Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And The Biggest Racists in America Are ......

Well, don't take my word for it. From the FBI, no less:

Hate Crime Statistics 2008

anti-black: 3596
anti-white: 829

black: 37,600,000
white: 228,200,000

Hate Crimes committed per million head of population:

black: 22.04
white: 15.75

Now, this is simplistic, and conceals the facts that many hate crimes against whites are committed by other minorities, and that many white Americans commit hate crimes against other minorities, but the numbers are interesting.

What I can't tell from the table is whether anti-Jewish and anti-gay hate crimes are subsumed into the racial statistics (which would dramatically alter the results) but given the focus on race I suspect not. After all a crime against a white gay man is not an "anti-white" crime.

Of course, you can turn the figures completely around and show how blacks are disproportionally targetted for hate crimes - but showing it this way makes at least an interesting statement.

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Anonymous said...

I recently reported a theft (ACSA staff shopping via my suitcase) and I was surprised to see that my race (as the victim) was recorded on the docket.

Now I wonder why our wonderful SAPS Crime Administration system (CAS) can't extract that info? Or maybe it's politically undesirable??

Ron. said...

The truth in hidden in plain sight within the FBI's own statistics.

Anonymous said...

I can only speak for the UK, where I spend most of each year:
here, every attack on a Negroid person involves the opening of a "hate crime" docket, while the far more numerous attacks by blacks on whites are considered merely "crime".

It's all part of "the plan"!

Common Sense

Ron. said...

Part of the plan of marginalizing & dispossessing White people in general because first the elite assert that White people "do not exist" as race is "a social construct" then when White folks are attacked & victimized by hate crimes the elite can get away with not labeling it a hate crime as the race of the victim is [ at least in this case ] not "relevant" or even acknowledged to exist. It might not even be considered a crime one day to kill White people if certain extremist groups were to come into power. See The Plan of San Diego & La Raza. Those folks do not even realize that the elite will get rid of them too once their purpose of displacing & eradicating White people is served.

Anonymous said...

Exactly Ron! Good to see some ae awake.

Common Sense

Ron. said...

Thanks - it's always good to see how awake you are & is often a pleasure reading your informed posts. The truth is hidden in plain sight yet too many folks are still in denial.