Sunday, September 12, 2010

Urgent Request

If by the slimmest of chances, you haven't heard people talking about the Bees Roux case, or read about it, here's what happened. In the early hours of Friday morning 27.08.2010, Roux was stopped in his car by police officers in Pretoria who suspected he might be a drunk driver. Roux allegedly assaulted one of the officers, Sergeant Ntshimane Johannes Mohale (Pictured above) and by the time paramedics arrived, Mohale had died.

Bees was arrested soon thereafter.

Roux's lawyers have stated that Bees will be pleading "not guilty" to a charge of schedule 6 murder, on the basis that Mohale had in fact attempted to extort funds from Bees. They claim that Mohale demanded payment of a sum of money from Bees, and in return, there would be no arrest or prosecution and Bees could go free. Obviously, something went wrong and Mohale has died as a result.

What has since emerged is that Mohale has been under three separate internal investigations by the police before his death. This form of "blue light mugging" is very common in South Africa.

This raises the possibility that others living in Pretoria may have been victims of this particular version of extortion by Mohale in the past.

If so, this will inform Bees' defense counsel with invaluable evidence for his trial.

It may be that YOU have been a victim of a similar incident in the past. Perhaps you were stopped, accosted by the Metro police and maybe, under threat of arrest and prosecution, you paid a sum of money to the very same man pictured above, in return for your freedom to continue driving.

If so, if you have been a victim of extortion by Mohale, you are requested to please contact the nearest SAPS office to make a statement. If you feel you cannot trust the police, go see a lawyer or contact the
Beeld newspaper.

Perhaps you may have been a regular patron of the "Flamingo" nightclub or other clubs in or around Pretoria, and will be ashamed to reveal your identity. It could cost you a great deal to reveal the fact of your own incident, but it will be extremely important to Bees Roux's case if you did so.

Please look carefully at the photo above and do the right thing!

For all readers out there, please be sure to join Bees Roux's support group on Facebook.

2 Opinion(s):

Krokodil said...

Unlike Peter De Villiers, I would rather keep my powder dry regarding this case.

Some people wish to turn this into a race issue - but it's not. May justice be done, and the accused be either condemned or acquitted.

Exzanian said...

Exactly krokodil, but given the huge bias already displayed against Bees (prejudgment in fact) anyone that has already been a victim of extortion at the hands of the victim Mohale, will count as mitigating circumstances in Bees' favour.