Saturday, July 24, 2010

Archbishop Desmond Tutu to withdraw from public life

So the "Arch" is going to retire from public life soon? After his 79th birthday in October, he said he would reduce his workload to one day a week before retiring (isn't that what they ALL do anyway?)

That work would be devoted to The Elders, a group appointed by former President Nelson Mandela to tackle the world's most pressing problems. (Yeah right, good luck with that...)

Well, what more can I say? Cheers, goodbye, have a nice funeral...

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Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Might be of interest: Archbishop Tutu announces retirement after TRC fraud allegations

Anonymous said...

Let's hope he departs this earth sooner rather than later.

Trey Cruz said...

Well, the protestants have now begun serving Communion to dogs

which seems to be a natural continuation to ordaining monkeys.

The Rooster said...

lol. Wow...just wow ! The type of brainwashing that needs to be done for people to dislike Desmond Tutu is truly amazing. Closer to hypnosis than brainwashing really. How does it feel to be under a spell that makes you powerless to see the world in a rational and objective sense ? The army sure did a number on you lot.

Trey Cruz said...

Rooster: why should it concern you?
He's just another servant of your favorite "bronze age god".
If he was a slave to the sangomas and harvesting human body parts for muti, I might understand your interest.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Rooster.. little confused.. Are you saying that your moral compass approves of fraud?

You quite okay with all those ANC members at Camp Quatro who were executed, tortured and raped, not being given their acknowledgement by TRC?

Or about the IFP's treatment by TRC?

You prefer fake and posed forgiveness, and you think that the worlds expert on honesty, sincere forgiveness and transparency, Dr. Blanton is lying, when he accused the TRC of practicing fraud?

or don't you bother to read posts, before you provide your kneejerk response?

You one of those flat-earthers, for whom evidence is irrelevant, huh! Must be tough!