Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Concerns mount over xenophobic violence

Mmmm. It seems Adriana Stuijt's Censorbugbear blog may be vindicated after all. In fact, it is probably more prescient than most. The article I'm posting here is from none other than, wait for it...A loony right wing blog? Nope, from Richmark Sentinel.

It's very brief but you can click on
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O ye of too much faith and short term memory, thy blindness shalt depart from thee and there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth...

Threats of xenophobic violence after the World Cup are spreading quickly in Johannesburg.

The Human Rights Commission, which released a report on xenophobia last year, said it is taking the matter very seriously. The Nelson Mandela Foundation has also added its voice to the chorus of concern led by immigrant organisations.

Eyewitness News spoke to residents in Alexandra, one of the townships hard hit during the 2008 violence in which locals accused immigrants of stealing their women, jobs and belongings. But two years down the line and it appears Alexandra residents still have poor perceptions of foreigners.

“Most of the criminals are those people who come from outside of our country,” said an Alexandra resident.

“Zimbabweans are killing people. At night if you meet him (a Zimbabwean) he will kill you,” said another.

People in the area said there has been talk of a fresh wave of xenophobia.

“I hear rumours that it is going to happen,” said a resident.“After the World Cup, foreigners have to leave the country,” said another.

Human Rights Commission Chairperson Lawrence Mushwana is concerned and said police and government have been given a list of recommendations on how to deal with the problem.

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Anonymous said...

Ja good let them kick the Zimbos out.

Anonymous said...

I don´t see where the problem lies. Let them sort out the problem the only way a black man knows how, with violence and mayham. We´ll never get rid of the bastards any other way.

Leifur said...

Why don´t you guys look at this as an opportunity?

I have often seen complaints that the SA black man votes ANC blindly, and the same from USA about the Democrats.

It is because the leftists have succesfully labeled themselves as champions of certein groups, which in itself is part of the leftist worldview and is leftist in and of itself.

Right winged parties generally (at least claim) to champion for the whole nation, and if you could build up a movement that would challenge the energy of those disafected with the influx of foreigners from violence and towards a legitimate anti-immigration (of unskilled labor) movement, you could change the political landscape.

Thus you could wrest the average voter from the ANC toward a right winged party that says stop to all unskilled immigration and has the policies that truly will halt it.

Stop the dreading and look toward building a better future, this blog isn´t SAS, but about loving and wanting the best for your country, despite all,


Anonymous said...

Zimbos are desperate and willing to work. South African blacks are bloody lazy. Either way I think the Zimbos are going to stay and the local blacks are falling behind.

In Cape Town I used to look at how the Somalians would start and move forward while the local blacks would simply look at government for a handout and werk. Blacks in South Africa dont know how good they have it compared to other blacks in Africa.

Anonymous said...

The criminal syndicates snap up Zims and Malawians to do crime here, that's why they should all be sent back. I don't care if they get necklaced if they're reluctant to move on; failed post colonial Africans leave me stone cold.

As for Leifur's suggestion of getting together a national party: South Africa was made up of tribes that were killing each other and resorting to cannibalism not that long ago. Ecologically speaking, that worked.

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!