Friday, July 30, 2010

ANC Wants to Gag the Press

h/t Ozzie Saffa

ANC sets sights on newspapers

Cape Town - The ANC is considering a total onslaught against the printed media, which it wants to rein in with legislation and investigations.

The documents for discussion at the ruling party's national executive council meeting in September have just been released. These include a document entitled "Transformation in the media, ownership and diversity".

It outlines the route the ANC wants to follow against a "neo-liberal" media which depicts the government as "weak and passive", that "over-emphasizes people's individual rights" and is "fundamentally market-driven".

The ANC states in no uncertain terms that "legislation and intervention" is needed to ensure a diverse media.

These discussion documents have emerged amidst the controversial proposed Protection of Information Act, which will allow the State to classify any information it deems sensitive and hand down heavy penalties to journalists.

According to the documents, it's the printed media in particular which is a thorn in the party's side because of reports which seldom paint the government in a positive light.

"A superficial audit of the printed media reveals an astounding degree of dishonesty, a lack of professional integrity and independence."

According to the ANC, corrupt journalists receive money to promote the agenda of certain political parties, and the "rot" is far worse than the media would like to admit.

The party takes particular exception to the fact that confidential information is leaked to the media after party meetings.

The document also states that corrections are never given sufficient prominence and that the press ombudsman (self-regulation) is ineffective.

"This situation is intolerable."

The ANC also feels it is its duty to intervene, in order to protect the media's credibility.

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Piet the pirate said...

I´ve always seen the expression, "free press" to mean, free to print and say whatever they like. That they are a thorn in the side of any government is without question, as the Nationalist government found out to it´s detriment.
Had they muzzled these vipers before they were able to do their damage to what was an orderly and well adjusted society, UNDER THE PREVAILING CONDITIONS, AND ALLOWING FOR THE FACT THAT THIS WAS AFRICA; NOT EUROPE, then I don´t think we would be in the predicament we now find ourselves in today.
Do I feel any pity or moral outrage at the ANC´s stance? Hell no. Quite the contrary actually. It will be the final act of a scenario the press themselves initiated when they threw their support behind Mandela and his ANC cronies. I´m only surprised it´s taken this long.
What a sweet moment when one finally sees these liberal bastards eyes open wide, when they finally realise they have cut their own throats. LOL.

Exzanian said...

The ANC borg walked roughshod over scorpions and NPA to entrench their position and make them immune from prosecution and criticism. One final piece in the puzzle is left: muzzling the media. viva ANC-PF

Islandshark said...

Exactly Exzanian, with the useful bunch of idiotic chickens in tow to give credibility to their actions.

I really couldn't give a shit about the average chicken being led to the slaughterhouse - call it evolution if you like. But it's those forced down the same path, unable to fend for themselves, ending up as innocent victims.

Exzanian said...

Old rooster is just lucky we tolerate him on this blog. He ought to thank us for the free boat ride; no-one else gives it to him and his own blog is almost non existent, so he has a platform here to spew...(but methinks his diesel is running thin lately)

Max said...

Zimbabwe here we come!