Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Noooo! Not during the World Cup!

Senseless axe attack on Baty

Written by Nicolene Smalman and Mark Kinnear - Tuesday, 22 June 2010 09:31

WHITE RIVER - Mr Charlie Baty (70) lay in a hospital bed, in the intensive care unit on Friday morning. His head was bandaged and bruised, and his small frame was almost indiscernible under the sheets. The ventilator pipe in his mouth seemed unnaturally large and the sound of all the medical machinery around him bore testimony to the seriousness of his condition. But he seemed peaceful, despite his horrific injuries.

Baty had always been at peace with himself and the world. Always positive, always helping others.

After 53 years in South Africa, the Scotsman was planning to leave these shores to be with his family in the United States. But a recent incident of extreme violence took his fate and future out of his hands.

This much-loved and well-known member of the community was brutally attacked with an axe last Thursday afternoon and as yet no suspect has been apprehended.

He was found in his home in Magaliesberg Street after he had suffered severe injuries to his head.

According to his goddaughter, Ms Gillian James, he had gone to the Methodist Church in town just after 13:00. A friend visited him afterwards and left at about 15:30. Another friend, Mr Peter du Plessis, arrived at his home at 15:55. The entrance gate and front door were open and he entered and discovered him unconscious in the passage.

J&M Security, the police and Bossie’s Justice were summoned to the scene and paramedics of ER24 and Netcare 911 stabilised him before taking him to Nelspruit Medi-Clinic.

The police’s dog and forensic units swept the area for clues.

Lt Col Erhard Ströh, head of detectives at the White River Police, said that a bloodied axe was later found in a field behind the home. There was a hole in the back fence, but it was not clear how long it had been there. Ströh added that it was also not clear what had been taken.

Baty was first treated in the cardio-thoracic ICU, but has since been moved to the general ICU where he is being ventilated. He suffered extensive damage to the right side of the head and brain and his ear was almost severed during the attack. James added that the swelling was subsiding and his condition was described as stable.

One of his daughters, Ms Jenny Davidson arrived in the country on Sunday. Baty has three other children, Ms Cathy Palm, Mr Alistair Baty and Ms Janet Hunt, who also reside in America. His house had been sold in January and he was to emigrate to the USA in August. Baty, a leading figure in local Scouting, is a member of the Stevenson-Hamilton Pipe Band who came to South Africa more than 50 years ago.

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Max said...

This makes my blood run cold, I grew up in White River and Charlie was my cub and scout master we knew him as "Arcala". He was a friend of the family and an asset to the Eastern Transvaal Low-veld society.

I move away from White River many years ago to East London and lost contact with the people there, so this is shocking news for me.

These savage bastards must be linched, the SAPS and SA law are a wet paper bag.

Anonymous said...

and this, after FIFA asked you so nicely to refrain from killing white Christians for the duration of the World Cup... tut tut!

Anonymous said...

Johannesburg — A MERE 56 000 foreign soccer fans had arrived in SA in the first 21 days of this month to watch live World Cup matches, falling far short of even the most pessimistic estimates made ahead of the tournament, the Department of Home Affairs said yesterday.