Apartheid.

Talk radio legend Barry Farber was a guest of The Right Perspective a couple of years ago.  He discusses South African history with the great Frank of Queens and John of Staten Island.

Talk Radio legend Barry Farber on SA History with TRP

Factual responses to propaganda

Cold Turkey said...

@ Rooster

If ifs and buts were candy and nuts wouldn't we all have a merry Christmas?

If Apartheid... blah blah blah
How come that apartheid did not prevent Indians from building their own schools and running thriving businesses? Some Indians were already driving Ferraris back in the sixties! On the contrary what have your noble savages done to earn their current so called "freedom"? Your black buddies were instead burning down schools, killing, maiming, raping and blowing up innocent people in the name of what? Your perverted empathy has created this "culture of entitlement" among your noble savages who now think they must be compensated for everything because of apartheid. During apartheid whites were not given houses for free. Education was not free either. Not everybody could afford to go to university.

Yours is just ridiculous speculative drivel and leftist propaganda and just shows your inability to provide solid arguments. You are a con-artist of note and thanks to people like you who that our society has no moral standards or principles.

Fuck you rooster!

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Rooster, [1/2]

By Gedaliah Brauns definition of a racist (), you would qualify for that term.

About the poor blacks we treated so bad... It appears you don't do much to educate yourself about a multitude of perspectives, so you can get a balanced fully-informed view of any issue:

In Dr. Gedaliah Braun's book, Racism, Guilt, Self-Hatred and Self Deceipt: A Philosophers Hard Headed Look at the Dark Continent, he travels through SA to enquire from blacks whether they prefer black or white rule. By far the majority preferred white Apartheid rule, bad as it was, because they feared their own blacks would treat them worse. They cite the reasons for their participating in protests as fear for the 'Necklace Street Committees'

Here is an excerpt of one ladies views:

During the month I spent in South Africa in January 1986, I took every opportunity to ask blacks what they thought about black vs. white rule (etc.). Almost without exception they said they did not want black rule and for the same reasons: the white man was cleverer and more honest.

The most memorable conversation was with a young woman taking a computer course in central Jo¬hannes¬burg.

At first she expressed a noted hostility towards whites, saying she hated white peo¬ple. All whites? I asked. No, just the Boers (Afrikaners). All Boers? No, just those who hated blacks. So what appeared an extreme view turned out to be quite reasonable: hating those you think hate you.

Nevertheless, there was this antagonism towards whites and so I said to her, ‘You must be anx¬ious to see an end to white rule’. Her answer? ‘No way!’ She didn’t want black rule? Not at all. Why not? Her answer, al¬most word for word: ‘The white man knows the difference between right and wrong and will usually do the right thing. The black man also knows the difference but will usually do the wrong thing!’. And as I heard these words I knew I would not soon for¬get them

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Rooster [2/2]

As for your White Guilt and Horrific Bias, whereby you expect whites to live upto a far higher standard than blacks (perhaps because like the ultimate hypocrit bigot, you really don't think blacks are capable of living upto the same standard as whites, but you lack the integrity to be honest with them, and provide them honest feedback, about your views)...

You clearly are totaly ignorant of: Did ‘Evil Apartheid’ raise Black living standards to Highest in Africa? (excerpt):

59. Although Verwoerd’s Apartheid “launched the greatest programme of socio-economic upliftment for non-whites that South Africa had ever seen,”[163] which raised poor blacks living standards to the highest in Africa[164], granting them greater self-determination under Afrikaners[165], than other minority black tribes in Africa enjoyed under majority black rule. This did not sit well with the OAU, who founded the OAU Liberation Committee, to assist in “forging an international consensus against apartheid.”[166] It claims it was devoted to eradicating all traces of colonialism to benefit Africans ‘self determination’; but it “rejected post-independence claims to self-determination in Biafra, Katanga, southern Sudan, Shaba and Eritrea”[167], and the Sahrawi people’s right to self determination[168]. The OAU’s collective effort to rid Africa of apartheid meant it “played an influential role in the UN to ensure an arms embargo, economic sanctions, condemnation of South Africa’s main trade partners and the non-recognition of the “homelands”.”[169](own emphasis)

60. In 1961, then foreign minister of SA, Eric Louw presented to the UN a factual comparison of the living conditions of blacks in South Africa compared to other African states. He proved that Blacks in SA had a higher per capita income, better educational opportunities[170], far superior medical and social services and altogether a higher standard of living than anywhere in Africa. In response, the OAU engineered a motion of censure against him (first of its kind) and his speech was struck from the record. Even “The Washington Post”, who regularly criticized South Africa, noted:

“Nothing that South Africa has done and nothing that its representatives said, justified the mob-like censure which the United Nations visited upon that country and its Foreign Minister, Mr Eric Louw.”

61. Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Part 9 – The lies about the Townships, Mike Smith Political Commentary: “At the height of Apartheid in 1978 Soweto had 115 Football fields, 3 Rugby fields, 4 athletic tracks, 11 Cricket fields, 2 Golf courses, 47 Tennis courts, 7 swimming pools built to Olympic standards, 5 Bowling alleys, 81 Netball fields, 39 children play parks, and countless civic halls, movie houses and clubhouses. In addition to this, Soweto had 300 churches, 365 schools, 2 Technical Colleges, 8 clinics, 63 child day care centres, 11 Post Offices, & its own fruit and vegetable market. There were 2300 registered companies that belonged to black businessmen, about 1000 private taxi companies. 3% of the 50,000 vehicle owners in 1978 were Mercedes Benz owners. Soweto alone had more cars, taxis, schools, churches and sport facilities than most independent countries in Africa. The Blacks of South Africa had more private vehicles than the entire white population of the USSR at the time.”

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


You really should give yourself an education about how black folk really think.... instead of peddling your white guilt crap.

You are far more of a bigot than any right winger, for (a) you think blacks are incapable of living up to white man's standards, and instead of being honest with them, you demand that white man lowers the standards for blacks.

Dr. Braun's had black girlfriends for the last 20 years odd. Spends plenty time with black folk having very blunt conversations (unlike your PC crap)... Here another excerpt from his book which is filled with stories such as this:

I had a conversation (September 1989) with a black woman who was supposed to work for me on a Wednesday and only showed up two days later. Wednesday, she says – a (white) election day – was a ‘stayaway’: if the ‘comrades’ saw you coming from town you would be beaten. Was it true that women were made to walk naked down the street? Yes, she said; they could also cut off your ear, and say ‘Give this to your mas¬ter; you don’t listen to me!’.

These people, she said, wanted freedom in town (‘white’ Johannesburg), but in the townships they beat any¬one who ‘disobeyed’. In other words, they want to be treated (by whites) as whites treat each other – under the rule of law – but quickly forget about these ‘freedoms’ where they hold sway.

So why is everyone saying blacks want black rule? Well, she said, they would like to ‘share’ it. But once these thugs get a taste of power they will want it all. She laughed; ‘of course’. Then why does everyone keep saying that blacks want a black government? It was the same fear, she said, that makes them afraid to violate the stay¬away.

I asked if she’d ever had such a conversation with any white man before. She laughed again. ‘No, no.’ Nor would she have it with blacks. The media reports millions of blacks protesting (white) elec-tions because they couldn’t vote, when the reality – as the media must know – is that they are simply terrorized.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

About Ciskei.. Abathembu's support Secession; ‘Things Much Better Under Apartheid...’?

Excerpt from: Why is the Transkei collapsing? An open letter from Mbulelo Ncedana to Nelson Mandela:

I subsequently attended a community meeting on 28/12/09 where we received a report of the situation in the area from the headman..... I heard things I thought I'll never hear again; old people, with rheumy eyes, saying things were much better under the Bantustan government.....

.... In our town of Umtata, the former capital and our pride, robots are forever not working because there's hardly any electricity most of the time; those that work are dysfunctional causing many to make accidents. As the results no one follows the traffic rules any longer.

Potholes are like dongas in the suburban areas. The twenty five litre plastic containers have become a necessary household material because the availability of water, in town, is arbitrary.

I ask what went wrong? During the time K.D. Mathandzima was the Prime Minister, and even during the military tenure of Bantu Holomisa, the town was very beautiful, fully maintained and clean. People had jobs. Then factories that created them closed down after 1994, because they were no longer subsidized and so could no longer cope with the competition from China, India, etc.

.... In conclusion, tata, I hope my letter does not upset you too much, but sometimes we need to take toll and assume responsibilities for our failures. We've failed our people. There's no other way of looking at it. I don't see the bunch that came after you doing things better, instead things seem to be going from bad to worse.

Demented chicken disease

I can’t be bothered to write a proper response to the left-wing, anti-white, crack pot, liberal, Marxist crap spewed by delusional idiots.

Luckily somebody else compiled a proper response.  Beware that the language used might be offensive.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Rooster on Apartheid Nostalgia

I've been threatening to repost something from the Rooster for some time now here it is. And he has a point. Delivered in the usual smart guy vs. straw man kind of way, yes, but a valid one nonetheless. Does anyone really want Apartheid back?

I'm quite sure our readership have a circumspect view on the subject, and given that it's never going to happen anyway, I would hazard a guess that the nostalgia is less for a repressive political system and more for the older, safer (at least for some) society.

We all the see the past through rose-tinted glasses, but nostalgia for the past should never be confused with a yearning for its return. Having an interest in Boer or Cape independence should not be confused with wanting a return to Apartheid.

You sometimes get the idea that some white South Africans think the country would be better if we still had apartheid. Well not to get into any of the usual race crap, here are a few things that would be sifferent if Apartheid never ended.

1) We would not be allowed to use the internet perhaps for anything but a few verkrampte government sanctioned sites, if at all.
2) We would not be allowed to have new technology mobile phones. Or perhaps for security reasons even any mobile phones.
3) No DSTV , or perhas even MNET.
4) Which wouldn't make much of a difference because we wouldn't be allowed to watch anything rated more than "A" or with slight political udnertones and there'd be no international sport for us anyway.
5) No travel abroad.
6) And for all the above reason we'd fall extremely behind in out competitiveness as a nation.
7 ) Little to no foriegn investment, or tourists adding to the collpaose of our economy.

I could honestly go on forever, but you don't need to really go any further to get the picture.

The end result of not ending apartheid when you basically think of it is this.


So next time you're feeling a little nostalgic for apartheid and bitching about the country on the internet. Stop to think about the irony for a second.

Last thought.

If you're living abroad and life is so wonderful. Why feel nostalgia for Apartheid ? And what's more, why hate the black people whose government made it possible for you to leave the country ? Could it be you're far more miserable than you might admit ?

he he

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Toozday Toot. on Monday!

Friday, October 08, 2010

The You Tube Vid That Went Viral (Almost)

One of the great things about blogging is you learn new skills. One of the things I set out to do was to create some You Tube Vids, and whilst most of them are pretty crap, a couple have struck a chord out there. One I did was about the funeral of Eugene Terre'blanche which is still trickling hits and currently stands on 1600 hits.

But the most popular one I did is "The Death of Johannesburg" in April 2010. On the first day it peaked at 739 hits and is currently on well over 4000 and going strong. Something in the vid (I think it's the music I chose - Enya's "One by One" fits perfectly with the theme; which is a tale of trees dying in the Autumn, which Enya equates with the death of love in the human sphere) has made it quite popular.

I'd like to post this one again for any new readers and also invite other bloggers to post it on their sites...

Credits: Death of Johannesburg

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Impoverished Boers Arrested in Illegal Police Raid.

From Censorbugbear Reports.

Hat tip: Islandshark.

Impoverished Boers arrested in illegal police raid.

Peaceful Boer-Republican leader Willem Ratte also arrested – without any legal warrants.


Friday, Oct 1 2010. WITBANK. Some ten police-vehicles with heavily-armed officers arrived at high speed at the historic farm Eenzaamheid near Balmoral, Witbank on Thursday-morning - and roughly arrested ten impoverished Boers living there.

RATTE Willem arrested Oct 1 2010 EENZAAMHEID BOER GENOCIDE MUSEUM BALMORAL Picture: Oct 1 2010 – BEELD: teacher Willem Ratte, 62, arrested during the SAPS raid at the Boer-Genocide Museum, Eenzaamheid Boer-concentration camp, Balmoral near Witbank.


The farm Eenzaamheid is hallowed ground for Boer patriots: it houses the (now badly-delapidated) Boer Genocide Museum and the gravesites of the many Boer civilians who were murdered in the British-colonial concentration camp there (1899-1902). Some of the disabled Boer-era weaponry put on display by the SAPS propagandists include valuable artifacts such as an antique cap and ball pistol and a ‘front-loader’ Boer-era gun after the raid on the museum. The SAPS propagandists also displayed a military-assault weapon which the arrested men said had been planted there during the disorganized, violent raid. Their application for bail is scheduled for Monday in Pretoria High Court, reports SAPA.

Read the full report.

Comment. Looks like the legendary Willem Ratte [ whose peaceful protest & occupation of Fort Schanskop in 1993 the press distorted ] might be the focus of the raid.

Fritz Meyer's now decade old assessment of Eugene Terre'Blanche.

The late Boer patriot Fritz Meyer recognized the bad image & "harm" that Terre'Blanche did to the Boer Republican / self determination movement as Terre'Blanche was the "face" of the Boer self determination movement to the international press.

The Boers Negotiated With Local Tribes.

Terre'Blanche noting how the Boers negotiated with the local / neighbouring tribes.

Who Was Eugene Terre'Blanche?

The following video demonstrates that the late Eugene Terre'Blanche was not the one dimensional racist stereotype as often asserted in the mainstream press.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Siembamba, mamma se baba, siembamba……

I truly hope that he is wrong……

I, however, also know the history of Africa, and have lived through some of the most violent episodes in South Africa to know the mindset of mobs.

For once you are not facetious George, and that scares me…

Death to the Settlers
Songs of Blood, Death and Power

Thanks to populist leaders playing dangerous games, Jonathan Jansen’s comment that; “underlying racial tension in South Africa is like a volcano waiting to erupt”, is one of the greatest truths of our time and the eruption predicted by Jansen could take on epic proportions that may leave many thousands dead in its wake.

The ANC, as an organisation, is deliberately fanning the flames of racial hatred. They are subtly glorifying the killing of whites and encouraging their followers to accept genocide as a justifiable part of their ongoing “struggle”. They, despite experiencing, on an almost daily basis, the eruptive nature of their followers when indoctrinated, continue with dogged intent to incite racial hatred.

No sooner had the singing of the song “dubul’ibhunu” (“shoot the boers”) been stopped, or they come up with a new ditty, this time the song “Solomon” in which they praise “struggle” hero Solomon Mahlangu for killing white people.

Songs praising the killing of people on groundsof their religion, ethnicity, race and gender cannot be justified in a civilised society. Imagine the outrage should Afriforum start singing about the killing of blacks. Come to think of it, I cannot think of any Afrikaans songs hailing the killing of the English speaking people because of atrocities committed by the British Government and their representatives during the Anglo Boer War, never mind black people.

The singing of so called struggle songs at huge ANC party gatherings is nothing but the indoctrination of ill-educated, semi-literate followers. It is a tool to foster hatred and to ensure that the white man will forever be the enemy; this whilst Jacob Zuma and others entertain and pacify the objects of the intended hatred with a smile and a chuckle. The same man who on Friday, told the world that Afrikaners are true Africans and his best mates; on Saturday becomes the lead singer at the stadium. There, his slavish followers join him in the glorification, with song and dance, of the murder of the same Afrikaners he praised the previous day.

Whilst Mothlante calls for the encouragement of dialogue about racism among the youth, the same youth are, at the behest of his comrades, joyfully singing the praise of those killing the hated whites. In the same manner as these hordes are taught to kill cockroaches; so they are indoctrinated to kill whites.

Mothlanthe blames South Africa's "inability" to educate its youth about the ideals of non-racialism as his Comrades sing songs advocating the death of whites and Boere.

The actions of the ANC; the glorification of the killing of whites; lead to a festering racial hatred and will with consequences far worse than the petty racism we experience from day to day. What we are facing is far beyond the few isolated white racists taking the piss out of a few cleaning women or black SRC members kicking a few whiteys around during initiation, it is far beyond the institutionalised racism we see in the workplace or even the killing of a few octogenarians in their houses.

Few right minded South Africans believe the statement by Jansen, preferring to hide their heads in the sand, quick to believe that people singing about killing whenever they get a chance are actually expressing love and affection. After all he is only a simple professor at a racist university.

Fewer still will believe my doomsday scenario. I for one hope I’m totally wrong.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Racial Tension Building in SA

This according to a talk by the honourable Prof Jonathan Jansen. And here's my rant for the week.

Let me help the dear professor right...It is not building, it has always been there. Any dunce can see that. I don't know where these rainbow peddlers bury their heads, but if you look below the surface and open your eyes, not taking the tip of the iceberg at face value, you will see the stark reality of the situation in ZA. THE RACES DON'T MIX.

That's not just my opinion, read the comments of any News24 or timeslive article and you will know the truth. It's not just "old ballies" like me that say so.

What is the reason for the proliferation of right wing blogs such as this one, SAS, Censorbugbear etc etc etc? Without readers and followers, these blogs would die down.

Why the frustrated and angry comments on MSM websites? Because people are turning to the net to vent their frustrations.

Whites feel trapped in their own country, helpless passengers on a train ride that has turned into a terrifying daily ordeal of survival. A slow motion fatalistic collision that just never seems to actually happen, yet when they look over their shoulders, they realise with dismay that the path is becoming ever more crooked, the way out ever more elusive.

Now to get back to prof Jansen who feels it is especially young, white South Africans who have adopted a policy of anger.

What anger? How is that anger displayed? Are young whites attacking blacks? Are they "kaffir bashing" after 10 pm in white suburbs? Are they raping and stealing from blacks? He mentions the example of the "Skierlik" murders committed by a white schizophrenic teenager as somehow related to the debate about race in South Africa.

No, the anger is purely from frustration!

The prof makes one statement that makes sense. He states that blacks are sending the wrong messages
I'm quoting him:

"For a short period during the World Cup (soccer tournament) we were able to build unity. However, it is not our policies but the subtle and non-subtle messages which consistently cause damage. Messages such as 'only black people may apply' and 'it's just a matter of time before we take your farms and give them to previously disadvantaged people"

Now take a look at the following poll on News24 and try and convince me that there is racial cohesion in ZA:

Is racial tension building in South Africa?

Yes, it seems ready to explode 28% - 4557 votes

It’s always been there 63% 10273 votes

No, we’re moving toward racial unity 9% 1520 votes

So what's the solution?

I don't know if there is. For me it was to emigrate, which I did four years ago. But over four million whites remain in ZA. How will they square this circle?

Rant over

Islam in Europe

I know that this is a lengthy read, but well worth it.

Is it finally happening?

Europe waking up?

Only history will tell.

Geert Wilders Speech in Berlin
October 2, 2010
Dear Friends,

I am very happy to be here in Berlin today. As you know, the invitation which my friend René Stadtkewitz extended to me, has cost him his membership of the CDU group in the Berlin Parliament. René, however, did not give in to the pressure. He did not betray his convictions. His dismissal prompted René to start a new political party. I wish him all the best. As you may have heard, the past weeks were extremely busy for me. Earlier this week we succeeded in forging a minority government of the Liberals and the Christian-Democrats which will be supported by my party. This is an historic event for the Netherlands. I am very proud of having helped to achieve this. At this very moment the Christian-Democrat Party conference is deciding whether or not to approve this coalition. If they do, we will be able to rebuild our country, preserve our national identity and offer our children a better future.

Despite my busy schedule at home, however, I insisted on coming to Berlin, because Germany, too, needs a political movement to defend German identity and to oppose the Islamization of Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel says that the Islamization of Germany is inevitable. She conveys the message that citizens have to be prepared for more changes as a result of immigration. She wants the Germans to adapt to this situation. The Christian-Democrat leader said: "More than before mosques will be an integral part of our cities."

My friends, we should not accept the unacceptable as inevitable without trying to turn the tide. It is our duty as politicians to preserve our nations for our children. I hope that René's movement will be as successful as my own Partij voor de Vrijheid, as Oskar Freysinger's Schweizerische Volkspartei in Switzerland, as Pia Kjaersgaard's Dansk Folkeparti in Denmark, and similar movements elsewhere.

My good friend Pia recently spoke in Sweden at the invitation of the Sverigedemokraterna. She said: "I have not come to mingle in Swedish domestic politics because that is for the Swedish people to be concerned with. No, I have come because in spite of certain differences the Swedish debate in many ways reminds me of the Danish debate 10-15 years ago. And I have come to Sweden because it is also a concern to Denmark. We cannot sit with our hands in our lap and be silent witnesses to the political development in Sweden."

The same applies for me as a Dutchman with respect to Germany. I am here because Germany matters to the Netherlands and the rest of the world, and because we cannot establish an International Freedom Alliance without a strong German partner.

Dear friends, tomorrow is the Day of German Unity. Tomorrow exactly twenty years ago, your great nation was reunified after the collapse of the totalitarian Communist ideology. The Day of German Unity is an important day for the whole of Europe. Germany is the largest democracy in Europe. Germany is Europe's economic powerhouse. The wellbeing and prosperity of Germany is a benefit to all of us, because the wellbeing and prosperity of Germany is a prerequisite for the wellbeing and prosperity of Europe.

Today I am here, however, to warn you for looming disunity. Germany's national identity, its democracy and economic prosperity, is being threatened by the political ideology of Islam. In 1848, Karl Marx began his Communist Manifesto with the famous words: "A specter is haunting Europe - the specter of communism." Today, another specter is haunting Europe. It is the specter of Islam. This danger, too, is political. Islam is not merely a religion, as many people seem to think: Islam is mainly a political ideology.

This insight is not new.

I quote from the bestselling book and BBC television series The Triumph of the West which the renowned Oxford historian J.M. Roberts wrote in 1985: "Although we carelessly speak of Islam as a 'religion'; that word carries many overtones of the special history of western Europe. The Muslim is primarily a member of a community, the follower of a certain way, an adherent to a system of law, rather than someone holding particular theological views." The Flemish Professor Urbain Vermeulen, the former president of the European Union of Arabists and Islamicists, too, points out that "Islam is primarily a legal system, a law," rather than a religion.

The American political scientist Mark Alexander writes that "One of our greatest mistakes is to think of Islam as just another one of the world's great religions. We shouldn't. Islam is politics or it is nothing at all, but, of course, it is politics with a spiritual dimension, ... which will stop at nothing until the West is no more, until the West has ... been well and truly Islamized."

These are not just statements by opponents of Islam. Islamic scholars say the same thing. There cannot be any doubt about the nature of Islam to those who have read the Koran, the Sira and the Hadith. Abul Ala Maududi, the influential 20th century Pakistani Islamic thinker, wrote - I quote, emphasizing that these are not my words but those of a leading Islamic scholar - "Islam is not merely a religious creed [but] a revolutionary ideology and jihad refers to that revolutionary struggle ... to destroy all states and governments anywhere on the face of the earth, which are opposed to the ideology and program of Islam."

Ali Sina, an Iranian Islamic apostate who lives in Canada, points out that there is one golden rule that lies at the heart of every religion - that we do unto others as we would have them do unto us. In Islam, this rule only applies to fellow believers, but not to Infidels. Ali Sina says "The reason I am against Islam is not because it is a religion, but because it is a political ideology of imperialism and domination in the guise of religion. Because Islam does not follow the Golden Rule, it attracts violent people."

A dispassionate study of the beginnings of Islamic history reveals clearly that Muhammad's objective was first to conquer his own people, the Arabs, and to unify them under his rule, and then to conquer and rule the world. That was the original cause; it was obviously political and was backed by military force. "I was ordered to fight all men until they say 'There is no god but Allah,'" Muhammad said in his final address. He did so in accordance with the Koranic command in sura 8:39: "Fight them until there is no more dissension and the religion is entirely Allah's."

According to the mythology, Muhammad founded Islam in Mecca after the Angel Gabriel visited him for the first time in the year 610. The first twelve years of Islam, when Islam was religious rather than political, were not a success. In 622, Muhammad emigrated to Yathrib, a predominantly Jewish oasis, with his small band of 150 followers. There he established the first mosque in history, took over political power, gave Yathrib the name of Medina, which means the "City of the Prophet," and began his career as a military and a political leader who conquered all of Arabia. Tellingly, the Islamic calendar starts with the hijra, the migration to Medina - the moment when Islam became a political movement.

After Muhammad's death, based upon his words and deeds, Islam developed Sharia, an elaborate legal system which justified the repressive governance of the world by divine right - including rules for jihad and for the absolute control of believers and non-believers. Sharia is the law of Saudi Arabia and Iran, among other Islamic states. It is also central to the Organization of the Islamic Conference, which in article 24 of its Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam, proclaims that "all rights and freedoms are subject to the Islamic Sharia." The OIC is not a religious institution; it is a political body. It constitutes the largest voting block in the United Nations and writes reports on so-called "Islamophobia" in Western Countries which accuse us of human rights violations. To speak in biblical terms: They look for a speck in our eye, but deny the beam in their own.

Under Sharia law people in the conquered territories have no legal rights, not even the right to life and to own property, unless they convert to Islam.

Before I continue, and in order to avoid any misunderstandings, I want to emphasize that I am talking about Islam, not about Muslims. I always make a clear distinction between the people and the ideology, between Muslims and Islam. There are many moderate Muslims, but the political ideology of Islam is not moderate and has global ambitions. It aims to impose Islamic law or Sharia upon the whole world. The way to achieve this is through jihad. The good news is that millions of Muslims around the world - including many in Germany and the Netherlands - do not follow the directives of Sharia, let alone engage in jihad. The bad news, however, is that those who do are prepared to use all available means to achieve their ideological, revolutionary goal.

In 1954, in his essay Communism and Islam, Professor Bernard Lewis spoke of "the totalitarianism, of the Islamic political tradition." Professor Lewis said that "The traditional Islamic division of the world into the House of Islam and the House of War, ... has obvious parallels in the Communist view of world affairs. ... The aggressive fanaticism of the believer is the same."

The American political scientist Mark Alexander states that the nature of Islam differs very little - and only in detail rather than style - from despicable and totalitarian political ideologies such as National-Socialism and Communism. He lists the following characteristics for these three ideologies.

* They use political purges to "cleanse" society of what they considere undesirable;

* They tolerate only a single political party. Where Islam allows more parties, it insists that all parties be Islamic ones;

* They coerce the people along the road that it must follow;

* They obliterate the liberal distinction between areas of private judgment and of public control;

* They turn the educational system into an apparatus for the purpose of universal indoctrination;

* They lay down rules for art, for literature, for science and for religion;

* They subdue people who are given second class status;

* They induce a frame of mind akin to fanaticism. Adjustment takes place by struggle and dominance;

* They are abusive to their opponents and regard any concession on their own part as a temporary expedient and on a rival's part as a sign of weakness;

* They regard politics as an expression of power;

They are anti-Semitic.

There is one more striking parallel, but this is not a characteristic of the three political ideologies, but one of the West. It is the apparent inability of the West to see the danger. The prerequisite to understanding political danger, is a willingness to see the truth, even if it is unpleasant. Unfortunately, modern Western politicians seem to have lost this capacity. Our inability leads us to reject the logical and historical conclusions to be drawn from the facts, though we could, and should know better. What is wrong with modern Western man that we make the same mistake over and over again?

There is no better place to ponder this question than here in Berlin, the former capital of the evil empire of Nazi Germany and a city which was held captive by the so-called German "Democratic" Republic for over forty years.

When the citizens of Eastern Europe rejected Communism in 1989, they were inspired by dissidents such as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Václav Havel, Vladimir Bukovsky, and others, who told them that people have a right, but also an obligation, to "live within the truth." Freedom requires eternal vigilance; so it is with truth. Solzhenitsyn added, however, that "truth is seldom sweet; it is almost invariably bitter." Let us face the bitter truth: We have lost our capacity to see the danger and understand the truth because we no longer value freedom.

Politicians from almost all establishment politicians today are facilitating Islamization. They are cheering for every new Islamic school, Islamic bank, Islamic court. They regard Islam as being equal to our own culture. Islam or freedom? It does not really matter to them. But it does matter to us. The entire establisment elite - universities, churches, trade unions, the media, politicians - are putting our hard-earned liberties at risk. They talk about equality, but amazingly fail to see how in Islam women have fewer rights than men and infidels have fewer rights than adherents of Islam.

Are we about to repeat the fatal mistake of the Weimar Republic? Are we succumbing to Islam because our commitment to freedom is already dead? No, it will not happen. We are not like Frau Merkel. We do not accept Islamization as inevitable. We have to keep freedom alive. And, to the extent that we have already lost it, we must reclaim it in our democratic elections. That is why we need political parties that defend freedom. To support such parties I have established the International Freedom Alliance.

As you know, I am standing trial in the Netherlands. On Monday, I have to go to court again and I will have to spend most of the coming month there. I have been brought to court because of my opinions on Islam and because I have voiced these opinions in speeches, articles and in my documentary film Fitna. I live under constant police protection because Islamic extremists want to assassinate me, and I am in court because the Dutch establishment - most of them non-Muslims - wants to silence me.

I have been dragged to court because in my country freedom can no longer be fully enjoyed. Unlike America, we do not have a First Amendment which guarantees people the freedom to express their opinions and foster public debate by doing so. Unlike America, in Europe the national state, and increasingly the European Union, prescribes how citizens - including democratically elected politicians such as myself - should think and what we are allowed to say.

One of the things we are no longer allowed to say is that our culture is superior to certain other cultures. This is seen as a discriminatory statement - a statement of hatred even. We are indoctrinated on a daily basis, in the schools and through the media, with the message that all cultures are equal and that, if one culture is worse than all the rest, it is our own. We are inundated with feelings of guilt and shame about our own identity and what we stand for. We are exhorted to respect everyone and everything, except ourselves. That is the message of the Left and the politically-correct ruling establishment. They want us to feel so ashamed about our own identity that we refuse to fight for it.

The detrimental obsession of our cultural and political elites with Western guilt reinforces the view which Islam has of us. The Koran says that non-Muslims are kuffar (the plural of kafir), which literally means "rejecters" or "ingrates." Hence, infidels are "guilty." Islam teaches that in our natural state we have all been born as believers. Islam teaches that if we are not believers today this is by our own or by our forefathers' fault. Subsequently, we are always kafir - guilty - because either we or our fathers are apostates. And, hence, according to some, we deserve subjugation.

Our contemporary leftist intellectuals are blind to the dangers of Islam.

Former Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky argues that after the fall of communism, the West failed to expose those who had collaborated with the Communists by advocating policies of détente, improved relations, relaxation of international tension, peaceful coexistence. He points out that the Cold War was "a war we never won. We never even fought it. ... Most of the time the West engaged in a policy of appeasement toward the Soviet bloc - and appeasers don't win wars."

Islam is the Communism of today. But, because of our failure to come clean with Communism, we are unable to deal with it, trapped as we are in the old Communist habit of deceit and double-speak that used to haunt the countries in the East and that now haunts all of us. Because of this failure, the same leftist people who turned a blind eye to Communism then, turn a blind eye to Islam today. They are using exactly the same arguments in favor of détente, improved relations, and appeasement as before. They argue that our enemy is as peace-loving as we are, that if we meet him half-way he will do the same, that he only asks respect and that if we respect him he will respect us. We even hear a repetition of the old moral equivalence mantra. They used to say that Western "imperialism" was as bad as Soviet imperialism; they are now saying that Western "imperialism" is as bad as Islamic terrorism.

In my speech near Ground Zero in New York on September 11, I emphasized that we must stop the "Blame the West, Blame America"-game which Islamic spokesmen are playing with us. And we must stop playing this game ourselves. I have the same message for you. It is an insult to tell us that we are guilty and deserve what is happening to us. We do not deserve becoming strangers in our own land. We should not accept such insults. First of all, Western civilization is the freest and most prosperous on earth, which is why so many immigrants are moving here, instead of Westerners moving there. And secondly, there is no such thing as collective guilt. Free individuals are free moral agents who are responsible for their own deeds only.

I am very happy to be here in Berlin today to give this message which is extremely important, especially in Germany. Whatever happened in your country in the past, the present generation is not responsible for it. Whatever happened in the past, it is no excuse for punishing the Germans today. But it is also no excuse for you to refuse to fight for your own identity. Your only responsibility is to avoid the mistakes of the past. It is your duty to stand with those threatened by the ideology of Islam, such as the State of Israel and your Jewish compatriots. The Weimar Republic refused to fight for freedom and was overrun by a totalitarian ideology, with catastrophic consequences for Germany, the rest of Europe and the world. Do not fail to fight for your freedom today.

I am happy to be in your midst today because it seems that twenty years after German reunification, a new generation no longer feels guilty for being German. The current and very intense debate about Thilo Sarrazin's recent book is an indication of the fact that Germany is coming to terms with itself.

I have not yet read Dr. Sarrazin's book myself, but I understand that while the ruling politically-correct establishment is almost unanimously critical of his thesis and he lost his job, a large majority of Germans acknowledges that Dr. Sarrazin is addressing important and pressing issues. "Germany is abolishing itself," warns Sarrazin, and he calls on the Germans to halt this process. The enormous impact of his book indicates that many Germans feel the same way. The people of Germany do not want Germany to be abolished, despite all the political indoctrination they have been subjected to. Germany is no longer ashamed to assert its national pride.

In these difficult times, where our national identity is under threat, we must stop feeling guilty about who we are. We are not "kafir," we are not guilty. Like other peoples, Germans have the right to remain who they are. Germans must not become French, nor Dutch, nor Americans, nor Turks. They should remain Germans. When the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan visited your country in 2008, he told the Turks living here that they had to remain Turks. He literally said that "assimilation is a crime against humanity." Erdogan would have been right if he had been addressing the Turks in Turkey. However, Germany is the land of the Germans. Hence, the Germans have a right to demand that those who come to live in Germany assimilate; they have the right - no they have a duty to their children - to demand that newcomers respect the German identity of the German nation and Germany's right to preserve its identity.

We must realize that Islam expands in two ways. Since it is not a religion, conversion is only a marginal phenomenon. Historically, Islam expanded either by military conquest or by using the weapon of hijra, immigration. Muhammad conquered Medina through immigration. Hijra is also what we are experiencing today. The Islamization of Europe continues all the time. But the West has no strategy for dealing with the Islamic ideology, because our elites say that we must adapt to them rather than the other way round.

There is a lesson which we can learn in this regard from America, the freest nation on earth. Americans are proud of their nation, its achievements and its flag. We, too, should be proud of our nation. The United States has always been a nation of immigrants. U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt was very clear about the duty of immigrants. Here is what he said: "We should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else ... But this is predicated upon the man's becoming in very fact an American, and nothing but an American. ... There can be no divided allegiance here. ... We have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people."

It is not up to me to define what Germany's national identity consists of. That is entirely up to you. I do know, however, that German culture, like that of neighboring countries, such as my own, is rooted in judeo-christian and humanist values. Every responsible politician has a political obligation to preserve these values against ideologies which threaten them. A Germany full of mosques and veiled women is no longer the Germany of Goethe, Schiller and Heine, Bach and Mendelssohn. It will be a loss to us all. It is important that you cherish and preserve your roots as a nation. Otherwise you will not be able to safeguard your identity; you will be abolished as a people, and you will lose your freedom. And the rest of Europe will lose its freedom with you.

My friends, when Ronald Reagan came to a divided Berlin 23 years ago he uttered the historic words „Mister Gorbachev, tear down this wall." President Reagan was not an appeaser, but a man who spoke the truth because he loved freedom. Today, we, too, must tear down a wall. It is not a wall of concrete, but of denial and ignorance about the real nature of Islam. The International Freedom Alliance aims to coordinate and stimulate these efforts.

Because we speak the truth, voters have given my party, the Partij voor de Vrijheid, and other parties, such as the Dansk Folkeparti and the Schweizerische Volkspartei, the power to influence the political decision process, whether that be in opposition or in government or by supporting a minority government - as we want to do in the Netherlands. President Reagan showed that by speaking the truth one can change the course of history. He showed that there is no need to despair. Never! Just do your duty. Be not afraid. Speak the truth. Defend Freedom. Together we can preserve freedom, together we must preserve freedom, and together, my friends, we will be able to preserve freedom.