Monday, June 28, 2010

The true South African way

There are robberies, and then there is the South African version of it.

It is to be expected.

With something like the world cup in progress, we have to expect that the criminal side of South Africa will have a field day. To relieve people of their belongings is not something new, and it will happen, regardless the country.

What however stands out is the manner in which this one went down.

And to put it mildly, this one went down mildly…….even if it was perceived as robbery with violence.

And I want to highlight just one of the comments on this article.

• “Welcome to hell on earth. Why do you think a million south africans have fled? These tourists got off lightly. There are many cases where women are raped as their husbands are forced to look, and babies are murdered. A month ago two white women were sexually assualted with broken bottles before being hacked to death. People of all reaces are suffering under one of the worst crime rates in the world. And the govenrment is corrupt from top to bottom. What is happening now is worse than apartheid ever was. The world chooses to look away.”

Aussies robbed at Cup

ARMED gunmen tied up and robbed Australian soccer fans at their hotel in South Africa on Thursday, with reports a woman was also sexually assaulted by the gang.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade confirmed the incident, which took place when the Australians returned to their Hazyview hotel about midnight after the match between the Socceroos and Serbia.

Hotel guest Steve Gaynor, who lost $10,000 worth of goods from his room while he was downstairs in a nearby bar, said four Nigerian men with rifles and handguns followed the Australians back to the hotel and attacked them in their rooms.

"I had watched the match from the hotel that night and about 12.30am three cars arrived back at the hotel and people started filing in," Mr Gaynor said.

"I was in the bar and some people came in there while others went back to their rooms.

"While we were sitting in the lodge bar we were oblivious to what was going on. These poor kids were tied up, held at gunpoint and robbed. My room was robbed, but luckily I wasn't in there when they broke through the window."

Mr Gaynor said one female Australian had been sexually assaulted in the attack.

The Australian Federal Police confirmed an off-duty member was one of the victims, who took control and tried to keep others calm, Mr Gaynor said.

"They took cash, jewellery and watches off the people they had tied up and stole phones and laptops," he said.

"I think they knew Aussies were in that hotel, they were targeting us.

"It was robbery with violence. One guy was on the floor and the man had his boot on his head and told him not to move or he is dead - it was serious.

"It's just horrible."

The gunmen fired shots as they fled by vehicle.

Mr Gaynor returned to Australia on Saturday after Australian consular staff provided him with an emergency passport.

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