Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mugabe Beaten to Death in Xenophobic Attack

Albert Mugabe that is, a Burundian national. In a sick twist the perpetrators tried to make it appear that the victim was the assailant! More madness from South Zim. Eish, plenty of SWC delirium tremens still to come!

A Burundian refugee was beaten up in an apparent xenophobic attack on a train near Claremont station, and later died in hospital.

Police have opened a murder docket.

Albert Mugabe, 27, had boarded a train at Retreat after visiting friends. He was reportedly attacked when the train neared Claremont by a group of Xhosa-speaking people, but Metrorail was under the impression that Mugabe was attacked when he tried to rob someone.

Metrorail's Riana Scott confirmed that "an incident of attempted robbery aboard train No 0188 was reported on Thursday, July 22 at 5.40pm at Claremont Station and that the alleged assailant was taken to Groote Schuur hospital for treatment".

This version of events has been denied by Mugabe's friend, Fidel Nzayikorera, who said the claim was utter nonsense.

"He had money, he worked hard and had no family, why would he need to rob someone? It just does not make sense."

After his body lay in the Salt River Mortuary as an "unknown", Mugabe's friends found him there and identified his body.

Nzayikorera, Aimable Cyuma, Methuselah Mukenga, Alexis Nduwe and Pastor John Kadende, all friends of Mugabe, have been battling for more than a week to find answers about Mugabe's death.

They said they were informed about the attack by an acquaintance who witnessed it.

Mugabe's friends said they could see no visible signs of injury or disfigurement when they identified his body.

A car guard, Elie Nkundaniyigena from the Congo, is the only person who saw what happened in the final moments of Mugabe's life.

Speaking through an interpreter, he told Weekend Argus he had witnessed the entire incident, but fled from the carriage after the train stopped at Claremont.

Nkundaniyigena said he recognised Mugabe as he stood in the middle of the carriage chatting to other commuters, even though he did not know his name.

"There were South Africans, Zimbabweans and Malawians in the carriage. At first it appeared as if they were just talking, but then someone asked Mugabe if he could speak Xhosa, where he worked and how long he'd been in the country.

According to Nkundaniyigena Mugabe said he could speak Xhosa and that he worked as a safety officer on a boat and lived in Simon's Town.

"Close to Claremont station, the same people started grabbing Mugabe and three other foreigners who were on the same train.

"They kicked Mugabe while the other men managed to escape as soon as the train stopped. I watched in horror, but could do nothing. Everything happened so fast and because I was afraid I stayed low, hiding behind a uniformed man who was sitting next to me."

Nkundaniyigena said when he looked up Mugabe had been pushed down and someone was banging his head against the train floor.

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Anonymous said...

Where's Rooster now?

Islandshark said...

Why would the demented chicken comment on this? We're dealing with facts here.

Now ask him how wonderful the ANC govt is, how much they have accomplished, what a hoax the number of murdered farmers is or that savages don't really take a literal meaning to a song telling them to kill farmers and white people (when those same savages have no quibble burning alive those who have more in common with them than whites) and he'll sing you an opera whilst flapping his wings...

Islandshark said...

I have accidentaly deleted a comment from this post - I apologise.

The comment was something about the wrong Mugabe being killed, which I totally agree with!