Saturday, June 19, 2010

MEC's house torched during burglary

More "petty" theft going down in ZA. But don't fret, gentle tourist, you are safe in ZA as guests of the ANC, who in turn have abdicated entrusted your wellbeing to the safe hands of Fifa. After all, you are paying three times more than usual for everything...

And puhleeeease, don't worry about all the nasty reports of crime in ZA, especially disregard the fact South Africa has some of the highest incidences of
child and baby rape amongst black communities in the world!

Pshhaawww! That's not for you to get a headache over, we'll deal with that crap all on our own. Run along now and have more sure to spend lots of money suckers friends!!!!! Erm, sorry about the vuvuzelas, you'll just have to take that as a whatchamacallitthingamabob...oh yes a "cultural expression"...

MEC's house torched during burglary

Johannesburg - A house in Johannesburg belonging to Gauteng Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation MEC Nelisiwe Moerane was torched during a burglary early on Saturday morning.

"The extent of the damage is not yet known and this can only be determined once full investigations have been completed," a statement from Moerane's office said.

Moerane and her family were not at home when the incident occurred.

"The police are investigating and we hope the perpetrators are brought to book."

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