Sunday, July 18, 2010

Is The Growing White Poverty Proportional and What Conclusions Can Be Drawn?

This post is a response to the earlier post, Shocking Reality of White Poverty in South Africa. No doubt it is shocking to see the steady advance of white poverty in South Africa. Some of this can be attributed to BEE and, undoubtedly, some can be blamed on the loss of privilege.

But to keep a sense of perspective it is always worth breaking the debate down, and measuring along some equitable variables. It is widely reported that approximately 10 percent of the white population live in poverty. There is enough evidence to show that poverty is inversely proportional to IQ. In other words, the lower your IQ, the higher your propensity to be poverty striken. So using this as a yardstick, we can calculate what the approximate white IQ is at the lower 10 percentile. Using a Monte Carlo simulator you arrive at an IQ of about 81.

What does this mean? You may want to read an earlier article where I suggested that South Africa is probably graduating higher grade matrics at an IQ of 89, and standard grade matrics at 75. So most of these whites would probably be incapable of getting a fairly good education, and may have enjoyed protected employment in the past.

Bear in mind that a functional first world economy needs a minimum IQ of 90 to prosper.

Now let's have a look at the black numbers, to see how the 81 IQ level relates to them. A stunning 87% are below this level. Using a black population of 40 million, this would mean that only 5.3 million are above this level; if this is considered the competency level. Moreover, if there is no white prejudice, and this is considered the minimum equitable threshold in order to participate in the economy, then South Africa is completely incapable of joining the first world ranks, by creating employment for the majority, given the dearth of brain power.

But some of us already know this.

Finally, if you add the white portion to the black portion (above 81), you get approximately 9.3 million. Which seems remarkably close to the 9.2 million SITE and Income Tax payers. Arguably if we are at "full employment", as dictated by IQ. If this is so, then the levels of white poverty are proportional, and we cannot expect South Africa to advance any further. It's Peter Principle has been breached, in other words, we have reached our level of incompetence.

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Trey Cruz said...

The truly intelligent whites, and, to a lesser extent, intelligent negroes, display the aforementioned intelligence by emigrating from Azania.

It's the intelligent thing to do.


I just want to say, as a Brazilian, that:

1. Latin America starts at Mexico and finishes at Argentina, so the map is, in itself, distorting;
2. Brazil is responsible for 70% of the scientific production in Latin America;
3. Brazil is responsible, alone, for at least 35% of Latin America's GDP;
4. The GDP per capita in Brazil is approximately 3800 British Pounds (for the south-east/south part of the country, it goes up to 7000 pounds);
5. The white population there comprises approximately 60% of the total (a mix of Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Lebanese).

Viking said...

Thanks, Jairo

The map isn't great, is it?
It also includes Guyana and Suriname which aren't part of Latin America.
But Brazil is usually considered less "white" than say Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, although I suppose it depends on how people see themselves.


You are right about saying Brazil is less white than Argentina or Uruguay, but it is "whiter" than Chile or Mexico(80% of the population is mixed of European/Indigenous), and given the rythym in USA, already "whiter" than that...
The truth is, also in Brazil, 99% of what works proper and decently, is white managed/driven/conceived etc...

Anonymous said...

Argentina is the "whitest" country on earth 98.7%, with Australia second on 98.1%. Almost all of Argentina never had an indigenous human population!