Monday, June 07, 2010

Vote in Our Toilet Poll: Best Headline Ever

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(Emphases mine)

Late last week, the SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) ruled that the rights of certain residents in Khayelitsha's Makhaza area were violated by the City of Cape Town, which did not enclose 51 toilets in the township.

The ANCYL laid the complaint in January, after the City erected the toilets on the understanding that they would be enclosed by the members of the community for which they were intended. Some 1265 families did indeed build their own structures around the toilets, but 51 failed to do so.

"The City resolved to end this indignity and to build toilet enclosures for the 51 — but faced resistance from the 1265 families who argued that if they had built their enclosures themselves, so could the remaining 51," DA leader Helen Zille wrote in her newsletter.

"After listening to these arguments, Mayor Plato concluded that it would be untenable to continue with the indignity of open toilets. The City would therefore enclose the remaining toilets."

However, members of the ANCYL took the lead in destroying the iron and wood enclosures as quickly as the City erected them. [what a cunch of bunts]

"This left the City with only two options: to leave the toilets unenclosed, or to remove them," Zille wrote.

"The first option remained untenable. It was therefore resolved that the toilets would be temporarily removed until enclosures were built. Then the toilets would be returned."

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