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Teenage Mom of Five? It's the African Way

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While she calls her babies a blessing from God, not everyone seems to think they are. Photo: Daily Voice

By Mpumi Kiva

She isn't even out of her teens but a young Cape Town woman is already mom to five kids.

Busiswa Zenzile is only 18 years old but has two-year-old twins and newborn triplets. [that's just bad luck..]

And while she calls her babies a blessing from God, not everyone seems to think they are.

Community leaders have slammed the teen mom for having so many babies and have urged authorities to charge the babies' fathers.

The Daily Voice visited Busiswa's Bloekombos shack [they're not the only ones], which she shares with her mother and two sisters, and it is obvious that the hard times have just begun.

The young mom was at Tygerberg Hospital after her triplets - who haven't even been named yet - became seriously ill with the flu.

"I don't know what went wrong but I believe that they caught a cold inside the house," said Busiswa.

"Our house was leaking and an ice-cold wind was coming in."

Busiswa sleeps on a three-quarter bed with her five babies while her mother and sisters have to squeeze together on the tiny floor.

"I wish we could have a house because our place is so crowded, there is little space to walk around," Busiswa said.

One of the triplets is being cared for at Tygerberg Hospital while the other two are recovering at Karl Bremmer.

And if Busiswa doesn't have enough trouble, she is currently running around trying to register her babies' births.

The 18-year-old has never had an ID book which means none of her children can get birth certificates.

On Tuesday she was frantically trying to register all the kids and get an ID at the same time.

After she has registered them, she said she would apply for a State grant to help raise her brood. [Of course!]

Aunt Phumza Ntantiso, 25, helps care for Busiswa's twin girls Siphenathi and Siphenkosi and said everyone has to pitch in to help the young mom. [Including taxpayers it seems]

"Her (Busiswa's) mother can't believe her daughter is mother to so many children," she said.
"The children haven't even got clothing."

Neighbour Nora Tafafeni, 65, said Busiswa was a silly girl who should have thought before having her kids. [A more sensible generation]

"We are living in hard times and everything is going up, kids need to be taken care of and young mothers are unable to do that," she said.

"At 16, when she had the first children, she should have been in class and studying.

"Children are a gift from God but not to children of her age."

Nora said Busiswa's story should be a lesson to all young girls and their parents.

"I advise parents to be closer with their children," she said.

"There is a lot of sexual abuse of young kids by adults.

"That little girl is supposed to be in class and shape her future, not be a mother at her age.

"Something has to be done about men sleeping with young girls."

Another concerned resident Nwabisa Mgoqi, 45, said authorities needed to step in and investigate who the fathers of Busiswa's kids are.

"Imagine a young girl of 18 who already has five children - it's unbelievable," she said.

"A man who destroys the future of our children should face a heavy punishment."

Community leader Luyanda Mbele said Busiswa's family were donated the piece of land they now call home.

He said the family had a fallout with their previous landlord and residents stepped in to make sure the family would have a roof over their heads.

"We just couldn't watch the family struggling, so we provided them with a piece of land so they could build a shack," he said. - Daily Voice

For once Hillary Clinton was right about something: It takes a village to raise a child. Or, in this case, the whole country.

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Anonymous said...

Personal opinion is that this should, once again, highlight the massive gap between the Bantu Culture and the Cultures of the other African Ethnicities.
All other African Nations, Boers included, believe in creating some sort of personal wealth, or at least building one's own home, before having kids, while the Bantu believe one must have kids in order to generate wealth.
History tells us that the Hottentots and Bushmen (Khoikhoi and KhoiSan) only had kids when they were able to support them, which is perhaps why the Hottentots, and indeed the Hottentot-Boer mixed Nations (Basters and Griquas) so easily accepted the Independent minded Calvinistic way of life of the Trek Boers!

I believe the Bantu Culture (now seen as "african") and the Culture of the rest of SA, just cannot survive in one country.

Common Sense

TKB said...

Should we be even slightly surprised by stories like these when our leader and beacon of moral light, Zuma the philanderer, has a swarm of 21 locusts which is growing almost as fast as the R15,5 million we pay to support them each year?

If it doesn't move just jikka it. If it does move then just jikka it til it stops. Then scratch head and mumble "Eish" and "Hau" in confusion as the little nigfants start popping out by the dozen. Extend begging bowl and mumble something about how badly you're "suffahreeng" and then do it all over again.

Anonymous said...

What will the 5 kids cost the South African taxpayer?

A. 12 years of schooling

B. Welfare until they are 18

C. Hospital, Clinic and medical treatment

D. Having them arrested and locked up later

Bloody hell!

Exzanian said...

JimBeam: Speaking under correction, I think the state only pays for two children. But in this case, twins and triplets, that could be seen from an Afican "Logic" perspective, as two cheeldrins :P

Anonymous said...

No, the social grant would be limited to two children, with two separate ID's, so all six of them, including the mother, will have to get by on a combined social grant of R500 a month if and when the mother actually gets her own ID as well as for two of her kids.

According to this report, fertility levels have been falling among Bantu females since 1970:

This finding is backed up by:

Seems that the highest rate of pregnancy is among teens, as illustrated in your article, but normally the girl invoved practises contraception after the first pregnancy.

None of the black community are impressed with what this girl has done, so it has little or nothing to do with Bantu culture. If you want to see white trash pumping out babies for grants, look at the UK, the Eurozone and America.

However, rape does seem to be part of Bantu culture. If all rapists had their testicles removed the population growth rate would go down even more dramatically. Jacob Zuma should, IMHO, be the first to volunteer for voluntary castration for his failure to stop the screwing over of the people by the ANC, inter alia.

Etherman said...

Ever since my schooldays I can remember the old chestnut about having lots of kids meaning you'll have lots of muscle power to help you plough the lands and hunt the animals and therefore be well-off.

Obviously that only works for hunter-gatherers or active farmers, and has no application to modern trade-based urban society.

How many generations of welfare handouts and misery does it take for people to realise that in today's society more people requires more food and money?

I think this "more kids = more wealth" rubbish is just an excuse for docile women and rapacious thugs who can't keep it zipped up, and the more they rape the more their genes dominate the gene pool, exponentially compounding the problem and ensuring continuity of the rapacious tendencies.

Anonymous said...

Well, blacks are having less kids these days, unless you are stupid enough to have a sleep in maid with a teenage daughter. Then you will know all about it, with the maid rocking up with baby, claiming it is her own, and going on about the church saying no to contraception, and why can't we all live together like on the farms we way we used to.

Nthabi M said...

Busiswa's Bloekombos must take out her womb, she makes e angry.