Monday, August 09, 2010

Rape ordeal: Mom tells boy to cover his head

Another shocking story from SA. I am convinced that the level of violent acts committed against whites by blacks has it's source in a deep rooted inferiority complex in the African psyche. This manifests itself in displays of hatred, vengeance and an attempt to control the "other"

What have the police done until this story broke? Fuck-all! No docket, no report has been filed and no statement was taken!

Is this the sacrifice whites are expected to make to continue living in SA? Are we expected to deliver our little ones and our wives to be slaughtered by rapacious beasts to apologise for apartheid!

It's a sickening tragedy! If SA were a human body, I would say it is in an advanced stage of melanoma, rotted to the core and dying...

Hilda Fourie, Beeld

Pretoria – Before being raped and assaulted with a garden fork, a mother from Pretoria told her 7-year-old son to hold on tight to his Daschund and pull a blanket over his head.

The robber also kidnapped her, and she suspects she jumped out of the car to get away from him. She broke her right arm, right leg and jaw, but can’t remember parts of the incident.

More than two weeks after the attack in The Orchards, in the north of Pretoria, the police have still not visited the 35-year-old mother or taken her statement.

The mother, who may not legally be identified, woke up early that morning and saw a man standing in the room with a gardening fork in his hands, when he switched on the bedroom light.

Her son, who was lying next to her, also woke up.

“I went ice-cold. He told me to come to him and jerked me out of the bed. I told my son to hold his puppy, Kassie, tightly and pull the blanket over his head.”

The attacker beat her over the head with the gardening fork and demanded money.


“He said he would kill me if I screamed. He hit me with the back of the garden fork a few times.”

They returned to the bedroom where the little boy told the attacker that he had R30 is his wallet, which was in the kitchen.

The attacker then raped her on the paving next to the swimming pool.

“While he was raping me I prayed out loud: ‘Lord, forgive him, for he knows not what he does.’ He kept shouting ‘shut up, shut up’.”

The robber took her son’s R30 as well as her bank card, forced her into her car and drove off.

At one stage she saw lights and started screaming, but once again he beat her over the head.

“I can’t remember what happened next. All I know is that I felt the ground, then I was gone.”

'A miracle'

She was found by a woman who lives nearby. She was admitted to the intensive care unit at the Eugene Marais hospital.

Besides her broken right arm, right leg and jaw, she also needed many stitches to her face and on the back of her head.

“God was good to me. He saved my life,” she said.

“It’s a miracle that I’m alive. I’m getting the most wonderful support from my loved ones. What about the poor women who can’t say that?”

Since the incident, no-one from the Akasia police station has been to see her to take a statement.

The investigating officer, a male constable, is not answering her family’s calls.

Her sister-in-law, a police official, received permission from the police to take down the statement. More than a week later, this statement has not yet been fetched.

Eugene Opperman, Gauteng police spokesperson, said the case is being investigated on “a high level” after he brought it to the attention of the provincial chief detective.

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Babashoeshoe said...

"The mother, who may not legally be identified"...
So are you just assuming this is a white victim? Why the leap to this conclusion? How do you know the victim is white? You are building your conclusion into your premise! It's called prejudice!

Trey Cruz said...

"inferiority" schminferiority.
What Bullshit.
Exanian, why lower yourself to use the false jewish "science" of psychology to understand these animals?
They don't need understanding, they need a bullet, or two, or three; depending on the marksmanship of the white man doing the shooting.
Now, take a deep breath and repeat after me:

"Apartheid was right, and the only possible solution to the black man's primitive and violent persona!"
"Apartheid was and is the right thing to do!"
"Apartheid was and is the only thing to do!"

Anonymous said...

This is the value of a Boer life in South Africa since the Anglo-American sponsored Bantu Colonisation of the Boer Countries!

Shame on you in "the West"!

Anonymous said...

@Babashoeshoe - we know it's a White because the police have done nothing about it.

Anonymous said...

If I cross the road when I see a black man coming towards me am I:
1. a W-A-Y-S-I-S-T?
2. a realist?

@ Babashoeshoe... Given the fact that the global representation of rape is overwhelmingly black, and the massive percentage of our population that is black, I think the logical deduction is that the perpetrator was black. If it was white, the fact would in all liklihood have been mentioned as part of the global onslaught against the anglo-saxon people. The fact that the victim was white is also a logical deduction based on the suburb of the victim. The proximity of this suburb to three "informal settlements" is a further pointer to the likely race of each person involved in this heineous crime.

Anonymous said...

Gee! you are so polite to babash what ever the fuck his psuedo name is. I cannot type what I have to say to this prick. It was a miracle???? please explain that to me, raped, beated up badly, broken arm, broken jaw and broken right leg and it was a fucken miracle, man the whitey's have lost reality and the plot. I have to go, cannot take this type of mentality anymore.

Anonymous said...

God was good to me.

Yeah, really, really good.

Exzanian said...

10 August 2010 05:03
Hey baba, I know because of inference, read between the lines you stupid toad. Is your brain able to think like that huh? Scroll down a little further in this blog "mom shot dead in front of son" Named whites you moron...Try the following one, White woman raped by five black thugs
Sorry, that one is in afrikaans which you probably can't read and I'm not gonna bother drawing pictures for you. Fuckin troll....

Kchick said...

Thank you for not blaming the victim of the ordeal for what happened to her, and for not jumping up and down with glee at her "just desserts she got coming her way".

It is right that all of us should be outraged at another attempted murder (via HIV and emotional slaying, not to mention the physical attack).

I weep for the state our country is in, I fear for every white woman, child and man. Whites are sitting ducks, targets, in fact. It is so glaringly obvious, yet nothing is done to help them.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick correction re. Anon 00h20:

"the global onslaught" is actually aimed at the Celtic Peoples and most of those working for the Controllers are actually Anglo-Saxons... they make easier followers than the Celts do. Clue: the fist forms of protestantism were actually amongst Celtic people, who wanted out of the Jewish Controlled Catholic Church.
See 13th Century Cathars!

Dachshund said...

Blacks don't have an inferiority complex, they have high self esteem, god only knows why.

Trey Cruz said...

Re: K-Chick-
Do not weep.
Do not fear.
Arm yourself, and when [not "if"] they come for you or your loved ones;
Kill Them.


@ Kchick

" Nothing is done to help them.."

Pray tell , who should be doing the doing if most whites are too letargic to protect themselves ?
It starts by each and everyone of us. Don't think this black gavamunt
will do a thing apart from hustling for our taxes.

Anonymous said...

The whites don’t need to stay in South Zimbabwe. All you have to do is get a boat and sail to Australia where you will be given refugee status. You will be put into a detention centre and looked after for a while, women and children are normally put in homes. Then you will be given your visa, a house to live in, money every month and you are living in a very wonderful country. This is no lie, we have hundreds of people arriving here every week from all over the world and they are given a royal reception. Once you get close to Australia you just have to phone the Navy and they will come and pick you up. Just bring as much proof of how bad life is in South Zimbabwe and how the blacks are killing, rapping and robbing the whites.

Trey Cruz said...

Rwandan Rebels Raped at Least 150 Women in Congo: August 22, 2010
A mob of Rwandan rebels gang-raped at least 150 women last month during a weekend raid on a community of villages in eastern Congo, United Nations and other humanitarian officials said Sunday.

Did someone say something about the predilection of K-4s for rape?