Monday, September 13, 2010

Obama Wants Blacks "Fired Up"


Oi, whats this then? Ain't it funny that blacks can get away with these kinds of pronouncements? I mean, imagine the previous president saying something similar "I want us to return to our core Anglo/ European values" or maybe something like "Jews need to get fired up"

Asymmetrical race prejudice is what it is. Whites will always be deemed evil and have to pay recompense for what they did to the blacks, but when the playing field is so-called "equal" blacks can still single out themselves as unique and bang their own drum, play the race card and the blame game.

In this interview Obama is really confused. He starts off seeming to accuse all republicans of being white, and then calls for blacks to join the democrats to prevent a resurgence of the republicans, because why? Because they caused the credit crisis!

I don't know about you, but my thoughts on the cause of the credit crisis was due to sub standard housing loans to the very voter base that Obama is addressing his words to...Obama is drawing a line in the sand here: Republican = Whites (bad) and Blacks = Democrats (Good, but whites who voted for them are probably OK as long as they toe the line)

President Obama is calling on black voters to get “fired up” for Democrats in the midterm elections. In an interview with the "The Tom Joyner Morning Show" broadcast Friday, Obama cautioned that a Republican-controlled Congress would be detrimental to the country. “Part of the thing I’ve got to remind people is that the policies that got us into this mess are the same policies that these Republicans are offering right now,” he said.

“And so if African-Americans aren’t fired up right now, you better be fired up, because you could end up in a situation where we could have more of the same from a Republican Congress that’s not willing to move our infrastructure, that’s not committed to investing in people and job training and not committed to investing in our education system. And we could end up slipping back into the same situation that we were in before this recession hit, only worse.” The full transcript is

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Anonymous said...

the sooner Obumer is out of office the better. He is a huge fake and his policies will be the undoing of american society.

Anonymous said...

Watch the video and see for yourself that the Democrats and specifically Obama is responsible for the credit crises.

Trey Cruz said...

In case you have not noticed, the boons and their president [Oboona?] have overplayed their hand and the race card to the point where a large percentage of Whites just don't give a f**k anymore and are growing increasingly verbal and hostile about the situation

They will indeed reap the whirlwind.

Lime Lite said...

Obama knows the writing is on the wall and he's trying to rally up support for himself from his "bruthers". They're the only ones that will vote for him just because of his race and ignore all his stuff-ups. He is a one-term President and his backers are going to ram through as many Socialist policies as they can before their number is up.

FreeThinker said...

20 years in Jeremiah Wright's "church" has taught him something, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

"They would not have qualified(for their home loans) but for", and he says it loud and clear, "AFFIRMATIVE ACTION."
What a bunch of liberal nigger loving dummies.