Saturday, August 07, 2010

No debate on media tribunal - Malema

The idiot we all love to hate, Malema, is back at it again. He just has to give his two cents worth to the current issue of the media tribunal which will soon come into effect in ZA. What this poor retard does not understand of course, is that the media is in fact not "above the law"...South Africa has a long standing judicial system in place, and for any party that has a grievance, there is ample recourse to the Courts to sue for defamation or damages. Why do you need a media tribunal?

Another thing this retard cannot understand is that a free media is an insurance policy for any healthy democracy and you stifle it at your peril. We easily dismiss Malema's ham fisted style and say he is a nobody in the political atmosphere of South Africa right now, but this rabid black racist will no doubt be moving up the ranks in the next few years...

The proposed Media Tribunal wanted by the ANC will not be a debate because it is a Polokwane resolution, ANC Youth League President Julius Malema said on Saturday.

"We have already decided. We want Parliament to appoint a tribunal, make it law."

Malema said the media must be regulated because "they think they are untouchable."

The ANCYL president was addressing some 500 delegates at the Free State ANCYL conference in Bloemfontein.

Malema said the Press Ombudsman cannot be a player and referee at the same time.

"These people are dangerous," he told the delegates. He said: "They write gossip and present it as facts."

Malema said the media have put him and his family's lives in danger after the death of AWB leader Eugene Terreblanche by suggesting in questions to the opposition that "Malema's songs had contributed" to the murder incident.

He said the media "on a rumour" also nearly destroyed the political life of ANC treasurer general Mathews Phosa.

Referring to the Free State youth league leadership elections at the conference, Malema urge the members to "respect" the decision of the conference.

He said anybody who disrupts any further youth league conferences would be expelled from the ANC.

"You win your battles at conference not in the newspapers. The ANCYL is not run by editors."

The youth leader urged nominated leaders who fail to make it at conferences to respect the decision of the organisation even when it "takes an unfair decision".

Malema also urged the country's Magistrate's and Judge's to discourage political battles in court.

"Send party's back to their organisations to work it out," he said.

Lately various court cases have been brought against the ANCYL in leadership struggles.

A court order prevented the league's congress in the Eastern Cape.

Limpopo provincial chairman Lehlogonolo Masoga also went to court to force the ANCYL to drop disciplinary action against him. - Sapa

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Anonymous said...

He looks like, he growls like, he thinks like, he acts like.......mugamonkey??

Dachshund said...

Interesting commment from Fred Khumalo of Sunday Times. It's too long to put the whole thing up in a comment box, but the gist of it is that the ANC doesn't have to devise its own rules to tyrannise, it just dredges up stuff from the old Nat archives. What a friend the ANC still have in the Nats.

In the absence of anything else, I enjoy the sound of my own voice: I did warn the nation last week that the Protection of Information Bill was, to my mind, a realisation by those in power that the National Party government wasn't wrong all those years ago. I cut my journalistic teeth - or had them kicked in, rather - in the '80s and I can smell trouble a mile away. And I know what to do when trouble with a capital T rears its ugly head: show a clean pair of heels, and sneak into the nearest hole or corner.

The Nats taught us, and the world in general, that to put everybody in line, you had to deal firmly with the media: if it meant throwing the tjatjarag journalists in prison, so be it. I don't know why it took the current crowd so long to wake up to that. After all, they don't have to create any new laws: all they have to do is to dip into that deep and wealthy reserve of legislation and choose a law that they would like to buff up and put into practice.

If there are problems at the SABC, and the government is trying to suppress media investigations into that hallowed institution, it can always invoke the National Keypoints Act. As young reporters we read Kelsey Stuart's The newspaperman's Guide to the Law which taught us, among other things, what a national keypoint was, and how it should be treated by the media. In summary, and in layman's terms, a national keypoint is any government building or installation: a police station, a public hospital, a harbour, the SABC and so on.

Under this very expansive piece of legislation you cannot photograph, or cause to be published, a picture or illustration of, or information about, any of the above without approval from the authorities. It therefore would be logical for the authorities to deem unlawful any media probe into the SABC, the police, whatever. What a beaut of a piece of legislation the Nats bestowed upon this nation. And what foresight the new government had in making sure that this piece of legislation, and others like it, was not jettisoned at the demise of apartheid.

This country can't afford to write new pieces of legislation - a costly exercise - when there is so much sensible, all-encompassing (and therefore easy to implement) legislation such as the keypoints act. When you invoke this kind of law, a few counter-revolutionary and subversive noises will be made, to be sure, but those noises - as apartheid history taught us - will soon subside, and it will be business as usual.

Anonymous said...

Dachshund said...

Interesting commment from Fred Khumalo of Sunday Times. It's too long to put the whole thing up in a comment box, but the gist of it is that the ANC doesn't have to devise its own rules to tyrannise, it just dredges up stuff from the old Nat archives. What a friend the ANC still have in the Nats.
Blah blah blah.

Jy praat kak ou boet. The difference is that the Nats never curtailed press freedom, while the ANC have been doing it since day 1. The best is still to come.

Dachshund said...

I knew some doos would say the Nats never curtailed press freedom.

South Africa CAN only be a dictatorship, given the low intellect of the majority. Oppressive regimes know that controlling the media is key to controlling what people think and feel. Another way to control what people think and feel is to "fail" at education and blame it on apartheid.

Anonymous said...

It is silly to make fun of Malema. The controlled media makes fun of him, because they know that to make a man a laughing stock, is to destroy his credibility. The mass media obviously consists out of not only a few morons themselves, otherwise they would know that 1st world psych-ops do not work in illiterate countries such as South Africa. It works on the 1st class (mostly white) citizens, but seeing that Malema's power base is exclusively black, they are wasting their time.

Malema is acting with the full backing of the ANC. He is merely a water temperature tester.

Stupid liberals cannot understand that the ANC will not stop until they have reached the conclusion of their revolution as described by the freedom charter.

These morons cannot understand this simple fact.

Malema (due to his youth, lol) is allowed to express those ideas which would be counter productive should the ANC leadership express them. The ANC leadership have agreements in place with the internationalists and thus they have to pretend to be doing the wishes of their masters.

Malema is thus handy, because can say what they are not allowed to say. He can still publically gather support for those avenues of action that the ANC would rather not be associated with.

The ANC is currently frantically thinking of ways to betray their international partners without being blamed for this betrayal. Typical boon behaviour, they are looking at ways to bite the hand that feeds them...again.

They have tried various avenues so far without success. Even the damn racist Boers have refused to play ball.

The best they have come up with so far, is to try and portray the Boers as being racist towards their employees, so that there would be created artificial grounds for expropriation.

What the internationalists do not know is that the ANC intends on taking the whole cake and not just the farms.

The fulfilment of the freedom charter in it ENTIRETY, is their only goal.

Exzanian said...

Anon: 11 August 2010 19:29
"The fulfilment of the freedom charter in it ENTIRETY, is their only goal."
I fear you may be right. Every step the ANC takes is a test, to see how much they can get away with without upsetting the apple cart too much, and Malema is a perfect sounding tool to feel the way to the final revolution. Zuma is currently the conductor doing the "Ballet on eggs, tiptoe - third movement in B flat"