Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Wave of Xenophobic Violence Begins

The military joined police on Tuesday to patrol an impoverished Johannesburg township after assaults on foreign migrants injured at least 11 and increased concerns of a fresh wave of xenophobic attacks.

Police said the injured at the Kya Sands township included migrants from Zimbabwe and Mozambique as well as South Africans. At least 10 people have been arrested on suspicion of assault.

A series of attacks on foreign workers in 2008 killed 62 people and damaged investors' confidence. Another wave could wreck the positive image that Africa's biggest economy was able to portray when it hosted the soccer World Cup.

"We are keeping a close eye on the situation," a police official said.
The military have joined about 100 security personnel deployed in the township and about 50 police were on standby, Talk Radio 702 reported from the area. Police and military officials would not confirm the reports.

Tensions have long been growing between South Africans and millions of foreign migrants they accuse of taking jobs and homes. But open animosity appeared to be put on hold during the World Cup as South Africa showed its best face to the world.

Many migrants feared a rapid dissipation of feelings of African unity generated by the first World Cup held on the continent. Many have fled to homes in neighbouring states since the tournament ended earlier this month.

Government officials have mostly dismissed the fears of a fresh wave of attacks on foreign migrants as being fuelled by rumours and not by actual violence. - Reuters


Ten Arrested for Xenophobic Violence

About ten people were arrested on Tuesday morning in connection with Monday night's violent clashes at the Kya Sands informal settlement near Honeydew. The attacks left five people - four of whom were foreign nationals - wounded.

There was a heavy contingency of police officers who moved from house to house and conducted stop-and-searches, looking for illegal weapons and drugs in the area. Police also questioned residents for information about instigators of the violence.

Residents stood in groups discussing the aftermath of Monday night's violence that left several spaza shops looted.

Most business owners - especially foreigners - and residents said they were now fearing for their lives. They called on government to deploy the army, saying the police did not seem capable of protecting them as the clashes took place while they were patrolling.

3 Opinion(s):

Trey Cruz said...

Get ready Afrikaans people; the Azanian K-4s are practicing for Uhuru...........

Anonymous said...

Read the population increased by 0.5 million last year in SA.

I wondered how many in that increase were whites (none I think).

Exzanian said...

There is NO xenophobia!
There are only "rumours" of xenophobia.
These attacks are purely criminal.
Only a few foreigners were injured...
The army is called out and suddenly it's a fucking state of emergency in Kya sands, a week after the SWC?!?!...Something is seriously fucked up in Azania...