Monday, July 12, 2010

Toozday Toot

No-one has posted a Toozday toot for awhile, but this one is kinda appropriate, I thought...Not just for the "ordinary" South Africans right now as the FiFa carnival departs, but for ex-pats as well. We all have to try to make our way, to the ordinary world, somehow we must learn to survive.

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Leifur said...

I just wanted to point out to you guys some articles about South Africa, Afrikaaners and the World Cup, I was reading.

They are in NY Times, which is a publication I do not often read, because of its liberal bias.

Anonymous said...

@ExZ. A beautiful song which I had long since forgotten. Dankie ou swaer.

Anonymous said...

@Leifur. Thanks for the links. I checked them out. What irks me, is how the MSM loves to prattle on about "white" rugby and cricket, and how white South Africa hadn't ever embraced soccer; and how the SWC has apparently changed all that. We now all drink together you know.

It always has to be the apparent stubborn whitey who has to bend over, and adjust. I say fok sokker. I love my rugby, and I like my cricket. And it has nothing to do with race.

Those that are old enough will remember the days of George Best, Germiston Kallies, Highlands Park, Durban United and others. Back in the day we used to collect bottle tops with players faces on them; don't let it ever be said that we were never a good soccer playing nation. We were, and we have fallen a long way.

But we have always been a great rugby nation, and still are.

John G Kerlen said...