Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Zuma Worthy of Scorn

Zapiro is on the mark here as usual. I really luv the way the showerhead is firmly plonked back on old Zuma's skull. No more "hovering" It's back where it belongs, where it always was. Even better is seeing the extra cranial bulge on all his little tsotsi offspring. And even one playing with a showerhead toy. OLOL! Beautiful Zapiro!

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Anonymous said...

and Zuma's not the only one having plenty kids:
Busizwa Zinzile is an 18 yr old with her own shack in Cape Town and she already has FIVE kids of her own:

My commn sense tells me it's not just White Africans who are losing their land, but Whites the world over will soon have nowhere to live.

Common Sense