Friday, September 24, 2010

Zumas Faces Down Malema

Mini-Me Malama has a crack at Zuma (even if it's bang on target) but JZ's not having it.

Zuma gives final warning at NGC

Anyone who crosses the line in the ANC will “face the consequences,” ANC president Jacob Zuma said at the closing of the party's national general council in Durban on Friday.

Zuma, who was welcomed with cheers and the singing of “Zuma , my president” from the 2000 delegates, said the party's branches had “spoken eloquently” on the organisation's “renewal” and the restoration of its “integrity”.

“Anyone who crosses the line will face the consequences,” Zuma said to cheers.

“The NGC has agreed that the conduct of any ANC member must never undermine the standing of the ANC in public.”

Zuma said the NGC had instructed the party's leadership to “root out” factional elements in the party, including those in the national executive committee (NEC).

The party, he said, was “stronger, more stable, and more focused” than two years ago.

In his political report at the start of the NGC on Monday, Zuma hit out at the ANC Youth League saying the party's leadership would work with the ANCYL after the NGC to ensure that “regrettable incidents” were “dealt with”.

His remarks came after a barrage of insults from ANCYL president Julius Malema, who said before the NGC that party members should not following the example of leaders who took multiple wives.

Zuma has three wives and is engaged to a fourth. - Sapa

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laager said...

A year or two ago Malema was prepared to die for Zuma
Why the change?

Exzanian said...

Malema was given enough rope to hang himself...Good news, but what lies ahead in 2012 is another story we will have to watch.

Anonymous said...

Laager asked:"A year or two ago Malema was prepared to die for Zuma
Why the change?"

Malema doesn't yet know that they (the ANC) actually work for a bunch of bankers in the USA. He hasn't yet been to the 'Owl Building' in Texas for his briefing, so how can he understand what Zuma does? Malema is so ignorant, he actually believes that the ANC's job is to actualise the 'Freedom Charter'! Poor fool!

Common Sense

Anonymous said...

Malema backed JZ in his bid to become president. At the time both JZ and Malema felt the same way about the conclusion of the freedom charter.

Since JZ became president he was quickly converted to become a "banker" representative. It wasn't to easy of course, but with the arms scandal hanging like a sword over his head, he was pursuaded through self preservation to change his mind.

The bankers have conclusive proof of his guilt, as no large amount of money gets transferred without their know how and their involvement. The rape case was a introduction for Zuma to the power that the Bankers have through the court system, basically saying "this is how we'll get you" and once the bankers showed Zuma the proof that they have against him, indicating his involvement in the arms deal, he became a company man.

This is why Zuma at the time said that the ANC must transform the judiciary. This was when he still thought that he might be able to fight the company and win. Since then he has realised that resistance is futile. as the arms scandal can easily be made into an internatinal case.

Zuma is thus being black mailed to do the wishes of his "handlers"

Malema does not know this and this causes his confusion. In private Zuma still agrees with him, but then Zuma publically does the opposite.

Shit will fly soon...


Snowy Smith said...

Who wrote Zuma’s speech?
The ANC Black “Wise Men”?
Who is pulling the strings behind the scenes?
Is this just another diversionary tactic?
I see Zuma did NOT tackle the 3 most important issues.
1. The official independent AUDIT of all the 2010 soccer expenditure.

2. Almost every ANC Municipality in South Africa is Bankrupt in debt to more than R50 BILLION.

3. ANC has put the tax and rates payers’ in DEBT for the next 20 years.

YES Mr. ZUMA I want to know the answers to the above 3 questions.

We are NOT interested in all your problems with all your ANC trained Juvenile Delinquent, arrogant, rude out of control children.


Malema doesn't yet know that they (the ANC) actually work for a bunch of bankers in the USA.
100% Correct.

New World Order.
They already OWN the Third World.
They OWN South Africa.
And they do NOT like Malema.

Same as they did not like Chris HANI and Winnie Mandela.

The Chris HANI Assassination.
Who actually did it?

Krokodil said...

Snowy Smith, you say that the one-world government will take place on 21-12-2012.

What I want to know is: will it be am, pm or around midnight? Please, please, be more specific! Stop being so vague all the time.

I want to know if I can lie in late that day, or not.